Madden 20: How To Find A Team That Matches Your Playstyle

A guide to your ideal Madden 20 team, whether you enjoy passing, running, or a strong defense-oriented game.

In the NFL, different teams have different ways of playing. The coaches understand the strengths of their teams and build their strategies (and the team itself) around those specific strengths. Madden NFL 20 carries this aspect of the sport to its gameplay in exciting ways.

Some teams excel on defense, or running the ball, or spreading the field to pick apart a team through stellar passing. It's awesome to have a set team you like to play with. It could be because they are your favorite team or they work well with what you want to do. If you don't know your style of play yet or want to change it up a bit, there are some great teams and play-styles available.

West Coast Offense

If you like to air it out and make spectacular plays in the passing game, a West Coast Offense oriented team might be what you are looking for. The West Coast Offense emphasizes trying to spread the defense out as much a possible. This help create passing lanes both in the short-passing game as well as the intermediate and longer pass plays.

This offense revolves around a quarterback that can read a defense efficiently and determine who will be the best option to pass the ball to. Because the defense is forced to spread out more, the idea is to help open up running lanes to mix in with the favored passing attack.

If you are able to find the open receivers and want to mix in the occasional, strong running game, the West Coast Offense is for you. You want to find a team with solid receivers and a stellar quarterback to efficiently make all the passes you need to make. The New England Patriots and Tom Brady are always a solid choice. If you want some new potential, Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. A possible dark horse pick for this year could be the Cleveland Browns and their newly revamped offense featuring some stars. The New Orleans Saints and Drew Bress will also be a good choice.

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Smash Mouth Offense

Unfortunately, the Smash Mouth Offense is slowly losing its presence in the league. The NFL used to be dominated by strong running attacks, but has been shifting more to a passing oriented league in the last few years.

The Smash Mouth Offense relies on a workhorse running back that is able to carry the ball 25-30 times a game and a stellar offensive line to impose their will on a defense not equipped to handle the relentless physicality of the running game. Yes, passing all over the field for an insane amount of yards and touchdowns is fun, but an unstoppable running game can cause frustration with whoever you may be playing against and give you the satisfaction of being unable to be stopped by anyone.

There aren't as many options anymore for a powerful running game, but they still exist. If a strong, smash-mouth running style is what you are looking for you can find that with a handful of teams. The Dallas Cowboys have one of the most dominant running games with a great offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott as running back. The Seattle Seahawks are starting to get back to a more dominant running game. Todd Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams are also a great choice.

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Defense Wins Championships

It's true. Defense does indeed win championships. This past Superbowl was a fine indication of that as a well-prepared Patriots' defense held the electrifying Rams' offense to just three points. It was a dominant defensive showing and one that showed the impact a great defense can still have in an offensive oriented league.

Madden is prime for a great defensive player because if you are able to dominate your opponent's offense, it makes the game a whole lot easier to compete in. If you are fan that appreciates the art in what makes a good defense, a defensive oriented play style might be for you.

Any team with a great defense will be what you are looking for if you choose this style of play. It's nice to have play-makers on the defensive line or linebacker corps to be able to control the player yourself and take over a game. The Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Los Angeles Rams, and Minnesota Vikings can all be a good choice as they feature players (such as Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald, and J.J. Watt) of that caliber and some of the best defensive ratings in the game.

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Madden NFL 20 can suit all types of players. If you want to pass it all the time, go ahead. If you want to run the ball, no one is stopping you. And if you want to stop everyone else, an amazing defensive team is the way to go. Of course, you aren't limited to a certain type of play style or team and you can mix in different strategies to your heart's content. No matter the type of player you are, you can find a team and style you want to help you continue your Madden path to glory.

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