Magic: The Gathering Pro Arrested For Sexual Assault Charges

We don't know how you go from Magic: The Gathering pro to accused rapist, but it's gotta be a harrowing tale.


A former Magic: The Gathering pro has been arrested in Santa Fe on suspicion of sexual assault.

Something must have gone terribly wrong for Conley Woods to go from professional Magic: The Gathering player to accused rapist. Woods was a fixture of the professional Magic scene from 2009 to 2013, with six Grand Prix appearances, two Pro Tour top 8 finishes, and one Grand Prix win in 2012. He also wrote for the official Magic: The Gathering website covering the Daily Decklist feature which looked at weird and unusual decks that appeared in recent tournaments.

Which is all far more wholesome than what Woods was arrested for last Sunday.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, Woods was arrested Sunday for "criminal sexual penetration, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and other crimes." The story is pretty harrowing, so click on that link at your own discretion.

Police arrived at a Sante Fe residence to find a woman holding two knives and in obvious panic as well as Woods standing in the hallway. The cops were dispatched after the woman called 911 to report she was about to be raped.

Officers on the scene reported that the woman was hyperventilating and showing signs of shock. Woods, for his part, initially said "did not know what was going on” and that he and the woman had been friends since high school. He said they’d gone out for dinner, then came home to dance and listen to music, and then went outside to play with her dog.

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They went back inside to the guest room, which is when the woman ran out and started brandishing two knives.

via Santa Fe New Mexican

Later at the station, Woods made an “excited utterance” that the woman had a “rape fantasy” and that they were actually “role-playing.”

The woman’s side of the story is far more graphic and includes Woods attacking her, choking her, and the woman clawing at Woods' arms to the point of drawing blood. The police report also noted defensive wounds on Woods’ body as well as a t-shirt covered in blood.

You can get the full story over on the New Mexican’s website. Just maybe make sure the kids are asleep first.

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