Major Anthem Patch Fixes Dozens Of Bugs, Makes Everyone's Lives Easier

Undaunted by the criticisms thrown at Anthem, BioWare continues to do everything it can to address the many issues with the game. The latest effort takes the form of an update that tackles everything from bug fixes to screenshot settings. There's even a change so detailed that it fixes how often players have to press a button to perform an attack. The road to making Anthem truly great is still a long one, but the devs are showing they have the will to keep walking it.

There is a fairly large community of Anthem players. People who, like the developers, have learned to tune out the whistles of the hate train and want to see the game last. However, they're not blind to the game's issues. They've documented their problems with things like loot and unnecessary load screens on forums such as the Anthem subreddit. The development team is active on the subreddit as well, and dropped a lengthy set of patch notes there today.

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Highlights include several changes to the loot system. While numbers are not given, the chances of chests dropping more loot than usual have increased. GM1 and higher difficulty Stronghold Bosses have also been given a higher chance of dropping more loot. Players even have a better shot at getting masterwork and legendary items from these bosses. (Although some are already reporting that the loot fix isn't working.)

There's also a huge list of bug fixes. Aside from loot, this might be the biggest upgrade the patch brings. General bug fixes include things like awkward camera angles in Fort Tarsis and corrections to several Javelin armor abilities. The fixes even go down to specific missions, such as random Xbox One X performance issues in the mission "See In The Dark."

Of particular note is a slight buff to the Interceptor's melee attack. Players used to have to mash the button repeatedly to execute a series of quick strikes. Now, they can simply hold the button down and watch as their character does several hits rapidly. That might seem like a silly patch note to highlight, but it was actually something many players complained about.

The full patch notes are worth a read if you're an Anthem player. Players are already looking forward to trying out new builds thanks to bug fixes for certain armor and abilities. And honestly, that's a great step towards getting Anthem back on track.

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