LIMBO And INSIDE Are Coming To Nintendo Switch Next week

LIMBO and INSIDE were some of the best games of their respective years, and they're coming to the Nintendo Switch next week.

Critically acclaimed indie games LIMBO and INSIDE are coming to Nintendo Switch on June 28th, developer Playdead announced.

In regards to pricing, although not specifically listed, it's fair to assume the pricing for the games will at least mimic the current pricing on other consoles. Visiting the PSN page for both yields these results: LIMBO is currently $9.99 and INSIDE is $19.99. There is also a bundle that brings both games for $29.99. Interestingly, while you can download the bundle, it was actually made available as a physical release as well. It is unknown if a physical release will be made for Switch.

LIMBO released eight years ago and was acclaimed for its artistic style, challenging puzzles, and unsettling atmosphere. Its Metacritic score is 90. You play as an unnamed boy searching for his sister in a very dark world. A large spider will attempt to stab you, and there is plenty of creepy imagery, as seen in the first picture above. It's a game worth a play. It has appeared on quite a few consoles, but its release on Switch is the first release on a Nintendo system. So, many players will be able to experience the game for the first time.

INSIDE released two years ago to even more critical acclaim than LIMBO. INSIDE'S Metacritic score is 93, and has been hailed as a "masterpiece" by IGN and "a work of singular creativity and meticulous design" by Giant Bomb. On Metacritic's highest-rated Xbox One games list, INSIDE ranks #4, and on the PS4 list, #14. Like LIMBO, INSIDE's release on the Switch is the first on a Nintendo console.

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Having these games on Switch is a great thing for Nintendo players. The console has quickly become a home for indie titles, and soon it'll house two especially prestigious games. Playdead has proven to be masterful at crafting dark atmospheres and puzzles that challenge the mind. Fans of LIMBO and INSIDE can look forward to more from Playdead. Back in March, the company announced on Facebook that it was working on its "next project." LIMBO was fantastic, and then many believed INSIDE had surpassed it. One can only imagine what the next game from the company will be like.

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