Loki Confirmed As A Playable Hero In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 And First DLC Confirmed

The gaming-related news continues to pour out of Comic-Con Day One. Marvel Games had its panel today, giving fans a look at several upcoming games. Marvel's Avengers had a chance to redeem itself after its iffy E3 showing, and mostly delivered by teasing Ms. Marvel. There was also time devoted to Iron Man VR and Contest of Champions. Perhaps the biggest announcements, however, were about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

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Ultimate Alliance 3 is coming out tomorrow. Some readers might even be playing it as I write this thanks to time zone differences and game stores with midnight releases. But that doesn't mean all the news about the game has been released. We know for sure that there are three packs of paid DLC on the way. The packs will be based on the Marvel Knights, Fantastic Four, and X-Men.

Thanks to the Comic-Con panel, we now also know which Marvel Knights will be playable. More importantly, we have confirmation that we can play as everyone's favorite trickster, Loki.

The news comes courtesy of Rob Keyes of Screenrant, who attended the panel and got some video of Loki's reveal. He also took a picture of the Marvel Knights. The characters included will be Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher, and Morbius.

The characters are a nice blend of the expected, pleasant surprises, and a complete shock. Punisher is an obvious choice. Blade and Moon Knight had a good shot, but not being the stars of recent movies or TV shows hurt their chances. Or so we thought. Morbius, meanwhile, comes completely out of left field. The living vampire isn't the most well-known character outside of the comics fandom. Then again, Sony is making a Morbius movie, so maybe Marvel is trying to get ahead of his upcoming exposure to the casual audience.

The panel also had one final gift for Marvel fans. It turns out that Colossus and Cyclops of the X-Men will both be free DLC, included in an August 30th patch. Hopefully the game delivers enough content that we won't be bored of it by the end of August. Expect to find out soon, as TheGamer's review will be coming in a matter of days.

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