10 Live-Action Disney Movies Currently In Development (And 15 That Could Be Coming)

Disney is revving up to crank out a bunch of live-action movies. Here are 10 currently in development and 15 that just might show up!

Disney knows the success of their own properties. After going all out with Maleficent, they soon discovered that they could re-release their own movies and make a lot of money on them, yet again. While it has been a controversial move in the eyes of many, there are still plenty of people who throw their money at each new remake, ready to relive their nostalgia.

After movies like Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent were successful, Disney moved on to some of their bigger films. They remade Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Jungle Book (each one to critical and financial success). Because of this, Disney live-action remakes have become one of the most profitable sections of their own empire, fitting right alongside the MCU and Star Wars juggernauts.

Despite the company releasing so many remakes already, Disney has plenty more in the pipeline. Before long, there won’t be any more movies of theirs to recreate due to the number of remakes they churn out each year. Several have already been confirmed for development. On top of that, there are plenty others that could come in the future, considering that they would be based on classic properties Disney hasn’t touched in some time. If they continue with their own trend, it won’t be long before the younger generation has an entirely new empire of Disney movies to enjoy.

Get ready to relive the magic of your childhood as we go over 10 Disney live-action remakes already in development and 15 that could come in the future.

25 Confirmed: Aladdin

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The story of a “diamond in the rough” finding a magic lamp and winning the heart of Princess Jasmine is making the transition to live-action. Similarly to how Beauty and the Beast was handled, the Aladdin remake will bring in plenty of musical elements to add a much more dramatic flair to the story. Expect all of the fan-favorite characters to return, including Genie himself. The casting has already been announced, and the film is set for release in 2019.

24 Rumored: Bambi

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With Disney tackling so many of their animal films and turning them into gorgeous CGI movies, it only makes sense that Bambi would be somewhere in the pipeline. This classic tale of a young deer who comes into his own after the demise of his mother is as tragic as it is beautiful. Considering how well The Jungle Book was handled, it only makes sense that Disney would eventually turn their eyes toward this movie. At this point, it’s only a matter of time.

23 Rumored: Fantasia

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Fantasia is one of the most creative Disney movies to date. Featuring several different stories with off-the-wall magic as the central theme worked well for animation, and it would easily work well for live-action as well. The visuals could be one of the best parts of the film, if the CGI from previous Disney remakes is anything to go by. Furthermore, it’s one of their most popular films to date, practically putting the studio on the map in Hollywood’s eyes.

22 Confirmed: Mary Poppins Returns

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Mary Poppins is one of the most classic Disney characters ever created. She is extremely iconic, with her songs still being sung today. It only makes sense that Disney would try to recapture the magic that she brought to the big screen decades ago. Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel to the original film, promising to bring plenty of heart and charm that fans grew accustomed to all those years ago. Casting Emily Blunt as the titular character, many older viewers are sure to be pleased.

21 Rumored: Robin Hood

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The tale of Robin Hood is a timeless one. With the Disney version not getting a lot of attention in the long run, perhaps it’s time that Disney brought it back. They could either substitute the animal characters for real people or use CGI to create them, animal appearances intact. There’s a certain medieval charm to the film that isn’t present in a lot of movies today, so there’s potential to perfect Disney’s Robin Hood and make it a great movie for modern audiences.

20 Rumored: The Rescuers

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A team of mice traveling the world, solving crimes and saving the day is all too good a premise to be ignored by the Disney team that handles the live-action remakes. Not only has Disney recreated mice in live-action before (Cinderella comes to mind), but they have experience making the animals talk as well. It would be all too easy to have a team of CGI mice be the stars of an entire movie, complete with the exploration that children loved years ago.

19 Confirmed: The Lion King

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After the success of The Jungle Book, Disney went to Jon Favreau to request that he give The Lion King a similar treatment. With the casting list already out, the remake of the film is set to come out next year. It will be created with CGI just as The Jungle Book was. However, without a human to follow in the story, it seems that the film will almost entirely be created with CGI. Some of the original voice actors are returning as well, including James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

18 Rumored: 101 Dalmatians

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There has already been a Cruella confirmed for development starring Emma Stone. With little word on that movie, it makes us wonder if there could be some changes coming to the original plans. 101 Dalmatians is a movie that proved successful when it comes to remakes. With a live-action remake already being done many years ago, it’s possible that they could try to recreate it, just with a greater focus on the villain of the story, similar to what Maleficent did for Sleeping Beauty.

17 Rumored: The Aristocats

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Disney loves inserting music into their live-action remakes, and The Aristocats is still ripe for the taking. It could easily be a live-action/CGI hybrid film, similar to Pete’s Dragon. The cats would all be created with CGI and have proper voice actors filling the roles with real people surrounding them. It would insert an opportunity to have a big number for “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat,” complete with a CGI cat band. It’s a setting that also hasn’t been attempted by a Disney remake yet.

16 Confirmed: The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid is yet another big Disney film that is getting the remake treatment. A lot of the songs are going to remain intact, with some new music being written specifically for the remake. There is no release date set for the project, though there are rumors that Disney is talking with certain stars about being in the film. Whenever the movie comes out, expect some beautiful underwater visuals. We’ll see if they recreate that climactic battle at the end, though.

15 Rumored: Pocahontas

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With many of the Disney princesses starring in their own live-action remakes, one of the few who has yet to make the leap is Pocahontas. While the original Pocahontas has been the subject of a lot of controversy, that gives Disney a prime opportunity to right their wrongs and start fresh. They can more accurately depict the title of the character, still have some of the familiar songs, and keep her animal friends looking happy and cute. We wouldn’t be shocked if this one got announced soon.

14 Rumored: Tarzan

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After The Legend of Tarzan bombed, there was a gap formed involving a live-action Tarzan film. Because Disney’s animated version was so beloved for its visuals and soundtrack, it would be all too easy for them to give it a second go in live-action. Bringing animals to life with excellent CGI has proven to be no problem for Disney. Furthermore, all they would have to do for the soundtrack is bring Phil Collins back to either write new music or just remaster his old songs.

13 Confirmed: Mulan

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In 2016, Disney finally confirmed that they were remaking one of their most popular animated films: Mulan. This remake, instead of seeking to retread old territory though, is looking to forge a new path with new stories to tell. More characters are being added to the roster, with Li Shang on the outs to make room for a new love interest. Couple that with some new side plots, and this version of Mulan is going to be drastically different from the old one.

12 Rumored: The Great Mouse Detective

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Imagine how marketable a CGI movie starring a mouse dressed up like Sherlock Holmes would be. That’s exactly what Disney has on the table with The Great Mouse Detective, and it’s the kind of movie that would be ripe for a live-action remake. They could take the opportunity to showcase how disturbing a character like Ratigan would look like in real life while still having the same tone and charm of the original. It’s the kind of movie that would bring in young viewers while appealing to older ones.

11 Rumored: The Three Caballeros

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This is a bit of an odd choice. While probably the least likely remake on this list, there is potential with a movie like The Three Caballeros. There would certainly need to be some plot restructuring, but imagine how effective a CGI movie could be with three singing birds on the cover. We’re not sure if Disney would be brave enough to thrust Donald Duck into a live-action film, but it’s something that could still work. It would make those characters another popular brand for them as well.

10 Confirmed: Dumbo

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Disney has brought Tim Burton back to remake Dumbo. This version of the film seems to be both whimsical and unsettling if the trailer is anything to go by. The cute elephant is separated from his mother and forced to work in the circus, using his massive ears to soar through the sky. It will also be adding a bigger theme of family. Fans of the original don’t have much longer to wait either, as the Dumbo remake is currently slated for March 29, 2019.

9 Rumored: Treasure Planet

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Treasure Planet was one of Disney’s most inventive movies for its time, but also one of its least successful. However, the concept is not something that should be idly thrown by the wayside. If Disney uses their live-action remakes to breathe life into old, forgotten properties, then Treasure Planet is one of the most deserving. The interdimensional journey of Jim Hawkins complete with crazy characters and a consistent character arc would translate well to live-action. It would also give Disney the opportunity to iron out the kinks.

8 Rumored: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a sad yet hopeful story. It’s also one of Disney’s best films. Being as popular as it is, it would be easy for them to translate it into live-action. Apart from the gargoyles, there wouldn’t be a lot of CGI needed to bring the world to life. Furthermore, the film has a timeless message that would resonate with people today. If they wanted to, they could also throw in some musical numbers to go along with the setting of the film.

7 Confirmed: Snow White

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first animated feature film, so it’s fitting that it would be getting the live-action treatment as well. The film is bringing together minds from both La La Land and The Girl on the Train. As such, expect some new songs thrown in while still maintaining the dark tone of the movie. Some new characters will be added for good measure, potentially paving the way for spin-off films to flesh them out more.

6 Rumored: The Black Cauldron

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Pete’s Dragon proved that Disney remakes could be used to re-imagine forgotten properties and give them a new identity. That’s exactly what can be done with The Black Cauldron. This dark tale was criticized for its direction, but a live-action remake can fix those problems while keeping its tone alive. The villains might need to be toned down a bit, but a darker story like The Black Cauldron could find its audience in the right place if it’s handled well.

5 Rumored: The Fox And The Hound

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The story of two companions separated as their instincts drive them is as timeless and heartbreaking as you might expect. Retelling that tale for a new audience would likely stir up a lot of those emotions. Just imagine how cute a fully-CGI Todd and Copper would be, especially when they’re cuddling up to their owners. It would be a remake that would likely benefit more from recapturing rather than restructuring, but there’s no denying a Fox and the Hound remake would be successful.

4 Confirmed: Pinocchio

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The Pinocchio property isn’t exclusive to Disney, as Warner Bros is also working on their adaptation of the character. However, Disney has a competitive edge, as they developed the definitive version of the tale. While the movie is still a long way off, a live-action Pinocchio story will likely bring a lot of old memories back to audiences across the country. Pinocchio himself would look great, with subtle tweaks to the rest of the cast giving the film its own flavor.

3 Rumored: Sleeping Beauty

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There has been talk about Maleficent getting a sequel, but there’s a chance that Disney isn’t quite done with the Sleeping Beauty character. There were some criticisms that Maleficent was a poor re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty, so it would make sense for Disney to either remake to property or have a new adventure starring the character we met in the aforementioned villain movie. It would likely go one way or the other, but we’ll see how Maleficent 2 impacts it.

2 Confirmed: The Sword In The Stone

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There isn’t much we know about The Sword in the Stone remake other than the fact that it’s coming sometime in the future. This was another one of Disney’s movies that didn’t quite take off like some of their other properties, which gives it a good foundation for a remake. Furthermore, the most recent live adaptation of the story of King Arthur wasn’t received well, so Disney has an opportunity to take the gold and leave every competitor in the dust.

1 Confirmed: Lady And The Tramp

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Lady and the Tramp introduced a lot of clichés that were overused in movies that came after it. However, that’s not to say that it’s not a good film. On the contrary, it’s a heartwarming and well-told love story. For the live-action remake, it will be a blend of real people and CGI characters. Some voice actors and a director have already been attached to the project. The film is also supposed to drop with Disney’s upcoming streaming service sometime in late 2019.

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