10 Games Magic: The Gathering Fans Should Try

Magic: The Gathering is the king of card games. Players all over the world compete in epic championships to prove their deck against the best. The game isn't going anywhere anytime soon but even the most devoted fan has to try something new once in a while.

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There are plenty of card games out there for fans of Magic. From westerns to sci-fi, there's a card game for everyone.

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10 HEX: Shards of Fate

Players looking for something very similar to Magic: The Gathering may want to check out this game from Cryptozoic. The games are so similar, Wizards of the Coast filed a lawsuit against the makers of HEX. The game certainly does share similarities with MTG but so do many other card games.

Similarities or no, HEX is in a category of its own. It's the first MMOTCG. If you love role-playing in a large online community and collectible games this combines the best of both worlds. This is a great option if you live in an area where finding opponents for face-to-face play might be challenging.

9 Mage Wars Arena

Mage Wars Arena does what it says on the tin. Powerful mages battle in an arcane arena casting spells, summoning beasts and chasing glory. Mage Wars Arena combines many elements of a traditional board game along with the cards used to play. The arena itself is represented on a game board.

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There are also spell books as well as more than 30 spell cards. The game pieces add an element of flair and fun to the gameplay. They include several status trackers to make keeping score easy. If you enjoy a lot of visual feedback ad fun pieces to play with this game is perfect for you.

8 Epic Card Game

Epic Card Game is great for anyone who loves the draft and sealed deck card games but is tired of shelling out $10-$30 every time they play. One game set of Epic Card Game allows up to 4 players to enjoy hours of play.

Epic Card Game will only set you back $15. That' a huge breath of fresh air for anyone used to the hefty price tags wracked up playing Magic: The Gathering. Epic simulates all the fun of collectible games without the card hoarding. There are no rare releases to hunt for. All you need is one game set and you're in business. If you have a friend who also owns a copy of Epic you can each construct decks from your entire set and play against each other. This is a great option for those curious about MTG but looking for a lower budget option.

7 Hearthstone

It's hard for any CCG player not to fall in love with Hearthstone. If you love the fun and excitement of winning card packs and tearing into them like a kid at Christmas, this game is for you. Hearthstone is completely digital and free to play.

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It perfectly simulates a lot of the fun of MTG by allowing players to win cards and build custom decks. The game is Blizzard branded and brings so much of World of Warcraft into a new and exciting space. Players have the option to purchase card packs if they like or simply play and win them as they go.

6 Star Realms

Star Realms is a fast-paced deck-building game for lovers of space ships and epic combat. The game accommodates up to six players. As the game progresses players can acquire new ships and bases via a trade row of upturned trade cards. Players can also engage each other in combat.

In the world of Star Realms, four factions have formed. Human governments have largely been replaced by a federation of corporations known as the Trade Federation. The Blobs are the first alien race humans have encountered. The Star Empire is largely made up of colonies that defected from the Trade Federation. Finally, there is the Machine Cult who began to worship technology as they struggled to survive cut off from the rest of humanity.

5 Doomtown: Reloaded

This game has a playful western flavor and interesting mechanics. The complex movement rules of Doomtown have been compared to chess. The game is story-heavy and includes many nods to the role-playing game that inspired its creation.

Each card also serves as a playing card that comes into play during the unique combat system. Adding to the western flavor, each player tries to form the best poker hand they can to win a shoot out. This game is great for anyone who loves cowboy bravado and interesting mechanics.

4 Force Of Will

An element that sets this game apart from many card games is the ruler. Each player must select a ruler who will represent them in the game. Rulers employ magic spells and enchantments to defeat opponents. They can also summon creatures to do their bidding in combat.

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Every action a ruler plays they must also tap their 20 magic stones. Knowing how to use your ruler effectively can be all the difference in battle. The art on these cards is breathtaking and sells the players on the world the game-makers have created.

3 Dominion

If you're looking for something that plays like a CCG without the hefty price tag, Dominion may be right for you. Each player poses as an ambitious monarch who wishes to expand their rule. The only problem is, all of the other local rulers have the same itch.

Dominion is a battle to be the first to gobble up the surrounding territories. In this card game, each player starts with the same small deck of cards that they build and expand on the fly as the game progresses. Rulers attempt to amass the most victory points by the end of the game.

2 Killer Bunnies

If you love amassing absurdly large collections of cards, Killer Bunnies can scratch that itch. Two to eight players compete in the quest for the magic carrot. You can create ridiculous weapons to defeat your enemies, bankrupt your foes and even spread famine! It's a good time for the whole family.

Players are dealt hands of cards and draw or discard as play dictates. This isn't a deck-building experience but with hundreds of cards in the various booster decks, there's no shortage of hilarious new play scenarios. This game is a great choice for anyone looking to get youngsters started on a collectible card game.

1 Star Wars: The Card Game

Imperial forces take on the Rebel Alliance in this two-player card game. Each player constructs a deck before play begins. They choose objectives as well as character cards. The overall concept is simple, build and defend your own objectives while attacking your opponent's.

There are several unique mechanics to the game. Perhaps the most stressful is the ever-looming threat of the Imperial Death Star. At the end of each empire turn, the Death Star's dial is turned up another notch. When the dial reaches 12 the Rebel Alliance is defeated essentially setting a timer for the entire game.

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