Luigi's Mansion 3 Will Have Paid DLC For Multiplayer Modes

After The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 3 is one of the most anticipated Switch games of 2019. Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, although more traditional in their horror mechanics, are coming out in Fall 2019 as well, though Luigi's Mansion 3 tends to be the spotlight spooky game, which is how many noticed that paid DLC will be coming to the game's multiplayer components.

In Nintendo's last Direct, many things were illustrated about the upcoming action game, including the fact that Luigi's Mansion 3 has a multiplayer element. Two modes were discussed. First, there is a competitive mode called ScreamPark, where up to eight players compete to see who can either capture the most ghosts, collect the greatest amount of coins, or destroy the most targets. Meanwhile, ScareScraper is a cooperative mode where players collectively complete objectives as they bust ghosts throughout a haunted hotel.

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We now know, as with many modern multiplayer games, there will be paid DLC to go along with the multiplayer mode. On the Luigi's Mansion webpage on Nintendo's website, there are detailed "features" in the game. One feature states that the aforementioned "Paid DLC will come to Luigi's Mansion 3 in the future, adding new content to the ScareScraper and ScreamPark multiplayer modes."

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As implied earlier, this doesn't come as a major surprise, especially to those familiar with multiplayer DLC that reaches back into game generations gone by. However, it could be noted that a significant portion of DLC is now released with free updates for multiplayer titles, including Fortnite and others, though, of course, there are paid elements in those as well.

Above all, it will be interesting to see what the DLC entails. Likely, it includes more hotels to traverse as a squad in ScareScraper mode, as well as additional content for ScreamPark mode. There could also be aesthetic or costume purchases for Luigi, including things like the Tanooki Suit, the Fire Flower suit, Cloud Luigi, and more.

Regardless of whatever Nintendo has in store for gamers planning to buy Luigi's Mansion 3, it appears to be a promising addition to the adored Luigi's Mansion series.

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