LMFAO! 15 Rage Quits On Twitch So Hilarious You Just Have To See

It goes without saying that being a gamer can be one of the most peaceful, serene, and stress relieving hobbies one can have. I mean really, what beats coming home after a long-hard day at school/work, breaking the urge of scolding your professor for a 10,000-page assignment or strangling your micromanaging boss, to play some video games? In that instant, absolutely nothing could compare to plopping down onto the couch, cracking open that can of gamer approved Mountain Dew and going to work on “noobs” in a friendly game of domination. Simply paradise!

However, for some, paradise can come crashing down with a series of glitches or someone on the other end of that screen coming into your life and showing you that you aren't as good at this game as you think (enter tears and sad anime music). It’s a severing of the ego and a crushing blow to “the feels” of any gamer. However, what's worse is after an extended pause to mentally register what just happened, it comes full circle in one chaotic result. RAGE!

Raging has almost become synonymous with gaming. One could say it’s apart of the natural order in the process. There will always be those unforeseen circumstances that fill us to our boiling point and bring out the angry sadness of a child losing their lollipop. Thanks to the video game streaming platform Twitch, those moments have come to our screens, broadcast live for the community to witness and keel over in laughter. Today we lift the vale on some of the best, with 15 rage quits on Twitch so hilarious, you just have to see.

Keep in mind, there's some NSFW language in some of these posts!

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15 Can't Fight The Hunger

via: reddit.com

Sometimes the classic pizza, Mountain Dew and cool ranch Doritos combo isn’t enough to satisfy your average gamer, especially when your flared fists are clenched and the world gives you every reason to go ballistic.

This rule holds true for Tommyrage in particular, as during a play through of sci-fi game Prospekt, where weaving through “the beams” proved to be the too much. Making one wrong move, he was vaporized and proceeded to devour the only thing close enough to be met with an unfortunate fate, his keyboard.

However, that’s not all, as this visibly overworked streamer, while still having his fronts sunk into the plastic corner edge, proceeds to growl like a lion in the African savanna having finally latched onto its fleeing prey. Definitely an eye brow raiser on the WTF scale. We can only hope that his anger subsides and so does his appetite for inanimate objects. Until then, snack on!

14 Total Meltdown!

It's becoming more and more apparent that League of Legends is a game not for meant for the emotionally unstable. Oh, the wonders a simple advisory would do just to warn gamers, “this may cause you to lose your s**t, so be prepared.” Then, maybe, situations like these would cease to arise.

After taking one too many Ls and giving your all with absolutely nothing in return, you get this kind of total meltdown! In this video, he's screaming in a higher octave then a dying cat, before ranting in a language that I unfortunately can’t understand. We can only imagine the unholy barrage of verbiage being uttered to the person on the other of that screen.

Let the record show that keyboards next to rage filled streamers are endangered and must be saved.

13 Blue Screen Of Death

via youtube.com

The dreaded game crash!

The bane of existence to every gamer the world over. This especially holds true if you are a streamer, going to work in Rainbow Six Siege. This was the case for twitch streamer SilentSentry, as he came in contact with the fear-inducing game crash not once, not twice, but three times before getting a final sendoff from his PC with a blue screen signifying “bruh it’s time to shut it off.”

Now unlike most on this list, Sentry at first accepted this revelation written in the stars, calmly realizing the situation and how often it occurred as if maybe this was just a sign. Well, it didn’t last long before as he proceeded to hilariously raise hell for his followers and world to see. Just remember if the game is sending you signals, it’s probably best to just listen to them.

12 Can't Catch A Break

via: youtube.com

It takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man (no pun intended) to cry while streaming to hundreds of people from around the world.

During a stream play of Counter-Strike GO, after multiple re-spawns resulting in death and a loot crate unboxing with nothing to show short of dirt, twitch gamer Tanzverbot reacted in the only way that seemed plausible at that time, by crying. With a monotone outburst and a look of hopeless frustration, it’s easy to tell just how much of an impact this moment had when it hit the soul.

It’s never good to laugh when people are going through a tough time and experiencing some serious sadness. However, what made this moment so right was the slow build and long exhale of the cry.

11 Scream Like No One's Watching

Believe it or not, some say screaming is the best medicine. Dr. Arthur Janov, founder of the primal center of science and medicine, calls the art quite cathartic and a “legit way to combat anxiety and trauma” in what he calls “primal therapy.” However. I don’t think this particular LoserFruit losing it in League of Legends is what he had in mind.

In another entry from the League of Legends rage nation, LoserFruit decided to practice that form of therapy Dr. Janov was talking about. Suffering a disappointing death during a clash, she lets out a ear numbing bellow before tossing the headphones at the screen and walking off a newly rejuvenated and far less stressed individual.

It’s also great to note the support she has from her teammates. Near the end of the stream, we can hear a faint “huh, are you ok?” Proving that though we may be rolling over laughing, we still have morals at the end of the day. That’s what matters right?

10 "You Like That!?"

via: youtube.com

On today’s episode of “what the hell just happened and why you mad bro?,” this steamer reenacts a scene out of The Exorcist by going completely out of this world ballistic!

Now, we all have our quips and qualms when it comes to our gaming. It’s natural and a great way to let off a little steam after back to back doses of tomfoolery staring down our face, mocking us at every re-spawn. However, this one takes the cake as not only being outrageous, but oddly hilarious in the process.

Reciting over and over “You like that!? You like that!?,” while pounding on the table, doesn’t seem like the best way to get whatever point you are trying to make across to your audience. It is, however, a great way to land yourself in a straitjacket and a long stay away from that antagonizing computer screen.

9 Troll Wars

via: twitch.tv

Trolling, at even the best of times, can really get to you. There’s just something about hearing someone on the other end of a lit up screen you've never met, and quite possibly never will meet, taunting you that is hard to shake. It can bug you and start to creep under your skin like scarab beetles in The Mummy movie (if you’re not a fan, we can’t be friends). Well, for one Twitch gamer, it became unbearable to the point of rage. During a League of Legends streaming session, Twitch gamer HelenaLive engaged in a war of words with a troll known as Sgtsizzles (awesome name). The two hilariously threw shots back and forth from sex tape allegations, to making sandwiches in the kitchen, and finally not getting it done in the bed room. This barrage of insults was chaotic to say the least! It was a moment that pushed us so far back in your chairs, where all we could say was DAMN!

8 Crashed, Burned, WASTED!

via: youtube.com

Crashed, burned and wasted! Three words no GTA player likes to hear, as the affects could spell danger to any object in close proximity. Unfortunately, a Twitch streamer by the name LipsyJimmy experienced just that.

After back to back crashes, burns and restarts while streaming a player created race in Grand Theft Auto Online, a visibly-fuming Jimmy tries to convince himself and his audience he isn't upset in the slightest by saying, "I'm not triggered! I'm not even close!"

As the DNF timer winds down, Jimmy is on the brink. Focused, he makes one final dive down the tube-like structure towards the finish line, but due to the camera not keeping up with his fast temper, the car flips, then explodes and so does he. Smashing his controller against everything in the room causing the game to disconnect.

He takes a second to cool off before coming back on stream to confusingly yell at the audience before threatening to strip. I think it's time for a break for a break from GTA Jimmy.

7 Don't Gamble

via: youtube.com

The title alone should be sufficient enough of an explanation. Naturally, gambling (for the most part) is bad and can lead to some bad decisions.  The pressure can become too much and can come crashing down in a matter of moments. Especially when $17,000 is on the line! Enter PhantomLord, while on stream of the increasingly popular Counter Strike Go Wild, a platform where users can wager skins, loot and, of course, money! Phantom placed a bet against fellow streamer sTaXx. Going in with a dollar and a dream, he came out on the other end with only the dream left. He lost and proceeded to massacre his headset as a result. However, all wasn’t lost as he had another headset on standby, just for this particular occasion.

6 Mega Fail

via: youtube.com

Mega Man makes the list as one of our favorite childhood games, as a fond memory that gave us a lot of joy during our "golden years" of gaming. However, the same sentiment can’t be held by TheVR Pisti. Making his way through the cavern, jumping from block to block, he comes within seconds of reaching the end. With his eyes wide open and mouth a gape, Pisti inches closer and closer to reaching salvation, before fate decides to make an unfortunate visit. Falling into the dark abyss, Pisti throws the headset and starts to recite a mantra of profanity as his friend laughs hysterically in the background. Who would have thought such a joy when we were kids would bring out the hate in grownups? Sorry Pisti, maybe next time.

5 Trouble In The Lobby

via: youtube.com

When thinking of the games that give me the most grief, Call of Duty easily takes the cake. I think I can speak for many when I say the ADHD simulating first-person shooter has been known to bring out the monster in all of us on more than one occasion. From the glitches, to shooting around corners, to spawn point camping, there are a lot of faults to pull your hair out over. But who would have thought the rage could get so real before even hitting the battlefield? Well this Twitch streamer went through just that, as after waiting a considerable amount of time for a lobby to load with players on Call of Duty: Black Ops II, we see him reach his tipping point before chucking his controller across the room and disappearing off screen as the clock winds down for the round to begin. I may not be the brightest when it comes to giving advice, but I will say that sometimes patience is key. But do you, boo boo.

4 Good Ol' American Rage

via: youtube.com

With country music blaring over the sound system and a flag draped across the wall in the background, a Twitch streamer by the name of Lord_Kirk brings out the patriot in all of us. By unleashing that raw, freedom soaked, red, white and blue rage that only American’s can (please note the sarcasm)!

During a stream of RuneScape and after a perilous journey, he is teleported outside of the map. After an argument with his mouse due to irreconcilable differences (we’ve all been there), he bashes the living hell, out of it. Further portraying that true-blue American justice with swift action and extreme prejudice! However, when you’re on a roll you can’t just quit cold turkey, so what else do you do to a computer mouse broken off its hinges? Bash it some more until it flings off the cord and flies across the room, because that’s how we do it in the good old U.S. of A!

3 Rearranging The Furniture

A Twitch streamer by the name of CalebHart42 thought it would be a good idea to rearrange the furniture (putting it lightly) after having a little trouble in Super Mario 64. Only four minutes into a speed run, it can only be assumed that Caleb has tried and failed quite a bit. However, instead of going the easy route of restarting the run, Caleb decided to engage in a little "spring cleaning." Moving a chair here and another chair there can help get those creative juices flowing.

Of course, we can’t forget the brisk stroll around the room, as he wondered why life is so cruel with every toe crunching step. What’s hilarious is the amount of time taken to reflect. Caleb is going through a deep struggle and the need to walk it out and lay hands on the environment may be the best therapy.

2 Mid-Life Crisis

via: youtube.com

Honestly, you would think a middle-aged man spending his off days on Roblox building up a community wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone have a "hulk-smash" outburst! As in all games, trolling and occasional disrespectful banter are just a part of the experience. Especially in Roblox, where interaction with other players heavily influence the game, so you can't help, but run into eye rolling situations. However, this streamer didn’t get the message. Like Aubrey Graham (Drake), he went from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds, from calmly stating his case to a pestering Roblox universe to throwing things across the room like a tornado in Oklahoma trailer park

1 KO'd

via: twitch.tv

This is a classic case of "I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands no more.” Twitch streamer FreshProduce4u2 (aka Willie Fresco) sums up the frustrations of playing Ultra Street Fighter IV online in this video.

While going for a three-peat with Crimson Viper online, Willie's luck took a dirt nap. Realizing he bit off more than he could chew, he found himself on the end of a guard breaking barrage of air attacks and a flawless victory loss.

He then proceeds to get up, place the controller down (ever so gently, of course), then give that old Xbox 360 what it asked for. It was a fitting end to a bitter evening and we can only hope that our laughter will heal those wounds quickly. Unless those are wounds to the ego, then we may have just made it worse.

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