Madden 20: Ranking The 10 Best Running Backs In The Game

In the NFL the quarterbacks may get the most attention on the offensive side of the ball, but the men they hand the ball off to or check-down in passing plays to are pretty impressive in their own right.

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The running back position tends to be fueled by bias as well as preference in terms of the type of athlete you prefer in the backfield. Some people like shifty and quick backs, while others prefer stout tough runners. With Madden 20 set to release in early August lets rank the 10 best running backs in the game.

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10 Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry emerged in the final months of the 2018 NFL season as a real threat in the backfield. This was due in large part to quarterback Marcus Mariota continuing his unfortunate string of injuries that forced head coach Mike Vrabel to double-down on his running game.

Henry is a rare talent that possesses strength and speed in the frame of an NFL defensive end. He's a large man that's hard to take down, and the feat of bringing him down only grows harder going into the 4th quarter of a game.

9 Melvin Gordon

When players suffer consistent injuries or have trouble with ball security you assume that their NFL career will be short and uneventful. Melvin Gordon has managed to overcome both of those obstacles and is the premiere back on one of the league's best offenses.

Playing with a veteran quarterback like Philip Rivers tends to cast a huge shadow on anyone around them, but in 2018 many people understood his importance to the Los Angeles Chargers overall success, despite their disappointing playoff exit against the New England Patriots.

8 Tarik Cohen

Now, Tarik Cohen is arguably the smallest running back in the NFL, but he's also one of the fastest. The Chicago Bears took a chance on the small school product and its paid tremendous dividends.

Since Day 1 Cohen has been a perfect fit for 2018's NFL Coach of the Year Matt Nagy who used Cohen's skillset in an offense that over-performed and helped the league's best defense to a 12-4 record. His speed offers him a great advantage in the open field, but his versatility and above-average catching ability cement him as a current Top 10 NFL running back.

7 Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey happens to be one of the rarer cases where a retired NFL player's kid may end up being better than his father. McCaffrey has quickly emerged as one of the NFL's most complete running backs and can confuse defenses by lining up all over the field.

With Cam Newton coming back 100% from offseason surgery, the combination of the two could translate to big things for the Carolina Panthers in 2019. McCaffrey understands that he can help his team most when he's on the field. His opponents just need to figure out where he is.

6 David Johnson

When you play for the Arizona Cardinals you'll likely get overlooked and forgotten about due to the franchise's history of mediocrity. Just ask the likes of outside linebacker Chandler Jones, and running back David Johnson.

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The former happens to be one of the league's best pass rushers every year and the latter is arguably the NFL's most complete running back. The biggest thing for David Johnson is making sure he stays healthy and avoid a freak injury. With Kyler Murray under center and a new passing-oriented offense, what does that mean for Johnson moving forward?

5 Le'Veon Bell

Le'Veon Bell is now a New York Jet and hasn't played in an NFL game in over a year. It's hard to know if he'll immediately return to the form we saw him in for the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2017 season, or if the year offset him back in both mobility and stamina.

With a young quarterback in Sam Darnold, Bell is looking to be the veteran presence that can teach an upstart Jets roster what winning feels like. If Bell is anything like his 2017 self then look for a great year on the ground as well as him being a primary receiver for Darnold.

4 Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott has been the engine behind the Dallas Cowboys consistent success in their division and some slightly beyond that. Dak Prescott has helped them win some games late, but the bulk of their wins center around how effective Elliott is between the hashes.

For a couple of years, the Dallas Cowboys had one of the league's best offensive lines, but due to injuries and free agency, it isn't as stout as it once was. With center Travis Frederick likely returning from his illness, it could be another solid year for the Ohio State University product.

3 Todd Gurley II

Before the 2018 season began Todd Gurley II would be the consensus pick as the NFL's top running back. Sadly, late in that very season, Gurley II's production came to a screeching halt as arthritis in his knee began to flare up and affect his play late in the season, all the way up to and through the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

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It's unclear how he'll look coming in this season and if he can be the same player. Due to this uncertainty, it's hard to label him as the league's best before he shows the world how he responds to yet another injury.

2 Alvin Kamara

Coming out of the University of Tennessee it was unclear how Alvin Kamara would translate over into the NFL. Luckily for him, he landed on a team with one of the best offensive minds in the league in New Orleans Saints' head coach Sean Payton.

Not only do the Saints have an offense that figured out how to get the most out of Kamara, but they also happen to have a current Top 3 NFL quarterback in veteran Drew Brees. The Saints and Kamara have shown the every-down back threat he is while making sure to split the load with a backup running back.

1 Saqoun Barkley

The New York Giants running back known for his tremendous quads exploded onto the scene during his inaugural NFL season as he rushed for over 1,300 yards and 11 touchdowns.

This feat alone is pretty impressive for such a young guy, but he managed to do it in an inept offense where the defense would stack the box against the run knowing Barkley was the Giants' only saving grace on offense. With Odell Beckham Jr. now in Cleveland, there will be an even heavier focus on arguably the NFL's best running back.

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