Magic: The Gathering: 10 Coolest New Legendary Creatures From Commander 2019

Magic The Gathering continues to grow with Commander 2019. Here are 10 of the coolest new legendary creatures to show up!

Magic: The Gathering is one of the longest-running collectible card games on the planet. Over the decades, a variety of ways to play Magic have sprung up, from official formats to fan-made ideas. Some of those fan ideas grow into actual supported gameplay by Wizards of the Coast, Magic's creator.

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One such format is Commander, a special way to play Magic where players take command of a 100 card deck with a legendary creature at its helm that they can play at any time. Specialized sets for the format have been released, most recently Commander 2019, which introduced a wide variety of new legendary creatures to head Commander decks. Let's examine 10 of the coolest new legendary creatures that were printed in this set.

10 Sevinne, The Chronoclasm

Sevinne, the Chronoclasm at first glance appears to be just a diminutive 2/2, lacking much power on its own. However, it also has an ability that prevents any damage that would be dealt to it. This lets Sevinne engage in combat fearlessly, and protects it from the variety of burn spells in the game.

Sevinne's second ability is the game-changer. The first instant or sorcery spell players cast each turn is copied, letting them double a wide variety of powerful effects. Whether they're using control magic, damage spells, or removal, they can use Sevinne to get even more use out of everything they cast.

9 Volrath, The Shapestealer

Volrath, the Shapestealer is already an intimidating presence as a 7/5. He also has the ability to put a -1/-1 counter on any creature every time you enter combat on your turn. This goes hand in hand with his second ability.

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For just one generic mana, Volrath can transform into a copy of any creature with a counter on it until your next turn, but it remains a 7/5 and still has the copy ability. This lets you both weaken your opponents' creatures, and then make them your own in one fell swoop.

8 Greven, Predator Captain

Greven, Predator Captain is a 5/5 with menace, meaning it cannot be blocked by just one creature. It also gets +X/+0 whenever you lose life, increasing its power to potentially lethal levels. This synergizes extremely well with its second ability.

When Greven attacks, its controller may sacrifice another creature to lose life equal to its toughness and draw cards equal to its power. Not only does this pump up Greven, it also allows players to cycle through their deck to reach their best cards, a valuable power when your starting deck has almost 100 cards.

7 Marisi, Breaker Of The Coil

Marisi, Breaker of the Coil is an aggressive creature for an aggressive strategy. It has an intimidating 5/4 body and makes it so that opponents can't cast spells during combat. This prevents any sort of combat tricks from occurring, allowing you to more easily assess the risks of attacking.

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Additionally, when Marisi deals damage to a player, it goads all creatures that player controls, which means that they must attack next combat and they must attack someone other than you if possible. In a multiplayer game, this can be extremely valuable as you pit your foes against each other instead of yourself.

6 Chainer, Nightmare Adept

One powerful effect in a game of Magic is graveyard recursion - the ability to play cards from your graveyard. Chainer, Nightmare Adept is perfect for this as it allows you to discard a card and then play a creature from your graveyard.

Chainer also gives any creatures that you didn't play from your hand haste until the next turn, meaning that you can effectively discard a creature in your hand, then cast it from the graveyard. This allows for a much more aggressive approach to a game, potentially overrunning your opponents with ease.

5 Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer

Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer combines two very powerful effects in one card - mana cost reduction and card draw. The first ability on Kadena reduces the cost of playing face down creatures by three. This effectively lets you play cards with the morph ability for free.

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Kadena also has players draw a card whenever a face-down creature enters the battlefield. This lets you both play out mystery threats that will be difficult for your opponents to anticipate while also cycling through your library, drawing better cards to replace the ones you cast.

4 Elsha Of The Infinite

Elsha of the Infinite has several abilities, each of which work well together. Her first power is the prowess keyword, which gives her a temporary +1/+1 boost when you play a non-creature spell. She then also allows you to look at the top card of your library at any time.

Finally, Elsha lets you play non-creature, non-land cards from the top of your library as though they had flash. Combined with a deck full of cheap spells, Elsha can become a dangerous powerhouse as you play numerous spells to activate her prowess.

3 K'rrik, Son Of Yawgmoth

K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth is a 2/2 creature with lifelink with a converted mana cost of 8. This may seem like a lot, but half of its cost is Phyrexian mana, which means you can simply pay 8 life and four mana to play it. K'rrik becomes even more impressive when you see its ability that lets you treat any black mana in mana costs as Phyrexian,  which lets you reduce the cost of powerful cards.

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K'riik also gains a +/+1 counter whenever you cast a black spell. This, combined with the ability to rapidly play powerful cards at the cost of your life total, makes him a dangerous threat that can quickly overtake a game.

2 Atla Palani, Nest Tender

Atla Palani, Nest Tender is a very powerful card that also lives up to its name. It's a simple 2/3, but paying two mana and tapping it lets you create a 0/1 egg creature with defender. This power again may seem a bit lackluster, but is absolutely ridiculous when combined with her next ability.

Whenever an egg you control dies, Atla lets you reveal cards from your library until you hit a creature card, which is then placed directly onto the battlefield. This can potentially allow you to cheat out massive threats without paying their mana costs, swinging the match in your favor.

1 Anje Falkenrath

Anje Falkenrath is a 1/3 vampire with haste. This lets you activate her tap ability immediately, which has you discard a card to draw a card. Anje also untaps whenever you discard a card with the madness keyword, potentially letting you activate her ability multiple times a turn.

While the madness synergy can be useful, Anje is also just a good card to have in order to cycle through your deck. You can discard useless spells and parse through your cards to get to the good stuff, making Anje the most powerful new legendary creature from Commander 2019.

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