Lineage 2: Revolution Finally Adds Professions And Crafting

Lineage 2: Revolution has finally added the ability to craft items along with a range of new professions.

It took nearly two years, but crafting and professions have finally arrived in Lineage 2: Revolution. The game's latest update gives players the ability to create their own items from scratch while also introducing a few Halloween inspired in-game events.

Five professions are available to choose from and will be immediately recognizable to anyone who has spent time playing an MMORPG over the last decade. Professions include Smithing, Cooking, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Gemcrafting. There is certainly nothing groundbreaking here, but it's great to see such a massive feature finally make its way over to the game.

If you've grown sick of the current dungeons available and dread the idea of running them to farm materials, then you'll be thankful for the other addition—the Harvest Dungeon. Here, players will be able to "harvest" special resources for use with the new crafting system.

Beyond crafting and professions, Lineage 2: Revolution has also added some Halloween related content. Players can earn in-game rewards from a floating skull-shaped balloon located in Magnadin. They'll also be able to explore the Halloween themed Extraction dungeon (aptly named the Horror Extraction Pit) and face off against a new version of the Komabor World Boss named the Horror Kombor.

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Compared to some other Halloween events, this one seems a bit light. Granted, the addition of non-seasonal content in the form of Professions is much more desirable and should keep gamers entertained once the spooky season has come to a close.

Lineage 2: Revolution released back in 2017 to some wildly mixed reviews. Many critics loved the plethora of content available and console-quality graphics while others thought it was an Auto-Play nightmare with a clunky user interface. Regardless of the critical reception, the game has been a global success, pulling in well over $1.5 billion since launch. The addition of professions is a wise choice as it seeks to fend off a few upcoming mobile MMORPGs, including Black Desert Mobile which just soft-launched in select regions and Warhammer Odyssey.

Lineage 2: Revolution is available now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Source: PocketGamer

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