Driven Mad With Greed, Streamer Collects 100,000 Items To Get Free Destiny 2 Expansion

A Destiny 2 player has done the impossible in order to secure a free expansion for himself.

With Bungie set to release Shadowkeep in September, a Reddit user got a petition into circulation asking for players who collect enough Baryon Bough to be given the expansion for free.

The petition probably wasn't all that serious but Bungie Community Manager Cozmo agreed and put out an impromptu challenge that would see players handed the DLC free of charge for collecting the maximum amount of Baryon Bough possible in the game.

You can count on someone out there completing just about any dare in this day and age, but this one seemed a reach as it required 8-10 hours of gameplay every day for an entire month.

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As it turns out, a streamer going by the name of Sweatcicle has managed to max Baryon Bough, a resource found in the Dreaming City, to ensure that he won't be paying for Shadowkeep when it drops.

In addition to the significant amount of time it takes, there's also difficulty posed where inventory slots are concerned as they're limited in Destiny 2.

For a player to pick up the most Baryon Bough possible in the game, they'd have to fill all 50 material slots of their Vault with 100 Baryon Bough each. This leaves the required number at a cool 100,000, a figure Sweatcicle reached before posting proof of his achievement on Twitter.

It only needs verifying from Cozmo at this point, and the streamer will be on the receiving end of Collector's Edition following confirmation.

The Shadowkeep Collector's Edition cost $150, but sold out very quickly. This meant that persons who still wanted to get their hands on it had the Baryon Bouch avenue as their only option.

Sweatcicle has earned himself a digital download code, as well as in-game bonuses, the soundtrack, an exclusive in-game emblem, a Hive Cryptoglyph Replica, Metal Luna Mission Container, a Luna Mission Handbook, Luna Journal, and Artifact from the Golden Age.

Shadowkeep launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on September 17. Sweatcicle only has a little over a month of waiting to do.

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