The Link's Awakening Amiibo Will Summon An Evil Shadow Link

A Tweet from Nintendo of Europe has revealed a new feature in the upcoming Zelda: Link's Awakening remake for the Nintendo Switch: the ability to add Shadow Link, an evil doppleganger of the Hero of Hyrule, to dungeons created with the game's new Chamber Dungeon feature.

Shadow Link (who is a different character than Dark Link, for reasons likely only the Zelda lore experts out there understand) is only addable to dungeons via the new Link's Awakening amiibo, a hyper cartoony version of Link featured in the remake.

Based on some brief gameplay footage attached to the Tweet, Shadow Link has an ultra-aggressive A.I., and can both attack Link with rapid sword swings and block counter-attacks with his shield. It appears that Shadow Link doesn't otherwise have access to Link's deep arsenal of items other than his signature sword and shield. He is first summoned, it seems, after an enemy is killed, in the slain enemy's place. He then follows Link from room to room, though it appears moving to a new room despawns Shadow Link for a moment, before he reappears in the center of the room (rather than following Link through doors and/or passages between rooms). Defeating Shadow Link yields a large number of rupees and a fairy.

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Nintendo has already confirmed that each Zelda amiibo can add a unique effect or hazard to a room in the Chamber Dungeon creator, but as of now has only revealed the effect tied to the Link's Awakening amiibo. Additionally, dungeons created can be saved to an amiibo figure, and, for example, brought over to a friend's house to be played on their copy of the game.

Chamber Dungeon mode is a new addition to Link's Awakening, and likely the only part of the game that is entirely new and not remade from either Link's Awakening or Link's Awakening DX. By progressing through the game, players will unlock new dungeon chambers, which is essentially just one room of a dungeon. These can then be strung together in unique ways into a fully player-created dungeon. Both the Link's Awakening amiibo and the game itself will be released later this month, on September 20.

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