Maingear Forma R Gaming Chair Review: A Chair For All Seasons

The Maingear Forma R is a legitimate piece of furniture that's a must-have for any home office.

Gaming chairs are, by and large, a waste of money. Generally speaking, their build quality is inferior to often cheaper, more well-built alternatives that you could get elsewhere. They market themselves as being for gamers, and to many, that's a marketing ploy worthy of dropping hundreds on. However, Maingear has sought to buck that trend by doing the unthinkable with their Forma R - by making a quality product that feels practically bombproof and offers an unparalleled degree of comfort.

From the durable, high-quality material encasing the skeleton, to the ridiculous range of motion and customization, the Forma R is not only the best gaming chair I've used, but likely the best desk chair I've gotten my hands (and ass) on.

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Support The Girls (And Boys)

Right off the bat, the Forma R comes out of the box with two game-changers for me: a firm neck pillow and lumbar cushion, both made out of slow-release memory foam. Once they're broken in a little bit, these two components are vital to the chair. Spending long portions of time in front of the computer is a big part of this field, so having these two parts of my body supported feels incredible.

Historically, my neck and back start to get worn ragged after a few hours in front of the PC. But for better or worse, time flies by in this chair without me so much as feeling a single hint of stiffness or pain. No matter how I'm sitting, the Forma R gives me a full range of possibilities in terms of height and lean that I didn't know was possible.

This translates to having whatever experience you want with this thing. When I'm working, I tend to try and force myself to have good posture so as to not completely destroy my shoulders before I turn thirty. But when I'm gaming or watching something, I tend to tuck up into a ball and lean into the chair, or sit crosslegged and lean backwards. No matter what I was doing, however, the Forma R delivered. In that sense, it's more than just an office chair: it's a bonafied piece of furniture.

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Night Night

But what is a good piece of furniture if you can't just curl up and go to sleep in it? Naturally, I had to put this to the ultimate test.

Armed with nothing but a Hello Kitty blanket, I attempted to sleep in this chair in two different ways. The first, I assumed the fetal position and tucked up with my head propped on the aforementioned pillow. Lo and behold, I was out like a light, and got a good few hours of sleep like that.

Of course, I had to put the reclining feature of the chair to this test as well. I leaned the thing back as far as it would go, and I was immediately taken with just how far back it goes. It doesn't touch the floor like some of its contemporaries, but really, who's ever going to actually use that? Goofy. After leaning it back, I laid down in the thing, tucked in, and took a nice little nap. It supported all 140-ish pounds of me without so much as a creak or buckle, and not once during falling asleep or waking up did I feel like I was going to fall backwards.

Look, this chair isn't for sleeping, I'm aware. But the point still stands that the Forma R is a versatile piece of workmanship that transcends being something that you just sit at your computer in. No matter what you're doing at your PC, Maingear has made something that feels equipped for just about anything. I've found laying down on this thing and watching anime and movies on my BenQ EX2501R to be one of my new favorite ways to unwind at the end of the day.

Yes, this is a chair that I work all day in, then feel more than comfortable just resting in after the fact. That's just how good it is.

A Chair For All Occasions

From the wheels effortlessly gliding along my hardwoods, to snapping the swiveling armrests into any position I wanted, all of the Forma R's little bells and whistles were just icing on an already delicious cake. Married with a classy, non-obtrusive design that is far less gaudy than your average gaming chair, Maingear's top-notch piece is a joy to sit in, adjust, and just enjoy.

Whether I'm working, getting in a few rounds of Apex Legends with my mouse and keyboard, or just kicking back with some popcorn to catch up on Riverdale, the Forma R has become an integral part of my day-to-day life. My neck and back pain associated with being at my computer is practically non-existent now, so I can really just lean in and become the sybarite lush I was always meant to be.

If you're going to get a gaming chair, skip out on the fancy colors, silly gimmicks, and all the other chicanery. The Maingear Forma R is a legitimate piece of furniture that's a must-have for any home office.

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