Luigi’s Mansion 3: Everything We Learned At E3 2019

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of the many marque titles coming as a part of Nintendo’s 2019 Nintendo Switch lineup. The highly anticipated game has been shrouded in mystery ever since its reveal, but the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct managed to shed some light on the game in a few key areas. While we didn’t receive any sort of news on a release date (it is so obviously October), Luigi’s Mansion 3 received a lengthy showcase during the Direct that explained a lot of new aspects that will be present in the Switch title.

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From setting to new gameplay features, the showcase certainly gave us a good idea of what sort of adventure we’ll be going on with Luigi later this year. Here’s a breakdown of all the new info we learned about Luigi’s Mansion 3 during E3 2019. If you need any convincing to keep scrolling, yes, it does feature weirdly extreme violence toward ghosts committed by Luigi.

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7 Gooigi & Co-Op

Gooigi. No thanks. Unfortunately, Gooigi, who was introduced in the Luigi’s Mansion remake for 3DS, is back and worse than ever in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Gooigi was created from Luigi’s DNA without his knowledge by E. Gadd and you know sometimes that amount of lore really just isn’t necessary. While the gooppelganger is still available to use for co-op play in the main story, as he was in the remake, he also serves another purpose in this title.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, Gooigi is a useful tool during single player runs as well. There are certain things that Gooigi can do that the original Luigi cannot, such as phase through walls and walk through spikes. However, he is vulnerable to fire and water, which makes switching between the two essential in order to progress through the entire mansion. Hopefully, this game expands the Gooigi lore to an even absurder amount than what is already present.

6 Everyone Is Here

Well, not everyone. Miss you, Yoshi.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the usual cast of just Luigi and Red Luigi is expanded, and we have Peach and a few toads along for the ride. This time around, Luigi is tasked with saving the whole crew. This could lead to a few interesting scenarios, such as Peach or Toad being playable once they are saved, or they could take on roles such as some sort of shopkeeps.

However they’re integrated, there is obviously some sort of reason that these extra characters were introduced to Luigi’s Mansion 3, and will have some sort of impact on the game. Oh, Luigi’s Polterpup is present too in case you missed it in the first trailer. Thank you so much for that Nintendo.

5 Set In A Hotel

We also learned that the brand new mansion the game takes place in is a hotel. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the aforementioned cast of Luigi, Mario, Peach, and some Toads are invited to stay at a beautiful new hotel, which obviously is not what it first appears to be. Somehow; Mario, Peach, and the Toads are captured and it’s up to Luigi to save them.

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This brand new hotel setting is a great way to introduce some fun new aspects of the title. Also, the ghosts are wearing little bellhop costumes that are absolutely adorable. That alone completely justifies the new hotel setting.

4 Luigi Is Violent

One new feature that Luigi has at his disposal in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the distinct ability to slam ghosts repeatedly into the ground. Okay, so this is a day one purchase now. Simply suck up the ghosts and whip the Poltergust back and forth repeatedly to take any ghost that stands in your way down.

This can also be used to slam Luigi’s ghost victims into other ghosts that happen to be standing anywhere near the ghost hunter. Basically, don’t come anywhere near Luigi lest you wanted to be slammed into the concrete several times.

3 Other New Abilities

Along with the brand new Banana Concrete Slamma attack that Luigi has ready for Luigi’s Mansion 3, we also learned of two other abilities the plumber has with his brand new Poltergust. The first, Suction Shot (which was first hinted at in the Simon Belmont Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer) allows Luigi to shoot a plunger out of the Poltergust and pull it back, which can be used in both combat and to destroy the environment of the hotel (wow cool thanks Luigi) to explore new areas.

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Along with that, the new Burst ability can be used to push all ghosts near Luigi back, as well as giving him a slight jump.

2 ScareScraper

A brand new area called the ScareScraper was introduced during the game’s E3 showcase. In the ScareScraper, you can team up with… other colored Luigis and their respective Gooigis (the most ambitious roster in the history of gaming) for some co-op fun. Featuring both local and online co-op, there are a variety of different types of shenanigans to jump into with your other Luigi friends.

These game modes include time trials, Toad hide and seek, and presumably much more. The ScareScraper will likely add a huge amount of content to a game series that hasn’t been historically been bursting at the seams with postgame and side areas.

1 Portrait Ghosts Are Still A Mystery

Whether or not portrait ghosts will be a feature in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is still something that hasn’t been completely confirmed, but signs from E3 do point to yes. Throughout the end sizzle reel of the game’s E3 showcase, we saw two ghosts that were completely distinct from the rest of the standard enemies and seemed to be indicative of boss ghosts, or portrait ghosts.

These portrait ghosts are known for having unique personalities that make them an absolute blast to face off against. Portrait Ghosts are always a highlight of the Luigi’s Mansion titles and always make for fun encounters. Let’s hope Luigi’s Mansion 3 doesn’t disappoint in this aspect.

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