Madden 20: 10 Teams With Unstoppable Pass-Rushing Duos, Ranked

Whether they're veterans or young upstarts working side-by-side, it's time to look at the NFL teams with unstoppable pass-rushing duos in Madden 20.

The NFL is currently a passing league, which makes sense considering the types of contracts the quarterback position is pulling in these days. When a league revolves around a position, the guys tasked with stopping said position also get paid well due to their importance in a game.

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Currently, there are numerous teams that have pass-rushing duos that can dictate the outcomes of games given their very presence. Whether they're veterans or young upstarts working side-by-side, it's time to rank the 10 NFL teams with unstoppable pass-rushing duos with Madden 20's release right around the corner.

10 Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are a team that most people overlook and, outside of Larry Fitzgerald, hadn't really been a focus of sports media the last few years. That all changed when Kliff Kingsbury was hired and they traded Josh Rosen and took Kyler Murray in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Another important addition they made that may have gone under the radar was picking up Terrell Suggs. He's still a consistent pass-rusher that now will play opposite of Chandler Jones, who has been super consistent and dominant despite all of the Cardinals issues over the years.

9 Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett is like the Kawhi Leonard of the NFL. He's a quiet guy who just so happens to be a dominant superstar that's a key piece in helping a team win a championship.

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With Sheldon Richardson coming over from the Minnesota Vikings, the Cleveland Browns will be sporting a solid pass-rushing unit in addition to their showtime offense, which now includes Odell Beckham Jr. If the Browns meet expectations and make the NFL Playoffs, Garrett and company will be more important and crucial to their success than the headlining offensive unit.

8 Pittsburgh Steelers

It's not surprising that pairing a player with the last name Watt alongside another solid defensive lineman will produce a winning combination. T.J. Watt and Cameron Heyward may not be the most athletic pass-rushing duo in the NFL, but they have a strong case for the toughest.

Playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers and putting on that black and yellow comes with a responsibility to show the grit and fortitude the franchise's defensive unit has established itself as for more than 50+ years. The pair both attended the Pro Bowl last season, proving their greatness.

7 Jacksonville Jaguars

Many people in and around Jacksonville can't believe what happened to the Jaguars last year. They went from playing for a spot in the Super Bowl to struggling to hit .500 despite most of the roster staying in place.

The offense may have disappeared in 2018, but the Jaguars standout defensive players still managed to make some noise. Calais Campbell is a well-known dominant defensive end, but his running mate Yannick Ngakoue is an underrated pass-rusher in the NFL despite his constant improvement over the last few seasons.

6 San Francisco 49ers

Once you become known as the guy who costs the Kansas City Chiefs a Super Bowl appearance and helped Tom Brady get another chance at a ring, it's hard for you not to move on.

Dee Ford is now a member of the San Francisco 49ers and will now be pass-rushing alongside Deforest Buckner, the giant University of Oregon product who's coming off of a 12 sack season for a 49ers team that didn't do much of anything in 2018. With their quarterback healthy and ready to go, the 49ers could be one of the dark horse teams to make the NFL playoffs in 2019.

5 Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald is the most dominant player currently playing in the NFL, and his teammate Dante Fowler just so happens to be wearing the same uniform as Donald. Looking at Fowler's numbers for the 2018 season, it's hard to consider him anywhere near anyone else on this list, but it pays to play for the Los Angeles Rams.

Donald is such a good player that, when it comes to lists, he's often the sole reason the Rams' horrid defensive unit makes any of them. In 2019, he'll at least have more help in the secondary with Eric Weddle coming over from Baltimore.

4 Los Angeles Chargers

Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa aren't exactly household name superstars, which is disappointing considering they are both some of the best pass-rushers in the entire NFL. This is due to neither of them posting the numbers of JJ Watt, Khalil Mack, or Von Miller, as well as being overshadowed by another team in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Chargers kept most of their elite defense together from the 2018 season, so it's very likely both Bosa and Ingram will look to help Philip Rivers get back to the playoffs and hopefully make some noise.

3 Houston Texans

Barring a trade before the beginning of the 2019 NFL season, the Houston Texans defense will once again feature the combination of Jadaveon Clowney and J.J. Watt. Clowney will have to decide to either play under a franchise tag or possibly hold out for a new contract, which could lead to a trade.

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The pair haven't played a whole lot together due to both of them having a string of injuries in the last 2-3 years. That's the sole reason these guys aren't higher, considering one is an all-time great and the other is an athletic freak.

2 Chicago Bears

Most lists would put down Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd as the most dangerous duo for the Chicago Bears, but despite Floyd's promising potential and flashes of dominance, they also have a proven inside rusher as well.

Akiem Hicks is among the NFL's best interior defensive lineman, and alongside his elite run-stuffing ability, he can also rush the passer with the best of them. The truth is that the Bears have the league's best front seven and a perennial Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Mack, so the duo pairing could go a number of ways.

1 Denver Broncos

For many years, Von Miller has roamed the Denver Broncos front-seven and has established himself as arguably the league's most consistent and dominant pass-rusher. In 2018, the Broncos decided to give him a running mate when they selected Bradley Chubb from N.C. State.

Chubb was a contender for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award in 2018. With another year under his belt, Chubb will look to get after Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the AFC West under a long-proven defensive genius and new head coach, Vic Fangio.

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