10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Luigi’s Mansion 3

What a way to end the Halloween season...another spooky title from Mario's slightly taller brother, Luigi. Fortunately, gamers of all age groups got the opportunity to see Luigi once again don the Ghostbusters-Esque ghost vacuum and make his way through a family-friendly haunted home (or in this case, hotel). Luigi's Mansion 3 has been a much-anticipated title, and the response is showcasing why. The game is shaping up to be the Nintendo Switch's biggest launch of the year. Overall, it was only second to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare during its launch week (a pretty big feat for a kid-friendly Nintendo game).

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The message is clear. Whether you are 15 or 45, there is something for everyone in Luigi's Mansion 3. However, before you get into the weeds of this thing, you likely want to know what to expect. Today, we are here to tell you what we would have liked to know before going in.

10 This Game Is Incredibly Interactive

The developers spared no expense when it came to conveying the interactive nature of this game. You can almost touch and interact with everything. A pile of plates? Push them over. Curtains? Look behind them to discover secrets. You can move or engage with everything in this game. We wish we had known ahead of time because there are likely some prizes or other secrets we could have uncovered early on. There are just some things we had no idea we could touch.

9 What You Can Use In The Game

Again, much like the previous entry, there are a variety of items you can use to get through the game that you may not be aware of. For example, did you know you could use a Toad as a weapon? We sure didn't. Part of the game's allure is the full range of ways you can move from point A to point B. Getting through the mansion is a puzzle within itself, and almost nothing is off-limits to be used as a resource. Ultimately, this game is for those open to using unique ways to progress.

8 The Main Storyline Can Get Dull

The charm of this game is within its side quests. That is where you meet some of the quirkiest characters and have the opportunity to find the best stuff. Luigi's Mansion 3 does the opposite than other games.

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The good and compelling things can be experienced on the side missions. While the primary campaign has its moments but can become pretty repetitive. We wish that we were prepared for a bit of the excitement drop during the middle and latter part of the story campaign.

7 The Impact Of Gooigi

We have a new member of the Luigi's Mansion squad, and that is Gooigi. He is a Jell-O-like clone of Luigi that can bend and move into various places that Luigi cannot get into. He is an asset. However, we were not ready for how creepy the transformation between Gooigi and Luigi would be. Even though it's quick, it is weird to see Gooigi almost take the soul from Luigi as he stands without life (aimlessly moving from side to side). The thing that is remarkable about this game is how it is unintentionally creepy, and this is one of those moments.

6 The One-Two-Punch Of Your Flashlight And Vacuum

You can still stun ghosts with your flashlight and suck them up with your vacuum. However, there are some other tricks you can use to not only capture ghosts more effectively but defend against nearby foes. If you press the "A" button repeatedly, you can slam the captured ghosts to the ground while also doing damage to spirits are that close to you. So, it is an excellent way to accomplish a lot of damage with only one move.

5 Money Is Not For Upgrades

There is a lot of cash to be had in this game, from gold bars to paper cash, there's a lot for Luigi to discover with his vacuum. However, there isn't much to spend it on. In most games, you have the option to upgrade your weapon, enhance your health bar, or do more damage to enemies. Luigi's Mansion 3 allows nothing of the sort. You can only grab a few things: an item to bring your health back and a couple of non-essential collectibles. Yeah, if you were looking for a sophisticated upgrade system, it just isn't in this title.

4 This Game Is Not A Short Romp

If we had known how long this game was going to be, we would have requested more time off from work. For a Nintendo title such as this one, it is easy to think about Luigi's Mansion 3, lasting three, four, or even five hours. Well, if you want to cleanse this castle, be prepared to set aside almost eight hours for the experience. Again, with the main storyline, there are a variety of side quests that allow you to discover even more secrets about the haunted hotel. If you are looking to finish this one in one sitting, keep the playing time in mind.

3 The Need To Look At The Mirror

One of the spookier, but cooler elements of the game is the use of the mirror. This game is full of items to interact with and collect. In addition to your vacuum, you have a dark light, which will allow you to see objects that may not appear to the naked eye.

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If you see something in the mirror that is not in the room, you should shine your dark light on the spot to reveal a clue or critical item. Who knew this game would require you to depend on reflections?

2 Using The Burst

While the ghosts in this game are comical, an onslaught of them can quickly back you into a corner. At that point, it may feel like there is no way out, but luckily there is. While progressing in this game, knowing about the Burst (ZR+ZL) feature will make it much easier to dart out of troubling situations where ghosts surround you. Being cornered is inevitable, and knowing this trick can save you in the long run.

1 Turning Creatures Into Money

Everything is fair game here, and creatures are not off the hook. Money is clearly being left all over this hotel, and some of the pesky residents seem to have gotten ahold of it. You can use your strobulb on rats and other creatures. When you do, they will turn into coins. In this case, not only are you avoiding an enemy battle, but you are also grabbing some change at the same time. Who knew ghostbusting could be so lucrative?

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