Magic: The Gathering Arena: 10 Coolest New Legendary Creatures From Core Set 2020

Magic: The Gathering's latest expansion, Core Set 2020, has arrived, both on paper and in Magic: The Gathering Arena. This brand new collection of cards includes some returning favorites and some powerful new forces that are sure to become legendary in their time.

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Speaking of legendary, one of the most fascinating card types in Magic is the Legendary type, which denotes that there can only ever exist one copy of it at a time on your side of the battlefield. If you play another one, you'll have to sacrifice one of the two Legendary cards you control. This opens up the doorway for some truly incredible cards with stupendous abilities. Legendary creatures, in particular, hold a special place in Magic as the original Legendary cards, and Core Set 2020 brings a whole party of them to play with. Here are the 10 coolest new Legendary creatures from Core Set 2020.

10 Golos, Tireless Pilgrim

We're kicking off the list with Golos, Tireless Pilgrim, a powerful artifact creature with the ability to seriously shift the balance of a game. The card cost five generic mana to play, meaning that you'll typically be able to play it on turn five, and then fetches you a land from your deck when it enters the battlefield. Where Golos truly shines, however, is in its second ability.

By paying two generic mana plus one of every color (for a total of five), Golos exiles the top three cards of your library and then lets you play them without paying for them - meaning that you can cheat a number of expensive threats into play very easily and very quickly. The five toughness ensure that Golos has staying power and while it may be difficult to build a deck that properly utilizes its abilities, one that does will be generously rewarded for it.

9 Rienne, Angel Of Rebirth

While it is certainly possible to play Arena using a single-colored deck, most of the best builds out there include at least two, if not three, total colors in order to have access to a broad range of options when it comes to dealing with threats. Rienne, Angel of Rebirth, will definitely favor players who do so as this legendary creature gives all other multicolored creatures a player controls one additional power.

Rienne also functions as a protective barrier around your multicolored creatures as, in keeping with the theme of angelic grace, any multicolored creatures you control that die are instead returned to your hand, allowing you to play them again. Whether this means that you're sacrificing them to unleash destructive effects or they're simply dying in combat is up to you as you construct your Rienne build.

8 Kykar, Wind's Fury

If there's one thing that a Jeskai (Blue-Red-White) deck loves to do, it's cast non-creature spells. Kykar, Wind's Fury provides excellent rewards to players who adhere to this as every time they cast a non-creature spell, Kykar generates white spirit token creature with flying. This alone would already be a powerful effect, but that's not all Kykar does.

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Kykar's second ability allows you to sacrifice a spirit to add one red mana to your mana pool, effectively turning all spirits you control into power sources for more spells to cast. Whether it's counter spells, burn spells, or spells that exile and lock down your opponent, Kykar provides excellent support for all Jeskai players.

7 Drakuseth, Maw Of Flames

Dragons have long been a staple of Magic: The Gathering as some of the most formidable cards out there, and the new legendary Drakuseth, Maw of Flames looks to be no exception. Drakuseth is already a dangerous enemy as he have seven power and seven toughness for an efficient seven mana, but it's his triggered ability that really seals the deal.

Whenever Drakuseth attacks, he deals four damage to one target and three damage to up to two other targets. This makes for a total of ten damage on top of the seven he'll deal himself. Drakuseth is a powerful card capable of sweeping away an opponent's board in a single turn as all their creatures burn in his roaring flame.

6 Kaalia, Zenith Seeker

The character of Kaalia first appeared in Magic: The Gathering's first set designed exclusively around the Commander game variant as Kaalia of the Vast, being illegal in the Standard format. She returns now in Core Set 2020 as Kaalia, Zenith Seeker with no less a powerful ability, and playable in Standard to boot.

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The original Kaalia was able to put an angel, demon, or dragon directly from a player's hand onto the battlefield whenever she attacked. This new Kaalia is admittedly a little less groundbreaking, although still a threat to be reckoned with. When she enters the battlefield, you get look at the top six cards of your library and put an angel, demon, or dragon card from among them into your hand. This synergizes very nicely as angels, demons, and dragons tend to be powerful cards in their own right and anything that lets you search for them is sure to be valued.

5 Sephara, Sky's Blade

Like Drakuseth, Sephara, Sky's Blade is an efficiently costed card as a seven mana flying angel with lifelink, alongside seven power and seven toughness. In the right deck, however, Sephara can cost nothing - or at least, practically nothing. Instead of paying her mana cost, Sephara allows players to instead pay one white mana and tap four untapped creatures they control with flying to play her.

The ease with which players can get Sephara onto the battlefield (and the fact that they do so with flyers) couples powerfully with her second ability, which gives all creatures you control with flying indestructible. A deck based around generating angels and then playing Sephara, effectively creating an invulnerable heavenly army, is a marvelous thing to ponder.

4 Kethis, The Hidden Hand

This next card may well be able to exploit the legendary rule that forces players to sacrifice duplicate legendary permanents, rather than being bound by it. Kethis, the Hidden Hand, has a primary ability that makes all legendary spells you cast cost one generic mana less. This makes it much easier to cast a wide variety of powerful cards, although it is in his second ability that Kethis truly shines.

By exiling two legendary cards from your graveyard, all other legendary cards in your graveyard become playable for a turn. This means that anything - from enchantments to sorceries to artifacts to other legendary creatures - can return from the dead, so long as you're filling your graveyard with enough legendary cards to pay the price.

3 Vilis, Broker Of Blood

Another efficiently-costed monocolored legendary creature, Vilis, Broker of Blood costs seven mana but enters the battlefield with eight power and eight toughness. This is already imposing, but his abilities make him all the more of a threat. First, he allows you to spend one black mana and two life to give a creature -1 power and -1 toughness until end of turn. Crucially, this ability does not tap Vilis, meaning you can activate it multiple times to deal with pesky creatures.

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Additionally, Vilis also lets its controller draw cards whenever they lose life, equal the amount of life lost. This combines all the best aspects of black mana in Magic - paying life, destroying creatures, and drawing cards - and it slots very nicely in a life gain deck, where your life total is just another resource to accrue and spend.

2 Yarok, The Desecrated

With its unsettling card art, Yarok, the Desecrated more than lives up to its status as an elemental horror. Its abilities are certainly not horrific, however, and can in fact be game-changing depending on the deck you're playing. To begin with, Yarok has both lifelink and deathtouch, meaning that it can, if necessary, be a source of life and a way to kill any particularly strong creatures your opponents control, but these are not its primary draw.

Yarok's main ability is that it causes any triggered abilities of permanents you control that were set off by a permanent entering the battlefield to activate a second time. Given that there are numerous abilities that operate in this fashion, this means that Yarok can help your cards multiply in value, just from playing them onto the battlefield.

1 Omnath, Locus Of The Roil

The most prevalent creature type in Core Set 2020 is Elemental, and so it's no surprise that our top pick for the coolest new legendary creature is Omnath, Locus of the Roil - a card that absolutely loves elementals! When Omnath enters the battlefield, it deals damage to any target equal to the number of elementals you control. Given the sheer volume of these creatures available to players, it's not inconceivable that this ability alone could end an entire game on its own.

But Omnath isn't done. Once it's on the battlefield, whenever a land enters the battlefield it puts a +1/+1 counter on an elemental you control. This is a fine ability on its own, but combine it with the land searching powers of a card like Risen Reef and you've got an unstoppable engine on your hands.

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