LUNA - The Shadow Dust May Be The Best Point And Click Puzzle Game Of 2019

LUNA - The Shadow Dust is a fully hand-animated point and click puzzle adventure with engaging visuals, fun puzzles, a creative atmosphere, and beautiful music. There is a short demo that can be played now on Steam, and even in the brief time that one can spend playing the game, it is clear that this is going to be something special.

Developer Lantern Studio are certainly confident in the what they have set out to create. Players will take control of two playable companions in a 2D world. The developers state that the title features traditional frame-by-frame character animation, no dialogue at all throughout the entire story, with the plot developed through cinematics, and a single-player campaign with dual character control.

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The lack of dialogue in this point and click puzzle game feels reminiscent of Machinarium by developer Amanita Design from 2009. There are clear parallels in controlling a character in a world that is alien to what experience in real life. It is great to see something that, at least so far, feels like a spiritual successor to that masterpiece of a game.

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The music strikes at a player as soon as the game begins and feels like a perfect blend in theme between Ori and the Blind Forest and Journey. In the type of game where the action is limited and we are dependent on our senses to get the most from the story, LUNA starts off with a bang. The decision to devote time and effort into an intricate original score pays off big. Currently there is no option for purchase on Steam, but we certainly hope that the OST can be bundled in with the purchase once the game is released.

Via: lantern-studio.com

Founded in 2015, Lantern Studio is a small team of four individuals who work towards designing creative indie games. The project for LUNA comes after a successful Kickstarter from 2016 and looks to release later in 2019.

Everyone should do themselves a favor and head on over to download the demo right now, available on Steam.

Via: lantern-studio.com

Developer Lantern Studio will be attending the Indie Megabooth at PAX West, located at the #741 Minibooth, Station 8, from August 30th to 31st. Be sure to check them out for more on Luna The Shadow Dust.

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