Magic: The Gathering's 'Mystery Boosters' Include Ridiculous Playtest Cards

The mystery of Magic: The Gathering’s Mystery Box has finally been solved, and some of the cards it contains are just ridiculous.

Back in October, Wizards of the Coast teased a new product called the Magic Mystery Box. Nobody knew what it could mean, but people were assuming it was going to be a sort of new reprint set along the lines of Modern Masters. As it turns out, they were mostly right, but there was a weird twist.

Each Mystery Magic Box contains Mystery Booster packs that can be used to play Mystery Draft. As with normal boosters, each Mystery Booster contains 2 commons or uncommons from each color, 1 multicolored common or uncommon, and one land or artifact. You also get one card from some of Magic’s newer sets (from M15 onward, according to Senior Magic Designer and Writer Gavin Verhey), and one card from before M15 still printed in its original border.

The fifteenth card would normally be a mythic rare, but in Mystery Boosters, it’s something even better: a playtest card.

Playtest cards are basically cards that haven’t been made yet. To denote their playtested-ness, playtest cards look like a regular magic card with a slip of paper pasted on. The paper portion has very basic art and doesn’t even use the usual language of Magic cards when describing their effects (although they’re still perfectly understandable from a player’s perspective).

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Ever since the big reveal at MagicFest Richmond yesterday, Mystery Booster playtest cards have been appearing on Reddit and social media, and some of them are absolutely hilarious.

Take the Wrath of Sod, which is an obvious riff on Wrath of God, an old Magic staple. Where Wrath of God kills all creatures, Wrath of Sod turns them all into lands.

Of the Form of the Mulldriter, another classic blue draft staple that defined an era of Magic's history and remains a standby in Commander. Form of the Mulldrifter allows every card the owner plays to become a Mulldrifter instead. This would theoretically allow a player to create a card-advantage engine so unstoppable that it would be impossible to lose.

There are way more over on the Magic subreddit, but we’ll link a few of our favorites here.

(Source: Reddit)

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