Madman Beats Pokémon Shield With A One-Wooloo Team

This madman beat all of Pokémon Shield using just a Wooloo and nothing else.

Wooloo vs Charizard

This madman beat all of Pokémon Shield using just a Wooloo and nothing else.

We found out about Wooloo before Sword & Shield even released. A Normal-type Pokémon, Wooloo is basically the Galar Region's version of a sheep. It has some pretty sweet pigtails for flavoring, but other than that, you're lookin' at a sheep in Pokémon form.

It doesn't get much better from there. As a pre-evolved Pokémon, Wooloo's stats are underwhelming at best. If it were to evolve into Dubwool, it would gain a whole bunch of defense and attack, but as a Wooloo it's just a baby.

So naturally, someone decided to take Wooloo and beat all of Sword & Shield with it.

This story comes courtesy of the Pokémon subreddit where user TheyTellMeItRained posted pictures to prove they'd performed such an improbable feat. "It wasn’t easy," they wrote, "but it sure as hell was a lot of fun."

A couple of helpful screenshots show us just what they had to deal with. Even at level 100, Wooloo's overall stats fail to impress. TheyTellMeItRained's Wooloo, appropriately named Ares, does have pretty good coverage thanks to Wild Charge, Payback, and Double Kick, although it remains without any significant advantage over Grass, Ground, or Dragon-type Pokémon.

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According to the post, "Hardest fight was undoubtedly Raihan. Given the double battles format, I was forced to bring along a second Pokémon, which I opted to be a Magikarp that spammed splash." This essentially created a 2v1 scenario that took at least 7 attempts to beat.

The second hardest encounter was Piers and his Obstagoon. Obstruct is a very strong debuff, and since Ares is the only available 'Mon and couldn't switch out, it made that battle significantly harder than it should have been.

Wooloo Ares
via Reddit

One user points out that Ares is suboptimal even among Wooloos. His Calm nature reduces Attack in favor of Special Defense, while the ability Run Away is far less useful than Fluffy, which would halve all damage from physical attacks.

Still, Ares took on the Galarian League and won all on his own. That will ensure his name goes down in Pokémon history.

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