• Pokemon GO is celebrating this year's Adventure Week from June 4-11 with even more features than last year 1 / 9

  • Turn on Adventure Sync and aim to walk a total of 50km for a large prize of dust and Rare Candy 2 / 9

  • Buddy Pokemon will receive 4x the reward as normal, which combines well with trying to reach 50km total 3 / 9

  • New Pokestop visits will grant 10x XP compared to normal. Planning routes to new areas in town will help maximize XP gain 4 / 9

  • Rock-type Pokemon will appear far more frequently than normal throughout the world 5 / 9

  • Onix, Lileep, and Anorith have a chance to pop up in their shiny variants. While rare, the best way to find these is simply to walk and look, which works well with the 50km goal 6 / 9

  • To plan a route around town, consider using a website like Mapmyrun.com, both to save a route and measure its distance 7 / 9

  • Best of luck to all the Pokemon Trainers during this year's Adventure Week! May the shiny odds be ever in your favor! 8 / 9

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