Life Is Strange: 10 Facts About Chloe Price Fans Forget

Chloe price is the sidekick of Max Caulfield in Life is Strange and the protagonist in the prequel Before the Storm. She plays a central role in the story and is the catalyst for many big changes in the game and for Max. She’s also a snide punk rocker that captivated the audience and was a big part of why the series was so acclaimed.

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In fact, Chloe was so beloved by fans that she got her own prequel game that is on par with the well-designed and written sequel. With so much content surrounding Chloe, the player is almost overwhelmed with how much information they receive on her as an individual, making it easy to forget some important things about her. These are 10 of those facts fans forget about Chloe Price.

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10 Her Spirit Animal is a Butterfly

Butterflies have always been a symbol of undergoing change. Only a few characters grow and change more throughout Life is Strange than Chloe, and an appropriate symbol is attached to her throughout.

There are multiple things that point to this being the case as well, such as butterflies on a poster in her room, in her journal, and some key moments that would contain spoilers use the butterfly as a symbol that represents Chloe. Butterflies also match her aesthetic choice, in a strange way. Despite wearing punk outfits most of them are neon and contain natural, bright colors.

9 Chloe Loves Science

It is shown that Chloe was an enthusiastic and bright student before the death of her dad and the departure of Max at the same time left her shocked. She steadily let her grades and academic motivations slip away as she turned more and more to destructive behavior after the traumatizing events.

If you’ve played Life is Strange you realize very quickly that Chloe is far from stupid and has a passion for certain things but, like many teenagers, forgoes those interests in an effort to look cool or cope with difficult life circumstances in other ways.

8 She Had a 1.7 GPA

Despite Chloe’s love for science and her interests in other topics like Spanish and music, she was inarguably a bad student. Frequently shown sneaking out to smoke pot and skipping classes for one reason or another, Chloe’s grades fell along with her rebellious behavior and she makes little effort to make the time up.

It is frustrating to see so much potential in the character squandered due to her lack of commitment in school. A deep debt with the local drug dealer also hints at an underlying addiction that actively hinders her academic availability as well.

7 Chloe is Bisexual

While Chloe herself would resist being labeled under any category, she also is attracted to people of both genders. She makes frequent references to her “boy toy” phase but also shows clear attraction to Max and even states Rachel “saved” her from that phase.

It’s an important facet to the game as her romantic pursuits frequently have minor effects on the game as it progresses. It also shows Chloe is comfortable in her own skin and holds self-expression as an important value, which adds a new dynamic to the already beloved character.

6 She Loved Rachel Amber

Rachel Amber was Chloe’s friend before she came to boarding school. While Chloe had always been close with Max, Rachel was there as well. Chloe found solace in Rachel after her dad died and Max moved away. It cannot be understated how strong of a relationship they formed. In Before the Storm, which shows us Chloe’s life before the events of the first game, they have long conversations about important topics in a turbulent time.

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Rachel may have been there for Chloe but it only hurt her more having to leave her to go to boarding school at her mother’s request.

5 Chloe Loves Manga

In a less serious area of Chloe’s life, it’s shown she’s also a lover of anime and manga. She has half-read manga lying on her bed regularly and makes a few anime references throughout the game. This hobby fits in well with her tendency to avoid the mainstream product and venture into more niche areas of entertainment.

So much of what made Chloe a great character was how different she was as a person and that was made by giving her unique qualities, even if they were as minor as reading manga or watching anime.

4 Chloe Has an Undiagnosed Mental Health Issue

Apart from Chloe’s erratic behavior and self-destructive tendencies she also talks about how she used to go to a therapist but stopped when she didn’t like what they said. In the prequel and Life is Strange itself, players also see antidepressants in assorted drawers throughout the games, hinting her mom or Chloe herself actually has been diagnosed with a mental health condition. However, Chloe never confirms anything, which leads the player to believe whatever issues she may have are not explicitly known. This plays up the mystery surrounding Chloe and brings players more into the game itself.

3 She Self-Medicates

From the very beginning of the player meeting her, Chloe is doing drugs and alcohol frequently and openly, especially for her young age. When these factors are combined with her traumatizing past and the above references to past therapists it seems that Chloe is self-medicating whatever underlying condition she may have.

This also impacts her because she accrued a very large debt with the campus drug dealer and planned to run away before she had to pay it. This behavior hints at addiction as well as self-medication.

2 She Has Abandonment Issues

As shown in the previous entries Chloe has had a very tough life that has led to a litany of issues including her inability to get attached to people or commit to things on a significant scale.

This all affects Max significantly when they are first reunited after spending years apart and later leads to a conflict throughout the first two episodes of Life is Strange. It is impossible to blame Chloe to have these issues but is still worth remembering why she is so harsh towards Max in the beginning of the game.

1 Chloe Is A Good Person

At the end of the day for all her faults and weaknesses the goodness in Chloe’s heart overrides those things and then some. Throughout both games we regularly see Chloe do things that take amazing amounts of courage and bravery.

Chloe’s turbulent past creates a character that highlights an already great series of games and has some of the most memorable and moving moments of this masterfully written saga. Not only does Chloe being a good person bring out the best in her, but also regularly inspired Max throughout her journey as well.

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