#LoganPaulIsOverParty Trends Following YouTube Star's Controversial Abortion Comment

YouTube star Logan Paul is no stranger to controversy. His latest remarks are dividing audiences as they appear to reflect an anti-abortion sentiment.

Paul is set to fight fellow YouTuber KSI next month in a boxing match, a rematch of a previous fight that ended in a drawKSI is an entertainer who rose to fame through his FIFA gaming videos but now posts about his boxing career and makes music videos. The two are presently on a press tour to promote the event.

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Paul sparked a strong response among those following the saga after he commented on KSI's history as it relates to abortions.

"Y’all may not know it but JJ’s on his fifth abortion," Paul said in front of an audience at a press conference in East London, referring to KSI by a nickname. "His fifth. That’s five babies dead. And I think I might return the favor."

"And I might kill you," Paul said as he turned his attention to KSI. "I might end you. I’mma light you on fire, bro."

While KSI didn't immediately issue a public response, Twitter quickly picked up steam with the hashtag #LoganPaulIsOverParty. Some people defended a woman's right to choose while others applauded the seemingly pro-life stance. Though intended to be a joke or a diss at his fellow YouTuber, many feel Paul's comment serves as a condemnation of women who exercise the right to choose to have an abortion, which is legal in the US and the UK.

This isn't the first time Paul shared his thoughts on KSI's history with abortions. In March, Paul tweeted to KSI with similar remarks after KSI referred to Paul as "the suicide forest boy."

"Aren't you on your fifth abortion, g?" Paul tweeted. "Crazy theory but: life is about more than views.... sometimes it's about... ya know.... life ?"

An estimated 24 percent of women in the US have an abortion by age 45, according to The Guttmacher Institute, a research and policy institute that examines the subject in detail.

Just months ago, Paul appeared to show his support for a woman's right to choose. Back in May, he drew penises on the faces of 25 male senators who voted to ban abortions in Alabama.

As of the time of publication, there are more than 20,500 tweets with the hashtag #LoganPaulIsOverParty. However, many of those tweets are older and reflect Twitter users' responses to Paul's previous controversies.

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The internet personality's YouTube channel has 20 million subscribers, but he may be best known for filming and uploading a video from a trip to a Japanese forest called Aokigahara. The forest has a reputation for being a place where people go to attempt suicide. Paul visited the area and filmed his experience, uploading a video that showed a dead body in the forest.

After widespread backlash, he claimed he shared the video in an effort to bring awareness to the issue of suicide. Google pulled Paul from its YouTube Preferred program in response to the outcry.

In spite of the controversy surrounding that video as well as his self-proclaimed "disrespectful" behavior in general, Paul's fans continue to support him.

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