10 Best Lowbie (1-19) Leveling Areas in Classic WoW, Ranked

If you're a lowbie in Classic World of Warcraft looking to level up and get going on some quests, here are 10 perfect places to do it.

You're finally done with the character creation stage, and you found the spelling of your preferred name that isn't taken. It's time to get out there and lay waste to Azeroth! Depending on the type of game you play in Classic World of Warcraft, there are better places to start out your journey than others.

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Do you enjoy a lot of wide-open places and resource hunting? Or would you prefer a smaller space where it's easier to turn in quests and get repairs before setting off again? Are you staying to enjoy the lore or just passing through on your journey to 60? Here's a list of some of the best places to quest before you hit level 20.

10 The Barrens, Horde (Levels 10-33)

Some people love The Barrens, while others avoid it like the Scourge plague. While there are players that find Barrens Chat diverting and the long runs invigorating, it might also be a colossal bore. No matter where you stand, it's a lowbie area with a myriad of options for adventurers. If dungeons are your thing, Wailing Caverns can keep you busy from levels 17 to 27. It's the first really tough lowbie most Hordies encounter, and it's full of gear and rare resources.

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Don't forget your secondary skills, like fishing, cooking, and first aid. All kinds of materials and resources drop in The Barrens, from wool cloth to the elusive Deviate Fish. But, if the wide brown and rocky yonder isn't really your thing, there are plenty of other choices for lowbies.

9 Teldrassil, Alliance (Levels 1-11)

Isolated and alone, as the night elves would prefer to be, Teldrassil is literally a big tree sticking out of the ocean. The space is relatively small and mostly restricted to the Night Elves due to its location, so it's an easy place to level quickly.

If you're going to roll a Hunter on the Alliance side, Teldrassil is the only place you can find the Strigid Owls, a popular tameable animal. Most of the non-Night Elf toons that make it out here are Hunters visiting for that very reason. The other option is that it's easy to leave once you get bored, with the port of Auberdine in nearby Darkshore.

8 Mulgore, Horde (Levels 1-10)

Mulgore gets the same criticism as The Barrens, as it's wide open and seemingly empty, but it's verdant and scenic which sets it apart. Keep in mind it's the starting area for the Tauren, who are essentially giant cow-people. If you play here as a Tauren, you get used to the proportionate sizes and it's an interesting paradigm shift. This is also where you find Thunder Bluff, one of the nicest cities in the whole game.

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If you don't mind some extra running, Mulgore is ideal for a lower level player. You won't have to share rewards or resources with too many other players and you can complete most of the quests on your own. Not a lot of Alliance players find their way into Mulgore either, so you folks on PVP servers can level in relative peace.

7 Westfall, Alliance (Level 9-18)

Westfall often gets overlooked by Alliance players as they level, with more scenic and less creepy zones like Dun Murogh and Loch Modan just a tram ride away. But there's a lot going on in this zone for those that venture across that bridge from Elwynn Forest, and it's famous for being a challenge for lower level players.

Not only is it haunted and dotted with ghostly fields, but it's also the headquarters of the Defias Brotherhood. The ramshackle house they've claimed as a home base contains the secret entrance to Deadmines. If you're into the lore of Classic WoW, especially where the Humans are concerned, it's a worthy area for lowbie leveling.

6 Dun Murogh, Alliance (Levels 1-12)

This is the only area of the game outside of high-level Winterspring that has a snowy environment, which is a perk of leveling an Alliance character. If you like a more frosty setting then you'll enjoy Dun Morugh.

Plenty of lowbie Night Elves make the cross-continental trek from distant Teldrassil just to enjoy the cool ambiance. It's also fairly isolated from any Horde areas in a protected part of the Eastern Kingdoms, so you can avoid high-level PVP encounters during your most vulnerable levels.

5 Silverpine Forest, Horde (Levels 10-20)

The zone looks the same size as others on paper, but parts of it are taken up by whatever lies past the Greymane Wall, Shadowfang Keep, and the substantial Lordaeron Lake. As fun as those places are, one is inaccessible, the dungeon is for levels 20 and up, and the eastern lakeshore is reserved for level 40s.

The better part of questing here for lowbies is confined to the western shore of the lake, where Forsaken characters are often sent after leveling out of Tirisfal Glades. Plenty of Horde players make their way here too, as its a natural alternative to The Barrens. Virtually all of your quests are found in one convenient location, The Sepulcher, until you wander into Hillbrad Foothills or take a Zepplin to Kalimdor.

4 Durotar, Horde (Levels 1-10)

This seems to be the second most popular starting area in the game, but is it really any good? Yes, actually, it's close to perfect. The initial starting area is small, similar to the Shallow Grave in Tirisfal Glades, with everything a lowbie needs close at hand.

Although you start in a rocky desert, the zone opens up into a variety that includes seashore and jungle. The quests have an impressive variety too, and the typical character will get a taste of everything from kills quotas to delivering packages, confronting dangerous beasts, and assassinations.

3 Darkshore, Alliance (Levels 11-19)

It's a moody place, with a lot of old and tragic stories, but maybe that's something you like. If you're into the lore, especially Night Elf lore and the Sundering of ancient times, Darkshore is an especially fascinating place.

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This area is part of what used to be the capital city of the whole planet, where Queen Azshara and her Highborne ruled with the might of magic. Some old marks of her reign still dot this forested seashore. Spend some time here and you find out how that story went, and it's not pretty. No wonder Night Elves swore off arcane power.

2 Tirisfal Glades, Horde (Levels 1-12)

As the only Horde race that starts on the Eastern Kingdoms, the Forsaken need a corner of the continent to call their own. That's what Tirisfal Glades is, nestled in the most northwestern tip of the continent.

There's a fan theory that the servant of an Old God is sleeping under Tirisfal Glades. It drove the High Elves of ancient times mad, foresaw the birth of Arthas Menethil, and made Tirisfal Glades the perfect place for the Queen of the Undead to set up her capital city. Leveling in Tirisfal Glades means battling the Scarlet Crusade and getting to know the Dark Lady herself. That's a lot for a character before level 20.

1 Elwynn Forest, Alliance (Levels 1-10)

It's the stereotypical RPG setting, which alone makes it one of the best places to level. What Dungeons and Dragons module inspired this? A few quaint villages of stone and wood, nestled in a lush forest with the heroes of Azeroth only a few steps away in the capital city of Stormwind.

The city itself has everything you need, including both boats and griffons for transportation, and vendors and trainers for virtually everything. Tolkien wrote about places like Goldshire and Northshire Abbey, and fans of the fantasy genre often start their character here because of a similar environment. One drawback of leveling here is dealing with players who have names like Arathorny and Leggylas.

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