Madden 20: 10 Underrated Players Set To Earn A Ratings Upgrade

Madden 20 is set to release in August and player ratings and gameplay details are being revealed more and more as the days tick by. The NFL is full superstars that help make the league America's favorite, but underrated players won't only emerge this upcoming season as possible stars, but they will also receive a boost to their rating in Madden 20.

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It's tough to predict these things given locker room shakeups and random injuries, but a resume helps. It's time to look at 10 underrated NFL players set to earn a rating upgrade in Madden 20.

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10 Leighton Vander Esch

In 2018 Dallas Cowboys rookie outside linebacker Leighton Vander Esch burst on the scene as a young competent force to be reckoned with. Since he possesses the rare combination of size and speed, he has the tools to follow in the footsteps of Brian Urlacher or Luke Keuchly.

As players get more NFL experience and the defensive system they're in becomes second nature, instincts can really take center stage. If the Cowboys are looking to repeat their defensive success of last season, it starts with Vander Esch taking another step forward.

9 Tevin Coleman

Tevin Coleman is arguably one of the NFL's most complete running backs but was stuck behind Devonta Freeman during his entire tenure with the Atlanta Falcons. During the offseason, Coleman signed a deal in San Francisco and will now be a featured back in Kyle Shanahan's dynamic offensive system.

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Jerick McKinnon is coming off of a brutal injury and also tends to be a passing down specialist, so it seems the opportunity is there for Coleman to take advantage of. In 2019, he may finally get the notoriety he deserves now that he's out of the shadows.

8 Eddie Goldman

The Chicago Bears had the #1 defense in almost every major statistical category and are headed into the 2019 season with 11 starters returning with the only new addition being Pro Bowl safety HaHa Clinton-Dix replacing Adrian Amos who is now a Green Bay Packer. The Bears defense is full of talent, but the anchor that keeps it all in place often gets overlooked.

Eddie Goldman happens to be one of, if not the, best nose tackle in the NFL. He's been a key part in eating blockers so Roquan Smith, Akiem Hicks, and others can flourish. Maybe Madden 20 will notice this in 2019.

7 Adoree' Jackson

Playing for the Tennessee Titans can be frustrating at times if you're a top player in the NFL. Players like defensive tackle Jurell Casey or offensive tackle Taylor Lewan had to be twice as impressive to even get recognized by the NFL. Adoree' Jackson isn't quite there yet, but the bright young cornerback has world-class speed and a willingness to get better.

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Having Mike Vrabel as a head coach offers him a huge advantage, which means that in 2019 Jackson may break out as the league's next star corner. How much can Vrabel get out of him?

6 Will Hernandez

In 2018 the New York Giants didn't have a very good offense, but two rookie standouts may have the future looking brighter than ever. Saqoun Barkley may have been the headline maker, but offensive guard Will Hernandez was the only redeeming part of an abysmal Giants offensive line.

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He'll be returning in 2019 with a year of experience and another season of offseason training, in addition to seeing a few different faces alongside him on the offensive line. No matter what happens, Hernandez and Barkley can depend on each other if not anyone else.

5 Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard was one of the NFL's most underrated backs in Chicago and happened to be the victim of a new offensive system that no longer fit him. As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Howard could see a return to form as his first 3 seasons saw the University of Indiana product run for over 3,300 yards.

He's a proven talent that can give you more than 80 yards a game given the right plays. He fills a need the Eagles attempted to fill in 2018 but found injuries riddle away their family of running backs. Howard's out on a mission to prove doubters wrong in 2019.

4 Preston Smith

Despite the NFL audience at large not knowing who Ryan Kerrigan is, thankfully Madden has treated the Washington Redskins outside linebacker fairly well over the years. His running mate in Washington who now resides in Green Bay, Preston Smith, could have big things in store in 2019.

Smith comes to the Packers alongside numerous free agent acquisitions in what the front office hopes are a formidable defense that can help Aaron Rodgers win another Super Bowl. Time will tell if the plan pans out, but it's hard not to see Smith getting his numbers.

3 Tre'Davious White

Sophomore slumps are often joked about in professional sports and Tre'Davious White happened to fall victim to the exact thing. His rookie campaign was brilliant and saw him competing for the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award, but his 2nd year wasn't as kind to him.

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White's stats went down, and it was likely more due to playing with a depleted secondary which saw his supposed mentor Vontae Davis retired at halftime during Week 1. Going into year 3 White understands how big 2019 could be in building towards his second contract in the coming years, so will the pressure make him a diamond?

2 Leonard Floyd

When you line up on the opposite side of Khalil Mack you immediately see half the attention from both fans and opposing teams. Leonard Floyd has shown glimpses of greatness, and with him and Mack both coming in healthy, he could benefit and take advantage of the situation.

Not only will Floyd be seeing a single block most downs, but he's also now playing under Chuck Pagano, a coordinator who loves to mix-up looks and blitz. If Floyd can take advantage of his health, situation, and talent, he could quickly emerge as a budding star.

1 Deshaun Watson

There may be a contingent of NFL fans and critics outside the Houston area that don't consider Deshaun Watson underrated, but for the most part, the things he's done for the Houston Texans organization seem to go unnoticed for a greater part of the country. Many people think Deandre Hopkins helps inflate Watson's numbers, despite numerous receivers on his team posting good statistics.

With another year under his belt Watson can make his 3rd year his coming out party, it's all contingent on staying healthy and getting wins.

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