Magic: Arena Updates Battle Pass System Following Fan Outcry

Great news for those players who were annoyed and a little confused by Wizards of the Coast’s introduction of the “Season/Battle Pass” to Magic: The Gathering Arena: modifications have been made based on user feedback to eliminate the proposed daily experience cap.

Before the system was announced, players could log in throughout the week to complete up to 15 games to acquire rewards and experience. The flexibility to do it in bursts rather than with forced daily logins was a high point for many players who simply do not have the time play daily, as they could complete it all in a day if necessary. The problem was that this new system capped how much experience could be gained in a single day. The players who logged in daily to play and complete their quests would be far ahead of those who would play longer sessions less frequently, even if they were paying for the same premium pass. Some fans weren't too happy about it, of course.

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Via: mtgtechie.com

In response, the Battle Pass system known as Mastery is reverting back to its 15 weekly win format. Wins during the week will award a total of 250 XP and quests provide lower amounts of XP as well, but now there's more that's awarded on a weekly basis.

The following changes have been made with the previous model in mind of allowing players to play on their schedule:

Via: Wizards Of The Coast
Via: Wizards Of The Coast

The first foray into the Season Pass seems to be going as expected, offering new features but also some hiccups along the way. It is hard to name a game that has not had issues with its version of a Season Pass. Even Fortnite: Battle Royale finds itself needing to make adjustments to its Season Pass formula from time to time most recently because XP was not being awarded in a way that felt meaningful, similarly to what is happening here with Arena.

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Still, the Arena battle pass does feel uniquely strange in that one pays a premium to access it, only to have XP gains capped overall in a week. While the revisions benefit the more casual or busy player, there are also those who do have the time to dedicate to playing daily and in longer sessions who might feel that it is unfair that they are being capped from grinding at their own leisure.

In any event, it is likely that that the Mastery system will continue to evolve in the future as user feedback trickles in. For now, fans will be voting with their own wallet, based on whether or not it brings value to them as players.

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