Madden 20: 10 Rookie Ratings That Are Just Ridiculous

It's always tough to judge how a young prospect will perform in the NFL, but these ten Madden 20 ratings just don't make any sense.

Another year, another installation of Madden creeping ‘round the corner. Whether or not you’re planning on buying Madden 20, you’ve probably taken notice of the recently released rookie ratings. As is the case every year, there are some gripes with certain ratings. That’s to be expected and will only be amplified once the full rosters are revealed.

Gauging a rookie’s rating is a little tough to do, and the combine, as well as their collegiate careers, end up being the basis in the end. Add in the changes made to ratings in this year’s installment and there are bound to be some hiccups. But some of these just don’t seem to have any reason to them whatsoever. Here are the most ridiculous of the bunch.

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10 Miles Sanders – 72 OVR

Though Miles Sanders spent most of his collegiate career backing up Saquon Barkley, he had a phenomenal Junior year. Sanders was considered to be among one of the best RB’s entering the 2019 draft, and, while he was only selected later in round 2, he’s landed in a very promising offense.

But what doesn’t click here is Sanders’ low rating. He falls behind Alabama standout Josh Jacobs, despite Jacobs’ scattered collegiate production. Sanders deserves to at least have a similar rating but instead gets stuck with a mediocre one.

9 Nick Bosa – 78 OVR

Coming into the draft, Nick Bosa was seen as the consensus best player available. Had the Cardinals not fallen in love with Kyler Murray, he could’ve very well been the first overall selection in the draft. A few months later, Bosa isn’t even the highest-rated rookie in the game.

Not only is he not the highest graded first-year player, but he’s not even the highest-rated rookie defender. At the very least, Bosa should be contesting that spot.

8 D.K. Metcalf – 76 OVR

A physical freak, D.K. Metcalf’s rating here seems like it’s more based on what the developers think he should be rather than what he is now. That’s not necessarily a bad way to go about it, but only if the same reasoning is applied to every other rookie in the game—which it’s not.

Metcalf’s rating wouldn’t be all that bad if other rookie receivers were rated as high as or slightly higher than him. The potential is there but he’s too much of a project to be this highly rated at this point in his career.

7 Jawaan Taylor – 71 OVR

Jawaan Taylor was seen as the consensus number one tackle in the draft. Projected to go as early as number 7 to Jacksonville, Taylor did end up with the Jags, but in the second round instead.

Regardless of his draft fall, this rating is absolutely ridiculous. A top rookie prospect at any position shouldn’t be rated this low. That’s not to say that he should be in the low 80s, but at the very least, something in the mid-70s would be much better.

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6 Taylor Rapp – 68 OVR

Taylor Rapp was seen as one of the best safety prospects in the draft. The Rams ended up selecting him towards the end of round 2. For whatever reason, he was given a sub 70 rating.

Rapp is a smart young safety with a nose for the ball and his ability to demolish receivers. He’s tough, but not limited to the box. It’s a shame that his rating is so low, but some solid early season play should fix that up.

5 Kyler Murray – 73 OVR

Kyler Murray has to be the lowest-rated first overall pick fans have seen in years. While being the first overall pick doesn’t necessarily mean that said player is the best of their class, you expect more than this.

Murray has a unique combination of speed and arm strength and is someone many believe can adjust and make the transition to the NFL. He’s still the highest-rated rookie QB in the game though, and, while it’s by a slim margin, it tells you just how low this year’s class is rated.

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4 Greedy Williams – 73 OVR

Greedy Williams was seen as the best corner coming into the draft by many. While he wasn’t selected until the second round, Williams should still make an impact on the Browns defense this year.

Looking at his overall rating though, you wouldn’t expect him to make as much as a peep. Williams isn’t even the highest-rated rookie CB in the game and is just being completely disrespected by the people over at EA at this point.

3 Devin White – 74 OVR

This is a real head-scratcher. Thought of as one of the most dominant linebacker prospects in years by many, Devin White is expected to come in and take charge of the Buccs defense. He should be up there with the top-rated rookie defenders but he’s not.

It’s a weird choice for sure. White was seen as one of the elite prospects in the draft, but now he’s just a below-average ILB. Given some strong early-season play, this should change fairly quickly.

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2 Montez Sweat – 73 OVR

Montez Sweat was considered to be one of the most dominant edge rushers in the draft, only falling due to concerns over a heart condition. This poor rating is yet another blow to what should be a solid rookie campaign.

Maybe the heart condition played into the reasoning here. That’s the only way this makes sense. Draft falls shouldn’t impact ratings this much and Sweat belongs with some of the highly-rated rookie defenders.

1 Daniel Jones – 65 OVR

Daniel Jones’ NFL career has not gotten off to the most positive start. Jones was drafted 6 overall by the Giants, and many considered that to be a reach. There are plenty of detractors out there already writing Jones of as a bust, but some do see his potential. Just not EA.

How else could you explain him being rated lower than guys like Will Grier and undrafted rookie passer Tyree Jackson? Hopefully, Jones can channel all this doubt and negativity into wins and early success.

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