15 Little-Known Facts About Grand Theft Auto

I know there are many of people out there that think they know everything when it comes to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Well, you can safely tell them that they couldn’t be more wrong. You see, the franchise began all the way back in October 1997 with the release of Grand Theft Auto. This means that the Grand Theft Auto series has been running for around twenty years. Which means there are bound to be some facts in these twenty years that you may have missed.

These little-known facts about the Grand Theft Auto series range from secrets that Rockstar tried to hide, all the way to having famous movie vehicles in the games. One of the more surprising things is just how many supernatural elements have been peppered through the series. Now, if you want to read about these spooky supernatural facts within the Grand Theft Auto franchise be sure to read this intriguing list. These facts range from finding aliens buried in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, all the way to a 007 Easter Egg. Anyway, it’s now time to begin this list of “15 Little-Known Facts About Grand Theft Auto.”

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15 Now That’s How You Handle A Transaction!

via: youtube.com (SmithRussia)

When you're taking a break from all the chaos of Grand Theft Auto IV, you've definitely made a stop of the Cluckin' Bell. The parody restaurant that clearly spoofs some mash-up of KFC, Taco Bell, and just about every other fastfood chain out there. Now, here's the fun part. If you walk behind the cash register, you'll see a whole host of surprising (and hilarious) options. Some of the options that you can see on the cash register include “ Veg Crap” and “ Space Lazer.” Now, I don’t know about you people, but the next time I order a Big Mac, I’ll be sure to order none of that disgusting “Veg Crap.” After all, who likes all that healthy stuff in their burger anyway?

14 Is James Bond In Grand Theft Auto V?

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Okay, well the character himself is not in the game, but there are various Easter Eggs pointing to the iconic hero scatter throughout the game. The main one that I will be talking about here is the hidden 007 car. You see, it turns out you are actually able to buy a car called The JB700. This car is based on the car James Bond drove in many of his movies —  the Aston Martin DB5. It even comes in the same color as the movie version. Overall, if you want to pretend you're James Bond driving around the streets of Los Santos, you can while driving this car. This is just another Grand Theft Auto secret that has been in front of you the whole time.

13 Wait! Now We Know Why Trevor Is Always In Bed!

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If you have played the 2013 mega-hit Grand Theft Auto V (who hasn't), you were bound to notice that each character has a different type of sleeping schedule. In the game, Michael only sleeps for six hours as he is probably under constant stress with his family. While Franklin sleeps a normal eight hours in the game. Finally, Trevor sleeps the longest at twelve hours as if you play the game you will know that Trevor doesn’t have a care in the world. The amount of work Rockstar puts into these games is staggering. What other video game developer is thinking about character's sleep schedules.

12 He Stole My Outfit!

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After the character, Playboy X  exits the story, you are able to go to his apartment and change into some of his clothes. Now, some of these clothes will look very familiar to you, because they look identical to the cloths the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III, Claude, wears. When the game designers were creating Claude, they revealed that they had no inspiration for the character. Rockstar revealed that they actually preferred the character to be based on a strong and silent killer type. The character is also a silent protagonist which means he has no lines, so there is, of course, no voice actor. He also makes a cameo appearance in the critically loved Grand Theft Auto game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

11 I Can’t Believe The Voice Actor Of Trevor Did That While Voice Acting!

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If you didn’t know the man that voiced Trevor in the game is called Steve Ogg and if you ask me he is quite the method actor. You see, while Ogg was recording some of his scenes for Trevor he actually recorded them in just his underwear. Ogg did this because he wanted to stay in character as if you didn’t notice Trevor usually runs around in his underwear during the game. Trevor will be in his underwear from shooting up cops all the way to going to the local supermarket. That man has no shame. All I can say is that whoever was recording Ogg’s lines for the game was probably finding themselves in a very awkward and once in a lifetime situation.

10 Wait There’s a Secret Map?!

via: Youtube.com (Jake Wright)

Are you an owner of the collector’s edition version of Grand Theft Auto V? If you are, then you're in luck, because the map that comes bundled with the collector's edition is packed with secrets other fans might not know about. You see, once you shine a UV Light on the map, it will reveal certain things about the game itself. The map includes markings, secrets, and map legends. These markings on the map are mostly there to show signs of there being aliens flying around Los Santos. This blue map surprisingly also makes an appearance in the game as it is on a wall in Franklin’s safehouse.

9 Don’t Take Private Pictures!

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Did you know that you can visit the Playboy Mansion in Grand Theft Auto V? Well, if you go exploring, whatever you do don’t take any photos of the models. The starlets will not think you are a professional photographer, and instead think you are just some creepy fella. They literally yell, “creep” if you take their picture. If you continue to take photos of the girls, they will tell their boyfriends and let's just say that they won’t be very happy. These frustrated men will attack you as revenge. Frankly, things will probably end badly for these brave gents, but that's the way the ball bounces. In any event, taking these stalker pictures is a tragic way to ruin a party so just don’t do it.

8 Why Did They Have To Change That?!

via: Youtube.com (Double Doppler)

If you are old enough to remember the tragic events of September 2011, then you will know what an impact it had around the world. Well, this event also had a huge impact on the entertainment industry specifically, Grand Theft Auto III. The game was postponed to make numerous changes, such as changing the paint scheme of the police’s uniforms and their vehicles. They did this because the game was set in a city based on New York, so they had to change the appearance of the cops, so they didn’t look like the NYPD. Rockstar also had to cut a mission that had a character talking about terrorism in the area. Good call, Rockstar. That would have been in bad taste.

7 Where Did That Face Come From?

via: Youtube.com (ParadoxGamingHD)

How often, when you play Grand Theft Auto V, do you fly around Mount Chiliad in a helicopter? Well, if you do it often, you are bound to have noticed a random face carved into the side of the mountain. The carved face can be found on the summit of the mountain. There has been lots of speculation about who this person might be. A few players believe it is a reference to the actor Aaron Paul, who is, of course, famous for playing Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. On the other hand, a few other gamers believe that it could be a subtle nod to one of the developers of the game. No matter whom you think it is, you can’t deny that it is definitely a face carved into the mountain.

6 Did You Bring Protection?

via: Youtube.com (FsrGamer)

Did you know how easy it is to become pregnant at the Eugenics factory in Grand Theft Auto III? In their typical satricial fashion, Rockstar flipped the script on the old saying "wear protection." If you pay close attention, the Eugenics factory in Port Tudor as a sign that reads, "Ladies! Please wear protection. It's unlikely but not impossible you may be impregnated upon visiting Eugenics Inc." It's a cute little joke —albeit, also a little gross— buried in a game fileld with way raunchier material (most of it crime related). It's also a nod that many fans of the Grand Theft Auto series were probably too young to notice at the time.

5 Wait I Can Steal A Fighter Jet, And Nobody Would Notice?

via: Youtube.com (Typcial Gamer)

Have you ever tried running into the military base in Grand Theft Auto V? Well, if you have then you would know that the second you step foot in that area, you are an instant target to the military. However, there is a way to escape the wrath of the military, and that is to be playing as Franklin. It turns out, your best bet to avoid the military is to use Franklin's special ability to slow everything down. With this effect in place, you can make it to a jet without setting off a thousand alarms at once. If you do it correctly, you can even get away with your life — fancy that!

4 Is That A Ghost Car?

via gtainside.com

Do you love late night walks through the woods? Or, does the thought of that freak you out? Well, if you are playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, going on these late night walks is quite a spooky experience. You see, when you are in the woods, a random car can spawn out of nowhere. To make things even scarier, when you are walking away from the car, it will drive after you even though there is no driver in the car itself. However, it turns out that this isn’t a ghost car and that Rockstar spawns the car in because they want to help you get out of the woods. Rockstar did this just in case you have no vehicle — because walking can take a long time. This is just another spooky/scary fact in the Grand Theft Auto series.

3 Franklin Was Originally Meant To What??...

via: gta.wikia.com

At the very end of Grand Theft Auto V, you have the option to kill either Michael or Trevor. On the other hand, you have the option to have a “Deathwish” in which neither of the characters dies. However, that wasn’t always the case. Originally, you had the choice to kill Franklin in the ending of the game. You see before plans were scrapped, if you picked “Deathwish” it would mean that Franklin would be killed off. Although it is not revealed what character would kill him off. This meant you could no longer play as Franklin but instead as his best friend, Lamar. I have to admit it would be fun to be able to play as Lamar withChop by his side, of course.

2 The Entire San Andreas Map Is Bigger Than...?

via: youtube.com (Granty Games)

If you add all of the cities together in the whole San Andreas map, it is actually bigger than Manhattan. Yes, this video game map is actually larger than one of the most popular cities in the entire world. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the entire San Andreas map is the largest map in all of Rockstar’s games. Needless to say, that means it dwarfs other Rockstar hits like Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption. It's incredible that we've reached an age of video gaming where digital spaces are becoming more massive, detailed, and awe-inspiring than real-world cities and places.

1 The Moon Is Not The Enemy!

via: youtube.com (Boznean)

Whenever you get angry in Grand Theft Auto: just remember to shoot the moon. This triggers a silly gag that's been running through the series since Grand Theft Auto III. If you shoot the moon, it will change size. It's not some shocking revelation, but it will make you smile that developers have left their mark on the game and amused players through the world. Eventually, it will return back to its normal size (once it gets to its maximum capacity), but until then you can enjoy a massive oversized planetoid. Many believe that the moon changes size because of a glitch, but we chose to believe it's a running gag. No matter what the reason is, this moon gag has stayed with the franchise since it turned to 3D platforming.

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