10 Things That Make No Sense In The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake

As charming a game as The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake is, there are still things about the game that are downright confusing. Sometimes it's about the enemies, the townsfolk or the actions of some poor townsfolk. But it's not just about that either, there are also times that, in-world, the existence of, say, rupees in the grass, doesn't make any sense.

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That's not to say that it's difficult to overlook these oddities but sometimes you just have to stop and wonder, just what the heck is going on here? With that said, here are 10 Things That Make No Sense In The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake.

10  The Economy

Perhaps one of the strangest things about games in general and this Zelda game in particular is their economy. There's always a shop that sells useful items, oftentimes items that are vital to progressing through the story. Link's awakening is no different and while having shops seems to make sense, it doesn't always.

The ability to cut grass and find a large amount of rupees means that with a short amount of work, anything in the shop is easy to buy. Furthermore, the grass grows back pretty much instantly when you leave the area. Of course this mechanic is because, well, it's a game. You have to give the player the ability to get these items in a somewhat fulfilling way. That doesn't mean it makes much sense though.

9 Crane Physics

Moving away from weird game logic that's there because it's a game, there's the crane game. In the original Link's Awakening, it was similar but had a key difference, that is the physics. Adding in these real life type physics just increases the frustration to an already tedious mini-game.

What makes it all worse is that it is required to obtain the Yoshi Doll in order to advance through the story. It really doesn't make much sense to add in frustrating real physics to the games crane mini-game. Crane games are known for being frustrating money traps. Does anybody even like playing them in real life, anyways?

8 Talking Creatures

It's made very clear in the game that the chain chomps are the games version of dogs. Everyone knows that dogs can't actually talk, even if some breeds can sound like they do. Why then do some of the chain chomps in Link's Awakening talk? Giving CiaoCiao the ability to talk doesn't make much sense except for the case of adding on to the trading sequence.

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But even then, the talking CiaoCiao has an owner. This leads to all kinds of confusing questions that undoubtedly no one wants to actually think about. For example, if she can talk, why can't the other chain chomps? Either way, this is another part of the game that doesn't make much sense. Just try not to think about it too hard.

7  Crossovers

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is chock full of references to certain other Nintendo games. The most notable of these is Mario but there are other ones as well, such as Kirby. This is a fun and light-hearted thing to have in the game but that doesn't mean it makes much sense. Having characters from a completely different universe in the game, almost blatantly, is very different from the other Zelda games.

It's one thing to have clever references because, in-world, the characters wouldn't know what they were referencing. It's quite another thing to have goombas, cheep cheeps, piranha plants and so much more. Of course, that doesn't stop it from being a real fun time. Even if it doesn't make sense, it is a treat for Nintendo fans.

6 Stealing

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Stealing in Link's Awakening is a very different thing than in most other games, let alone in real life. In real life you would, if caught, be find and/or sent to jail. In most other games that let you steal, you'll either face an angry shopkeeper coming after you or some of the local guards trying to catch you. Not so here, in this game you can pretty much just run out of the shop with the item in hand.

The problems start there. If you decide to venture back into the shop, the shopkeepers face will be, rightly, very angry. He will then proceed to electrocute you with a beam of energy, killing you. Now of course you can respawn and everything will be fine and dandy, right? Well, the consequences thereafter is that you'll be called thief by everyone, including Marin. Pretty strange that everything, including some fairies, will know that you stole.

5 Fight Everything

In every single Zelda game, you're required to hack and slash your way through numerous enemies. There is no talking, no bargaining, nothing like that. Instead you must take out your enemies by any means necessary if you want to advance. Need that key? Take out all the enemies in this room. Door closes suddenly? You know the drill.

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To be fair, that's not all that unusual. What is, is that every enemy seems to respawn, just like the grass does. This means that you'd better get used to dodging spears, crows, slimes and whatever else is thrown at you. Because everything wants to kill you. Well, at least the townsfolk don't, unless you steal from the shop.

4 Everything's Hostile

Maybe it's because you're required to kill basically every creature outside of the town but everything attacks you. It makes some sense that the more monstrous creatures would get in your way. A slime or moblin or other otherworldly creature, sure. But then there are the crows. Why would a crow, let alone all of them, want to attack you? Does Link have something shiny on him?

Considering Link is usually the hero of whatever story he's in, it's strange that everything hates him. Even if you decide you want to leave the crows alone, well, too bad. They won't leave you alone. The game even forces you to vanquish certain enemies in order to advance. Need that golden leaf? Better be sure to take out that crow. Poor thing grabbed the wrong shiny object.

3 Death Is Temporary

Luckily, in this hostile world, death is only temporary. Anger the shopkeeper? No problem, you can come right back to life with only some loss of time to show for it. Fall down a pit? Won't actually kill you unless you're low on hearts. Which is another thing that makes no sense, falling down a pit would normally hurt a lot more than getting bumped by a slime.

Either way, even besides dying and respawning, you can get a special ointment applied to you that will resurrect you upon death with little time loss. Well, even if it makes no sense outside of the game, it is consistent with all the monsters coming back as soon as you scroll the screen. Makes you wonder why the townsfolk are so scared of being hurt.

2 Durability Issues

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening has some pretty serious issues with item durability. Every single key you find in a dungeon can only be used to open one door before it breaks. This begs the question of why locks exist in the first place. Who makes these locks and keys and do they have a monopoly over them?

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But it doesn't stop there. Spear throwing enemies have a seemingly infinite supply of their weapon of choice. They throw them at Link and regardless of what happens, they disappear upon contact. Where do all of their spears come from and where do they go? are they really that flimsy?

1 Bosses And Dungeons

Even on this small little island, there are dungeons everywhere. Who built these places full of traps and monsters and why is there so much treasure inside? None of the villagers or other NPC's seem interested in exploring them and it isn't until Link arrives that they become important.

Furthermore, why does each dungeon have a boss in it? Certainly they seem to be there to guard some great treasure but is that all? Some of the bosses seem more like they just live there and that's fine. Other bosses, though, the ones who are clearly Link's enemies, have decided that waiting for him to acquire a vital item to defeat them with is smart. Instead of waiting around, they should go after him instead. That would make a lot more sense in advancing their goals.

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