Lord Of The Rings: Five Games That People Have To Play (& Five That Should Be Cast Into Mount Doom)

Being one of the most famous franchises of all time, it's no surprise that people have developed numerous games based on Lord Of The Rings. Some of them have been great, while some of them have been absolutely terrible. Below is a list of all of the great Lord Of The Rings games that everybody should take a look at, and the others that should've never been made in the first place!

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10 Best: The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King

Based on the third movie in the series, Return Of The King was a genuinely good game. Not only did it build on the already-impressive graphics and gameplay from the previous game, but it included a co-op mode for many of the levels as well. It offered players a chance to live the most important and exciting moments of the game with their friends, the various story paths branching off on their own. Throw in the fact that each character had their own style of play and this was a really great movie tie-in game.

9 Worst: The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

For a lot of players, the chance to play through a Star Wars: Battlefront style game that took place in the Lord Of The Rings universe was a dream come true. However, it wasn't to be...

Rather than the polished gameplay that many had come to expect from the Star Wars: Battlefront developers, The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest was a total mess. The animations looked bad, the combat was boring, and the set pieces just didn't feel grand enough.

8 Best: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Sometimes the best games are those that come out of nowhere and surprise us all. When Shadow Of Mordor was first announced, it looked like just another Assassin's Creed clone, but this time set in the Lord Of The Rings universe. Once it came out though, players discovered that the developers had placed in an entire gameplay mechanic centered on the orcs. They had their own hierarchy that the player could exploit, eventually turning the orcs against one another!

7 Worst: Lego The Hobbit

The Lego series of games has brought out some brilliant couch co-op opportunities in the past, but this one was no good. The problem came from the fact that it was released before the third movie had even hit the big screen! Unsurprisingly, it felt empty. Many thought that it would be fleshed out with some DLC or a post-release patch, but it never was.

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6 Best: The Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II

There are two ways to enjoy the battles that take place in The Lord Of The Rings games. Either players can run right into the thick of it, or they can watch from afar and direct the thousands upon thousands of troops on the ground. Battle For Middle Earth II gives players the chance to see what it feels like to be a commander in the Lord Of The Rings universe. With both a good and evil campaign to get through, this is a brilliant little game for anyone that enjoys the genre.

5 Worst: The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

Those in charge of putting War In The North together clearly felt that it was a chance to give players a look at lore that they wouldn't find in the other games, books, or movies.

However, this just meant that players were forced to take control of characters that they had never met. It was only the fans that could put up with anything that stuck around for this mess. Everyone else turned their attention to the far better games out there.

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4 Best: Lego The Lord Of The Rings

Unlike Lego The Hobbit, this game was put together long after the film trilogy had made its way to the big screen. With everything set in place, it meant that the developers could really ensure they faithfully recreated what the fans wanted. This game allows players to jump into a Lego recreation of Middle Earth. It sports a fairly open world, meaning that players both young and old can explore their favorite parts from the movies.

3 Worst: The Lord Of The Rings: Legends Of Middle-Earth

While there are a handful of good mobile games out there, there's no denying that a lot of them just aren't any good. This game was a clear attempt to try and get some money out of a famous set of movies. In less than two years this game was permanently shut down so people can't even buy it anymore. This is a good thing though, as it sported terrible visuals, boring gameplay, and almost demanded money to actually beat the final boss.

2 Best: The Lord Of The Rings Online

With a base game that is free, it's no surprise that so many people flocked to this game. What they found was a lovingly crafted version of The Shire. Rather than just try to recreate the entire Lord Of The Rings universe in one go, The Lord Of The Rings Online slowly built up the world around the shire with various expansion packs. There is no better video game recreation of Middle Earth than this one.

1 Worst: The Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age

One of the best things about The Lord Of The Rings games is that it makes the player feel as if they're in the movies. They get a chance to run headfirst into impossible odds and take on the enemy on huge battlefields.

The developers of The Third Age decided to remove all of that and turn the whole thing into a slow RPG. There were positive attributes to be found in the narrative and the combat, but this should not have been set in the Lord Of The Rings universe...

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