Madden 20: 10 Teams That Will Make Franchise Mode Easy, Ranked

One of Madden 20's focuses is bringing life back to franchise mode. Outside of Madden Ultimate Team, franchise mode is what provides players with an extended gameplay experience over the course of numerous seasons. With the Pro Bowl coming back, a storyline generator, and plenty of other tweaks, franchise mode might end up back in the good graces of Madden alumni everywhere.

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The real question is if you should create one with your favorite team or not. Let's look at 10 teams that will make franchise mode easy in Madden 20 and rank them.

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10 Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are a team that completely redesigned the face of their defense during the 2019 NFL offseason, and when that type of overhaul happens it's hard to predict if it will succeed or fail. Despite the trepidation with their new defensive roster, one thing remains a constant, Aaron Rodgers.

Whether he's a solid leader or good teammate, it's hard to deny how skilled he is as a quarterback. The Packers have the comfort of knowing they suit up arguably the NFL's best quarterback every week and that alone makes them truly dangerous.

9 Indianapolis Colts

Youth is both the Indianapolis Colts' strength as well as its weakness. Outside of Andrew Luck, the Colts roster is filled with tons of young talent that will make this team competitive for years to come. The tough thing is that if you choose them as your team in franchise mode you're going to have to build up their young talent.

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This could be the type of thing certain players are looking to do in the mode, but you should figure out going in if this is the type of experience you'll want going in. Andrew Luck's arm and legs might persuade you nonetheless.

8 Dallas Cowboys

Often times you'll find that the teams with great defenses tend to be the best ones to use in franchise mode. A team like the Dallas Cowboys has a core of young offensive talent in Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper and has just as much young talent on the opposite side of the ball.

Even if you're an offense-first type player, your defense could protect you and give you the creative freedom to try new things in hopes of sparking a big play. Knowing you have a top NFL defense takes a lot of weight off your shoulders.

7 Houston Texans

If you polled people in the early 2000s whom their favorite team to play with was in Madden, most would have quickly answered the Atlanta Falcons. This was primarily due to Michael Vick essentially being an effortless cheat code that players would use to dominate with. Deshaun Watson isn't as fast as Vick, but he's just as much of a dual-threat quarterback.

Watson also has the luxury of playing with a Top 3 NFL receiver and a Top 10 defense, both of which Michael Vick never had in his early days with the Atlanta Falcons. Watson's as fun to watch in real life as he is to play in video game form.

6 Los Angeles Rams

Now, before Los Angeles Rams fans get upset, there are a few things to go over. The roster has seen a fair amount of turnover since the Super Bowl loss suffered in February 2019. On top of this, no one is sure just how healthy Todd Gurley is coming into the 2019 NFL season. This means that his injury rating could take a major hit in Madden 20.

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If you're planning on taking the reigns of Sean McVay's team in Madden 20, you might want to trade or draft another running back just in case Gurley's injury has lasting effects.

5 Philadelphia Eagles

In one offseason the Philadelphia Eagles lost Nick Foles but added a stout running back in Jordan Howard, and brought back an old friend in wide receiver DeSean Jackson, to help Carson Wentz and his new contract ascend back to NFL MVP hopeful. The Eagles have a solid roster, young quarterback, nice uniforms, and a winning attitude.

There are very few reasons you shouldn't go into franchise mode with the team from Philadelphia. On second thought, Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants fans might want to skip this entry altogether.

4 Chicago Bears

As stated earlier, a solid defense can give you plenty of freedom to explore your entire offensive playbook. For the Chicago Bears, a team that includes All-Pro Khalil Mack and the NFL's current best safety in Eddie Jackson, you know you're free to do some crazy things with running back Tarik Cohen and company.

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Matt Nagy is a coach that's full of inventive new ways to get playmakers the ball and with a focus on more team-oriented custom playbooks, players with have the chance to do some of the crazy things Nagy put out on the field in 2018.

3 New England Patriots

There's not a year that goes by where come playoff time the New England Patriots are set to make another Super Bowl run. Whether you're one of their thousands of fans or millions of haters it's hard to deny the consistency they've been able to maneuver for close to two decades.

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Despite Tom Brady showing slight signs of aging with his accuracy in 2018, he'll still be a high rated player due to the Patriots winning the Super Bowl next year. The only downside of picking the Patriots for franchise mode is having to deal with the created replacement coach.

2 New Orleans Saints

In 2018 it's hard to point to a team that experienced more highs and suffered more lows than the New Orleans Saints. Once again they showed the league that their stadium is arguably the best home-field advantage in the country, on top of their quarterback making a case for the best in the league, himself.

Drew Brees may not be getting any younger, but with a backfield including Alvin Kamara and Lamar Murray, Brees may not need to pass much to being with. If you're looking for a great home field, and an accurate quarterback the Saints seem like the obvious choice.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

Any team that has the NFL's current MVP will most likely come in with a high team overall in the following year's game. The Kansas City Chiefs may have lost both of their pass rushers, but they managed to add a few new defensive pieces such as star NFL safety Tyrann Mathieu, formerly of the Houston Texans.

Who are we kidding, though? If you're picking the Chiefs then the focus is on offensive firepower and they haven't lost much of that. Even if Tyreek Hill isn't a part of the team moving forward, you'll still have rookie receiver Mecole Hardman for Mahomes to air bombs to.

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