Lil Nas X and Blink-182 To Headline Twitchcon Party 2019

The annual TwitchCon is fast approaching and we have new details on the event, including who will be providing the entertainment during the concert on September 28th. Madeon, Y2K, and Au/Ra will be performing along with the the legendary Blink-182 and the massively popular Lil Nas X. The headliners will be looking to bring some exciting live music to TwitchCon and the clash of styles will provide for some varied entertainment.

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Lil Nas X took the world by storm when he released his hit single "Old Town Road" late last year. The song that started as a meme came out of nowhere to be one of the most (if not the most successful) songs of all time when Billy Ray Cyrus joined in on an official remix for the song in April of this year. It went on to be in the Billboard Top 100 for 19 straight weeks, the first song to ever do that since the chart started way back in 1958. Lil Nas X also came out as gay a few months after the release of "Old Town Road" and right after his debut EP - 7 - and became the first artist to ever come out while having a number one single.

Unlike the recently found success of Lil Nas X, Blink-182 has been around since early 90's. They took the late 90's/early 2000's era by storm with their pop punk sensibilities providing a wonderful catalog any scene kid couldn't help but blast whenever they had the chance. While the band has had numerous successful and iconic songs throughout their career, they might be best known for their iconic song "I Miss You." As soon as the song begins, nostalgic memories begin to flow and one can't help but sing in a low voice, "Hello there..." They are getting ready to release their newest album Nine in a few days, proving they still got it.

The one-two punch of both Lil Nas X and Blink-182 is going to make for some entertaining performances during this year's TwitchCon. It's old meets new as two juggernauts of the music industry will headline the concert that will take place on the second evening of the weekend event. Fans of both can be excited for their performances and if you can't make it to the concert in person, you can watch live on twitch.tv throughout the whole weekend.

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