Love Esquire Is A Romance About Being A Lowly Squire

Love Esquire is a dating sim that pokes fun at the usual tropes by casting players as a lowly squire who's just trying to move up in the world.

Love dating simulators, but are sick of the same boring tropes and storylines being recycled over and over again? Played too many tactical RPGs and are looking for something a little different? Want a story where the underdog gets a shot at love? Then the upcoming game Love Esquire might just be for you.

Developed by Yangyang Mobile, Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy visual novel/dating simulator game featuring tactical RPG combat. Players assume the role of "a good-for-nothing squire" who's in charge of making sure his master, a "dumb*ss knight," doesn't get himself killed. But when the threat of a deadly war begins to loom, the squire realizes he must act quickly in order to achieve his one true goal– "to find the girl of his dreams and experience man's greatest pleasure."

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Via: Yangyang Mobile

Love Esquire features five "dateable waifus" each with a unique backstory, personality, and hidden secrets to uncover. Players can choose between wooing Amelie Boden, a cheery and hardworking farm girl; Beatrice Du Cae, a sharp-tongued princess; Giselle Renouve, a quiet and reclusive nurse; Kamala Copperheart, a curious envoy; or Vel Scharfe, a rowdy troublemaker. The game features multiple endings depending on the squire's relationship at the end of four months.

Via: Yangyang Mobile

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When it comes to gameplay, players can choose how to spend each of their days, balancing between traveling, socializing, and training. Each activity can boost certain abilities (stats), including Charisma, Intelligence, and Strength. High stats can have a positive impact both when fighting in combat and flirting with prospects.

Via: Yangyang Mobile

Though the game features tactical turn-based combat, as the protagonist is a lowly squire serving a knight, he's not in the position to fight on his own. However, that doesn't mean he can't help his master. Squires can perform crucial tasks such as healing their master, boosting morale, taunting enemies, and looting gold while in battle.

Via: Yangyang Mobile

Additionally, Love Esquire is a mature game, with developers ensuring interested players that there's a "healthy amount of fanservice" in its contents.

Love Esquire is available now for $24.99 on Steam and Itch.io.

Via: Yangyang Mobile and Kickstarter

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