10 Madden 20 Ratings That Make No Sense

One thing that the Madden series has lacked in recent years is consistency. But if there’s one thing you can count on every year around August, it’s people complaining about Madden player ratings. It may be impossible to please everyone, but you’re bound to notice a few ratings that aren’t up to snuff.

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This year’s addition is no exception, and you’ll find plenty of questionable ratings within Madden 20. It may seem like nitpicking, but fans want as authentic an experience as possible – and proper ratings play a huge part in that.

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10 Le’Veon Bell – 92 OVR

As most football fans know, Le’Veon Bell sat out the entirety of the 2018 NFL season prior to signing with the Jets earlier this year. Shouldn’t that year off have influenced his rating a little more?

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Bell is an unknown variable at this point. While he’s likely to continue to play at a high level as the aseson progresses, he’s rated as the fourth best HB in the game. Putting him ahead of guys like Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara and others who had phenomenal seasons last year is a little questionable.

9 Sidney Jones – 76 OVR

To say that Sidney Jones hasn’t panned out for the Eagles would be putting it mildly. As the former Washington product enters his third year he’s approaching bust territory. In two seasons Jones has amassed 27 tackles and 2 pass deflections.

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Those are pretty mediocre numbers. Yet Jones maintains a fairly high rating despite having accomplished so little in his time in the NFL. The Sidney Jones you get in Madden and the one you see in real life are completely different.

8 Josh Gordon – 83 OVR

Josh Gordon is a player who has phenomenal ball skills and uses his freak athleticism to his advantage when on the field. But personal issues and suspensions have kept Gordon out of the game for a good part of his career.

Gordon’s rating would be better if it were somewhere in the mid 70s. Though he may not be one of the elite players at his position, Gordon is still ranked ahead of guys that – while not possessing his raw talent – have put up solid numbers over the years.

7 Jason Witten – 83 OVR

When all is said and done, Jason Witten will probably go down as one of the best Tight Ends to play the game. That was supposed to be the case last year, after Witten retired and took an analyst gig with ESPN. But he finds himself on an NFL roster once more.

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Now, considering his age and time spent away from the game, this may seem like an all right rating. But again, he’s ahead of starters that had fairly decent years last season. Something in the mid to high 70s would’ve been more appropriate.

6 Dante Fowler – 77 OVR

People don’t often say it, but Dante Fowler Jr. is a bust. Since being drafted third overall in 2015, Fowler has made only 16 sacks, with 83 tackles and a handful of forced fumbles to go along with them.

Fowler’s career high in sacks came in 2017, when he recorded eight. At this point, he should’ve been given a much lower rating. You can get by with a 77 overall as a pass rusher, but that’s not reflective of his actual performance thus far.

5 Kirk Cousins – 81 OVR

Kirk Cousins had one of his beast statistical years in 2018. So why is he tied for the 15th best quarterback rating in the game? It just doesn’t seem to make all that sense, given how Madden has given out their ratings in the past.

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Cousins had over 4,000 yards passing and 30 touchdowns last season. While no one’s arguing that he’s a top tier QB, he’s certainly playing like one of the more competent and capable starters at his position.

4 Yannick Ngakoue – 84 OVR

Yannick Ngakoue has it all. Not only does he possess incredible athleticism and raw talent, but he’s also put up good numbers to show for it. Production certainly isn’t an issue for the former 3rd rounder.

Yet Ngakoue’s rating this year is nothing all that special. Given his production, and the way he’s shown he can disrupt opposing offensive linemen, his rating should’ve been a good deal higher. It’s likely to increase as the season goes on, but you have to wonder why they couldn’t get it right at launch.

3 Jason Pierre-Paul – 78 OVR

Jason Pierre-Paul always had the physical traits to be one of the best at his position. While that was true for a period of time, Pierre-Paul has taken a bit of a step back due to injuries. He’s still one of the better pass rushers in the league though, as his 12.5 sack campaign in 2018 shows.

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Despite his efforts, JPP stands at a mediocre 78 this year. It’s funny to think that EA gave Olivier Vernon a higher rating despite him having a more up and down campaign. Time will tell if they git it right though.

2 Saquon Barkley – 91 OVR

Saquon Barkley showed everyone why he was selected 2nd overall with his successful rookie year. Barkley makes it look easy, with a unique mixture of power and finesse when he runs and catches the ball. Saying a guy is one of the best at his position after one year may be jumping the gun a bit, but Barkley is that good.

Yet he’s barely a top 5 back in the game. Even Le’Veon Bell, who sat out an entire year has the slight edge over him. It’s a huge disservice and you shouldn’t be surprised when you see Barkley finish the year as the game’s top rated HB.

1 Tyler Eifert – 88 OVR

This has to be the worst one in the game. Some players manage to profit off of their name rather than performance with regards to their overall ratings.

That seems to be the case for Tyler Eifert, who has started only 5 games since 2016– yet is rated as the sixth best tight end in the game. We don’t know what Eifert can do now because of all of those injuries. He has to prove that he’s the same player throughout 16 games to justify that rating.

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