Lizzie McGuire: 25 Fun Photos Of Hilary Duff

Those who grew up watching Lizzy McGuire will be surprised to see how much Hilary Duff has changed! Check out these 25 steamy examples.

Hilary Duff is one of the quintessential beauties from the 1990s and 2000s as the mega-popular Lizzie McGuire in her own titular series. She was a positive role model and an icon for many young girls at a time where raunchy pop-stars were starting to dominate the charts and television sets across the world.

Nowadays, she is not in the spotlight as much and mainly sticks to her own personal life outside of a few music ventures but her time as global sensation has come to a graceful close, that many former stars have trouble achieving. Despite her taking a break from the big-time she has still retained those good looks and infectious charisma that bleeds through the screen whenever she gets caught by the camera.

Collecting some of the best images from around the internet that highlight her features is a treat for everyone, and the final product here is a slideshow that proves as an index of her best work.

She might not be a model in the traditional sense, but she definitely has a look that is undeniably attractive in every essence. Whether it comes to wearing casual clothes that show her spunky side, shedding layers to reveal a sensual side, or dressing up in designer dresses, there is no end to the colorful style that she presents in her photos.

Making her mark as a celebrity and flawlessly representing an underappreciated side of pop culture, here are some of Hilary Duff’s steamiest pictures out there.

25 Stripes That Never End


Starting off with a playful photo, this shot shows how she can be alluring in the bedroom without being scantily clad. The striped cardigan that flows off the bed gives her a sense of grace and adds an almost sinister flair in a sort of chic-Cruella Deville type look. Her thigh-high boots accentuate her legs and the argyle-pattern on her black dress is embossed to give a texture to the figure around her hips and midriff.

Top this all off with that look of playful mischievousness that her character Lizzie Macguire was known for. This, along with the food on the bed and the luxurious hotel in the setting, distinctly showcase her terrific strides as a model. Whatever it is that she is eating, we are wanting a taste!

24 A Classic Look


In a sharp contrast to the last picture, this is an example of how she can show a sensual side when it comes to facing the camera. The black lace on her top is perfectly accessorized with her long black necklace and dark eyeshadow. While her outfit is all dark, her blonde hair is majestically contrasting the rest of her clothes.

She is not usually subjected to posing in suggestive ways

She is not usually subjected to posing in suggestive ways but in this case, she definitely popped in a way that is different from the other images on this list. Another perfect way that this picture was made in detail was the hydrating sheen that was added to her flawless skin, highlighting the contours all over her body and giving that finishing touch of glam.

23 Do Not Get Lost In Her Eyes


This shot from a magazine shoot is simple, but effective at getting the point across that Hilary Duff is excellent at using her facial expressions to get the best out of her photos. She shows some of her pearly whites that are outlined by those luscious lips and the white tank top is in-tune with the white fingernail paint. Add onto the fact that she has some gold bracelets that go with the small gold rings that are plastered on her shirt with the gold earrings and we have a color scheme of angelic colors to go with her bronze tan. Just do not get lost in her eyes, though, because it can be a hypnotic experience in the best sense of the word when it comes to beautiful irises.

22 Director's Orders


Hilary Duff shows her executive side in this photo as she is dressed from head to thigh in a bright white that contrasts her calming skin-tone. There are a lot of ways to show off the luxurious type of clothing that Cosmopolitan likes to display in their photos, but this one has got to be one of the best examples of how to spin a whole new look on a model.

We are wondering how she would direct

The director’s chair that she is sitting on is the perfect backdrop for the high-quality fabric that her dress is made of. Her nails are painted white but do not have extensions so an air of professionalism is presented with the subtle gold jewelry. She might not be known for being behind the camera, but we are wondering how she would direct if she looked this good while doing it.

21 This Look Is Irresistible!


This is a sort of throwback to the earlier times of Hilary Duff’s popularity but it is definitely a classic. The warm color palette of the picture is perfect to highlight her best features. She is a brunette here, like her natural color suggests but it is how it matches the background and earth-tone color scheme that really makes this shot in particular special. The lacy bra underneath her top and look of desire add some depth to the way she is posing on what looks to be a library or office tile floor of kinds. Here, it is clear that the focus was to show how her figure in all its shape but that gorgeous jawline and wavy hair steal the show for educated eyes.

20 This City Slicker Goes Country!


This black and white photograph looks like it was taken on the set of the greatest modern country-western film that never released. She has that look of youthful innocence and seems to be in her natural form as a country gal. Her denim bottoms have been cut off to give that real sense of woman-at-work and the lack of bright jewelry only accentuates this theme and gives it a real humble spin that a lot of these other photos lack. This is definitely for those people that do not fancy themselves as city slickers and it is one of those shots that reminds you of how humble Hilary Duff is as a person. With this kind of beauty, she can wrangle a whole lot more than just a couple of farm animals, that’s for sure.

19 A New Look In A New Way


In this daring photograph, Hilary chose to expose that mid-riff and dare to explore into uncharted waters when it comes to her style. Usually, she is modest about how she struts her stuff but this comes across as confident as she steps out of her usual element into a minimalist chic territory.

It is the right outfit for a night out at the club

Not only is it one of the hardest looks to pull off for just about anyone, but Hilary made it her own by adding a sense of calm to the outfit. Her leather hoodie and miniskirt might come across as cheerleader attire but look closely and it is the right outfit for a night out at the club. Plus, the way she is scrunching up her hair and looking at the camera suggests that she was having a swell time in front of the limelight for this one.

18 The Little Black Dress Goes A Long Way


Mixing a few different themes together, this minimalist shot seems to portray the kind of look that comes from being out at a party for too long. It looks like she just kicked off her heels and is ready to remove the makeup on her face and get comfy. This does not mean that she looks unprofessional or raggedy by any means, but rather the ruffled hairs on the back of her head suggest that there has been a long night, and the black cocktail dress and high-fashion eyeshadow point towards it being the truth. There is not much to the background, however, because it would just distract from that voluptuous figure. Even though she is wearing makeup, there is something about the way her cheekbones line up that gives her a sense of natural beauty.

17 Where Is This Place?


There are few faces that would be more of a pleasure to see at a bar than Hilary Duff’s, and she took full advantage of her situation to pose in a way that would make you want to pay for all her drinks. Normally, taking off clothes would come across as aggressively alluring but it is clear that she is just entering the place and part of taking the eyes of the room is working the outfit. Her heels are lifting her ankles up and making her look powerfully tall. Her messy bangs that swoop over her face only give another sense of spunk to her plaid shorts. She might not be matching all that much, but she does not have to in a shot like this where the attitude and action of the photo take front and center.

16 Tell Us What Is Playing


This is a writer’s favorite. There is so much about this photo that is absolutely flawless. The lighting coming in through the tall window is so bright and it illuminates her gorgeous looks as she hovers over the grand piano. It adds so much to the look of the picture as she sits on a dark brown bench in leather, over a cream carpet that gives it an almost 1970s feel.

It really brings back a look similar to Sharon Stone’s

She goes back to the blonde locks for this picture and it goes so well with the fur sweater that she has on. It really brings back a look similar to Sharon Stone’s in the Martin Scorsese film Casino and if there were ever to be a remake of the film she would be an unexpected shoe-in for the role.

15 A Look From Out-Of-This-World


There is really something special about the way Hilary Duff smiles, and this smirk gives just about every model out there a run for their money. Much like some of the other shots on these lists, it seems like the background was made to be simple to highlight her figure and outfit. This time she sports a long-sleeved black top with small stars patterned all over to go with that silver skirt with sheen. Duff seems to rock the blonde hair quite well and the glasses she is holding make it seem like she took them off to look directly at the camera with those alluring eyes. That thin choker around her neck is the cherry on top of this semi-formal outfit that could fit anywhere in a cocktail party to a work luncheon.

14 Beautiful. Casual. Professional.


Speaking of that winning smile, here she is sporting a laugh that looks infectious enough to start making anyone laugh just by looking at it. The blue background and white clothes make it seem like she is floating as a beautifully formed cloud in the sky that is floating on by in complete and utter happiness. The white daisy dukes really make her thighs pop out as her legs seem to be round and gorgeous. Also, much like her country-themed shoot, she decided to opt out against any flashy jewelry that would have really ruined the look of this simplistic photo. This is a really pleasant photo, and her modest attempt at showing her curves is a welcome one in comparison to how the other shoots try to fit the norm a little more.

13 Elegance Personified


Everything about this photograph says class. From those timeless black heels to the mid-century modern wooden setting that she has found herself in, everything about this shoot was done to perfection and in-tune with the theme. The black dress she has on looks like it was tailored perfectly to wrap around her body, and the focus of the shot is directly on the subject of the pic.

Hilary Duff has unraveled herself as a breathtakingly gorgeous model

Usually, she seems to keep to the lighter colored hair when it comes to the fancy shots but the dark brunette locks on her shoulders make her come across as a rich entrepreneur at a charity of sorts. Much like her photo on the grand piano, Hilary Duff has unraveled herself as a breathtakingly gorgeous model for designer dresses.

12 Throwback To Another Time


This photo is a perfect representation of the remnants of her past life as a pop star and how it affected her in a different way than it did when it was dwindled down. She might not look as happy as she does in the other pictures, but you can still see that determination to be something more than just normal or average. Her white top and black shorts go with the heels and fishnets on her legs to give that on-stage rock star look that she banked on when she was coming off the fame of her show. You can see the crate labeled with her name, and the steamy look from her face seems to say that she is ready to either rock on stage or get out of the frame and get to work.

11 A New Look


Much like the photo where Hilary Duff is wearing white daisy dukes on a blue background, she mimics that same color palette by flipping it and turning it on its head. It might seem more appropriate to have blue denim shorts, it is the striped top that really makes her outfit pop.

There is something about patterned tops that make Hilary stand out…

Unless Hilary is making these tops pop. Either way, that iconic smile goes so well with that flowing blonde hair. After seeing all these pictures, it seems like Hilary Duff has a penchant for that classic white fingernail paint, and while it is slightly repetitive in the sense of how it goes with her outfit but it just looks so good with everything she wears.

10 Tell Us Where To Plug In. . .


In what is truly a unique type of photo for Hilary Duff, this shoot seemed to have a digital-computer world type theme that is reminiscent of the world of Tron. She might not be ready to shut down the grid but she definitely looks like she is coming from the future. It is a cyber type of look that she rarely goes for, but she fits the look so well it is almost like her normal type of look. Even though other artists like St. Vincent have owned up to this kind of look in recent memory, it takes a real majestic air of confidence to rock this look. From her ice-white skin to that mirror patterned dress, the look of Hilary Duff here is that of an ice-queen that reigns supreme on a glamorous side of the web no one has trekked before.

9 Humble, Yet Rare


Without showing skin or wearing anything too fancy, Hilary made a powerful statement by wearing this cotton-woven cardigan with leather belt combo in a pool setting. Obviously, it was a planned shoot but there is something about the overcast colors in the background that give a cozy sense of gloom to the atmosphere. The palm trees are standing tall in the background and the water is glistening with the lighting, adding a serene sense of tranquility to the image. That smile is not inviting in the traditional sense but it seems like she is letting the viewer in a secret that no one is meant to know. That is what makes this picture almost reminiscent of the outfit of FX show Archer character Lana, and we would not be surprised if she had some government secrets hidden behind those lips.

8 Million-Dollar Smile That Is Priceless


This is the only example of the bunch of images here that really showcases how she can steal the show with just her winning smile. Not only do her cheekbones look adorable, but that thin white v-neck shirt gives a casual sense of care-free fun. Most times in these photos it seems like the models are draped in elaborate outfits and expensive jewelry but this image reminds us that sometimes it is the simplest things that work the best.

Hilary Duff makes it look natural and easy

There is a way that her eyes look away from the camera that gives that air of personal joy that is rarely seen in these kinds of photo shoots, in which most of the emotes seem to be forced and choreographed, Hilary Duff makes it look natural and easy.

7 Hilary Dukes?


In a mixture of chic and country, Hilary Duff went out and rocked those daisy dukes that she wears so well and decided to pair it with a light blue button up that has been tied at the midriff. There is something about her look that seems to come off as almost off-guard but slightly annoyed. This is the kind of personal touch that she puts on her photos that really puts her at a distance between the standard models that always go for a strong look. Not that she looks weak in this picture, but she looks slightly frustrated in a good way. Not like she is mad at someone, but it looks like she has a problem that needs fixing. This brings up the kind of vibes you would feel while watching a show like Fixer Upper, but we have yet to see if she has the construction experience that HGTV needs.

6 Bedroom Eyes That Will Not Quit


This is probably the most daring picture of the entire list, as she is seemingly ready to take a nap or long rest. Most people are used to seeing underwear in a picture of this nature but here she made this light gray dress work to her advantage. The way it loosely flows over her body is just the way she likes it. Most often than not, she sticks to classy outfits and this is no different. The draped blankets and comforters of white colors just make the entire photo seem angelic. Much like that picture of her earlier in the list that had her in a black dress with no shoes, this is an example of how she takes a top-tier dress and turns the outfit on its head.

5 Those Prints Have Us Mesmerized


It takes a lot of charisma to rock the slanted checkered pattern in black and white. Sure, video game icons like Benny from Fallout: New Vegas make it look easy but Hilary Duff did what she does best and turned the look on its head and provided a brand new way for even the stingiest fashionistas to look at.

Hilary Duff stands out as a real natural beauty

Of course, this writer is a sucker for choker collars, but there is no denying that it goes with the punk-rock majesty of her aesthetic. Of course, once again she rocks that blonde look that seems to be right in-tune with the set of white tulips in the foreground. Just like that standing flower, Hilary Duff stands out as a real natural beauty that does not need the minimal bit of makeup that is there to highlight her features.

4 Just Breathtaking


This photo takes a theme in the same vein as the picture next to the grand piano from earlier in which it uses the luxurious setting to add to the aesthetic of the image. Additionally, it is close to the image of which Hilary Duff is posing on the tile floor of warm color palettes. As mentioned in some of the other images, she seems to have a natural way of rocking laced clothing and the smile on her face seems to be one that says she is happy with being a little spontaneous. This is a theme that is constant with a lot of her signature photos, as she adds that hint of personal attraction. On top of this, her warm skin-tone glows luminously in-tone with the earth tones of the composition.

3 Which Way Is The Beach?


Now, this is a photo. The way her hand fits directly on her hips makes her black outfit standout in the all-white background really accentuates her figure. The baggy, high waisted shorts are a welcome addition to go with the brassiere that gives off an executive sense of sensuality. This is not a sleazy attempt at seducing someone, this is a powerful woman in under clothing that gives a sense of confidence.

That look is about as sharp as the eyeliner she is wearing

It takes a lot for a person to unveil this much of themselves to the world but it seems like all these pictures have culminated to this steamy shot of her adding that signature brand of class to this Victoria’s Secret catalog-type shot. That look is about as sharp as the eyeliner she is wearing, and if her looks could knock you out.

2 Where Is The Party?


It takes guts (literally) to show off some abs, but Hilary Duff did it in spectacular fashion without flinching and it seems like she is happy with showing off some skin in this pic. The miniskirt that has been covered in lace flowers is a humble, but provocative way to show off some curves but it is that kind of mantra that empowers her after her self-professed issues with self-image. She has gotten past trying to impress fans of her long-forgotten show and has become one of the most powerful, self-controlled women in the entire world. Sometimes it is the simplest ways to show superiority that go unnoticed and worse yet; unappreciated. We are just wondering what kind of dance she is seemingly doing, as it seems to be a mix of a salsa dance and something we would see in the clubs from someone with a few too many cocktails.

1 Luxury Meets Casual


Last but not least, this all-black ensemble is uncharacteristically out of character for herself but it seems like she loves to be in some leather and fur. Most of these pictures feature her wearing a lot of casual to casual-formal clothes and it seems like there is no style that she cannot rock.

There is a sort of rich Cruella Deville type feel

The black and white colorization only adds to the timeless look of the entire photoshoot. It might be a very elaborate type of hat that would make a lot of people jealous, but it is a statement that is only matched by her powerful smile. Much like the first shot of the entire list, there is a sort of rich Cruella Deville type feel with the outfit and she turns it on its head as a casual person who is just looking to turn some heads with pure beauty.

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