Making A Murderer: 20 Games That (Probably) Turned Us Into Sociopaths

Here are some of the most sociopathic games to have ever been made and some which will be released soon.

First of all, do not think this is a list bashing games or the people who enjoy them. “Violent games make violent people,” that is the argument at least. In general it is hard to find a connection between games and antisocial behaviors, but these games are good candidates to prove the saying true, at least in terms of sociopathy. It may be a bit hypocritical, but a lot of the games on this list are actually quite fun, and that might be a bit worrisome. In either case, these games teach you a lot of things, from how to properly disembowel, dismember, and execute the enemy to how to lie, steal, cheat, and just change who you are at the drop of a hat.

The games here are just some of those games which will make you both mesmerize you and make you cringe at their content. Some of them are less violent than others, and others give you the choice of being a murderer. Here are some of the most sociopathic games to have ever been made and some which will be released soon. Upcoming games are listed first!

20 Yandere Simulator - Upcoming

via: keywordteam.net

Have you ever loved someone so bad that they drove you insane? I mean, literally driving you insane, like a lovesick slasher villain who stalks the love those interested in their obsession. If that sounds interesting to you, this may very much be the game for you. In Yandere Simulator you play as a crazy high school girl who is so obsessed with her crush that she will do anything to be with him, including murder, torture, blackmail, anything. On top of all of that, the game will feature a lot of sexually charged material that may warrant it just shy of an AO label. In fact, the game comes with a disclaimer stating that all people in the game are at least 18 years of age, no matter what. Creepy? Sadistic? Deviant? Definitely sociopathic.

19 Vampyr - Upcoming

via: focus-home.com

Vampyr is one of those games that every horror fan should be excited to know is coming out this year. The central theme of the game is the struggle to accept the terrible changes which may take place in our lives; the big change that happens in this game is that your character is a physician struggling to come to terms with becoming a vampire. The game is poised to make the player make difficult decisions which will either help maintain your humanity or cause you to descend into darkness. In either case, we can expect the level of cruelty that thus far, only Game of Thrones has rendered unto us. When this game officially drops, it is expected to make a big splash in the already saturated vampire subgenre.

18 Survive The Nights - Upcoming

via: videogamesuncovered.com

For those of us who have played games like Day Z and 7 Days to Die, we are no strangers to crafting survival horror, and the upcoming Survive the Nights promises to push the genre forward. Some of what are promised with this title are total PvP servers and frantic struggles to keep the living, the dead, and the undead out of your temporary bases. A major difference between Survive the Nights and 7 Days to Die are that you will never have the chance to have a permanent settlement. Thanks to everything that’s being teased for inclusion, it seems that this game will push players to take to greater reeving and massacring of other players than any other survival horror crafting game before; don’t know about you but I’m stoked.

17 Wild West Online - Upcoming

via: pcgamer.com

Considering this game is probably going to end up being a massively multiplayer online Spaghetti Western, we can anticipate that it will be filled with at least 4,000 Men With No Names and a couple hundred Djangos. It’s going to be interesting to see how it develops, but what is known for a fact is that it is heavily influenced by Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and will encourage players to take to the lives of outlaws and vigilantes. There is a chance that American Indians will be present in the game; hopefully their appearance will be more positive than in games like Gun should they be present. Let’s hope that we’ll be able to get into saloon shootouts and train heists soon, because it will just be terrible if this game turns out to be vaporware.

16 Scum - Upcoming

via: youtube.com (lzuniy)

Scum is an upcoming massively-multiplayer online battle royale survival game where you play as a death row inmate dropped on an island to kill all the other death row inmates (players) so that you can get your freedom. It will not only feature leveling for different skills, forcing players to make more difficult decisions in how they play the game, but they will also have to kill and eat game to survive. These unique additions to the genre make the game feel similar to a roleplaying game with little story. Since pretty much everything can be made a weapon, even the animals, you might find it worth it to grab a copy once the beta opens up. Until then, we’re going to have to wait for this rejuvenating entry to the survival-shooter genre.

15 Far Cry 5 - Upcoming

via: ubisoft.com

Keeping in tradition, we know for a fact that the oncoming Far Cry 5 is going to be a hellish ride through the uncharted lands of Hope County, Montana of the good ole US of A. This will be the most unusual entry in the series as it will not only be the first to take place in the continental United States, but it will be the first to entirely focus on the destruction of a cult. Since the series is known for giving you tough decisions when it comes to ending the game, it is going to be wild to see how this one goes. We already know that there will be more guns than the last two main entries in the series, so, maybe we’ll see more bodies drop than Kyrat at sundown.

14 Uncharted Series

via: hathannughes.wordpress.com

A strong following does not even begin to describe fans of the Uncharted series, but let’s look at the games themselves. The protagonist, Nathan Drake, is basically just a modern, more likeable, and more arrogant Indiana Jones who is also friendlier. Drake has even less respect for native cultures and theft of national treasures than Harrison Ford’s masterwork. The games make you kill large amounts of people because of treasure hunting. The complex character of Nathan Drake is overshadowed by his arrogant attitude and greed. Unlike Indy, Drake has zero problems with killing anyone to steal what he wants just because he can and has a top dollar buyer in mind. For all that it is worth, the moral of these games is, "Bad native, this is mine now."

13 Shadow Of The Colossus

via: wall.alphacoders.com

Before we touch on the game itself, remember that by playing this game you will probably be traumatized by your senseless murder of the peaceful Colossi who guard the world against evil. At the behest of a disembodied voice, you go about killing these lumbering behemoths to free the unseen menace; you’re basically a patsy. Shadow of the Colossus is fantastic. It teaches you that listening to strange disembodied voices skulking around forests telling you to go kill giants is no basis for a system of decision making. After it’s all said and done, you have to fix the problem that you just unleashed; it’s the least you can do. Technically, you could also call this an upcoming release because the HD remake is going to blast the original game out of the water.

12 Grand Theft Auto

via: g2a.com

Let’s get the biggest, baddest, and most cartoonish gorilla in the room, the Grand Theft Auto series. The irresponsible and gratuitous nature of the series just adds to the insanity factor when you decide to go on an all-out rampage. The only time that you really face any consequences in the game is when you get to the dreaded (coveted works, too) five star wanted level. The massive death tolls that the game encourages you to rack up are only part of the intoxicating fun of the GTA series. The variety of ways to dispatch your digital victims is quite wide, from explosive and incendiary devices all the way to blunt force trauma. The game gives you a sense of reward in just going out and taking your anger, vengeance, boredom, or what have you on the denizens of whatever city you’re in.

11 The Sims

via: simscommunity.info

First rule of the Sims, you will kill at least half your Sims. Second rule of the Sims; you will find devious ways to do so. This is a perfect example of letting your god complex going to your head, because what is more megalomaniacal than playing judge, jury, and executioner? Not much, that’s what. Players will kill off their digital people for any number of reasons, being too promiscuous? That’s it, fiery death for you! Not being friendly enough with the mail man? Yup, you’re getting smote. There is no way for your Sims to win unless you simply get bored with what’s going on. One of the most common ways that people will intentionally kill their citizens is through starvation, and that is probably the cruelest way to kill anyone in game.

10 Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

via: youtube.com (The Super Gaming Bros.)

“It rubs the lotion on its or else it gets the hose again,” Buffalo Bill’s line perfectly describes the flesh rending agony which is Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). The game does not have you do anything really immoral, amoral, or the like. The thing that will cause you to turn into a sociopath is simply the fact that it is so broken; you will beat yourself over the head with the controller until either you go insane or you die. This is either the stroke of genius of a game developer who hates their fans, or just sheer rushed incompetence; let’s hope for the former. It’s so broken that you won’t even be happy when it ends, so the only joy you can take is in watching other people rage as they drudge through it.

9 Hatred

via: hatredgame.com

There is a lot to be said about Hatred, and none of it is really positive. This little manure covered rock in the gaming jewel chest is entirely based on being the murderous little misanthrope some of you may have always wanted; unfortunately for you all, the game is sub-par at best. One of the sickest points of this game is that you gain health by slowly executing people in highly cinematic fashion. This lazy wannabe grindhouse game is nothing special save for the levels of violence it contains. As a whole, the game is just mediocre at best, even the ending with nuclear annihilation. It is an absolute struggle to find something positive to say about Hatred, but if the goal is to be as sociopathic as possible, then I guess they succeeded.

8 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

via: playbattlegrounds.com

If you are ever in need of an aneurysm induced by rage, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is definitely your game. Few games which feature this level of violence between players can make you rage to the point of wanting to kill people. Obviously, you get rewarded for killing people via their loot and being the last woman or man standing, but the true sociopathic tendencies come from losing or poor teammates. Every time you are doing poorly, you just get a little angrier at the world, and if you’re in squads, the urge to Order 66 your way to victory grows. Sometimes it feels really good to just murder your teammates into better morale, doesn’t it? Once everything is over, you’ll be happy you had done what you did, which is the weird part.

7 Mount & Blade

via: creativefluff.com

One of the first lessons you will learn when you play any Mount & Blade game is that killing peasants and burning their villages is not only rewarding, but banditry is also quite fun. There seems to be an almost inherent push from the game to view peasants as lesser beings than you, especially if you start off as a disenfranchised noble. During the early stages of the game it is quite beneficial for you to go around looting and burning villages and caravans. Be it in the name of a lord who hires you to wage war on their behalf or simply because you want something to do, each and every Mount & Blade game thrusts you into feudal life by having you be the biggest jerk you can. So hyped for Bannerlord!

6 League Of Legends

via: na.leagueoflegends.com

The way in which League of Legends makes you into a homicidal maniac is similar to how PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds makes you into one; pure rage after being severely tilted. The game is highly team based and when one person on your team does poorly, everyone loses. The brutal efficiency in how angry the game will make you makes it a pretty strong rival to the friendship killer called Monopoly. If you don’t die from having an aneurysm when you learn your team’s composition is unbalanced, you will definitely feel like killing your partners. This is the ultimate challenge to the strength and cohesion of any gaming clan, and if it survives, it is a true friendship. It’s possible that this is why LoL is a fan favorite in e-sports.

5 Postal 2

via: Steam Workshop (Henrik's Workshop)

The sequel to one of the most notorious examples of vidya out there, Postal 2 takes the violence and depravity to a whole new level. An exercise in the macabre, gross, and disturbing, the game exposes the darkness within us all (at least those of us who’ve played it). How does it do this? Although it is a violent game, you have a choice. You have the choice to engage in any sort of violence and murder throughout the entire game; none of it is needed to beat it. Due to that, Postal 2 is one of the most depraved pieces of “art” out there, especially when you decide disrespect corpses, cats, Gary Coleman, and general human decency. If entertainment ever engineered someone to do something horrible, this game is probably it; seriously, think of all those poor cats.

4 Bethesda, PERIOD

via: youtube.com (Saturn666)

Randomly selecting any Bethesda game will likely yield you something that may make Grand Theft Auto look tame and sane. Games like Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 definitely reward you for being a totally evil character, especially if you can get away with public murder. The games are geared towards getting more powerful and thus testing your might in more brutal battles than Mortal Kombat. Decapitations, incineration, and mangling of bodies is normal in Bethesda’s portfolio; we highly appreciate it. No matter if it is sci-fi or fantasy, this developer is known for pushing the envelope with their releases. Whatever choices you make in their games, the ultimate ending will make you feel as if the right one was made, that is unless you are that monster who elects to kill Paarthurnax.

3 HuniePop

via: youtube.com (Fettboi)

So, this is the most unusual game on this list, not because your character is any less of a terrible person, but because you don’t go out to kill anybody. What this particular game encourages one to do is lie through your teeth in order to impress a woman enough to go back with you. You need to change your personality so much to attain your goal, that you lose the very identity of who you are. Granted the goal is to know as many women, in the Biblical sense, as possible, it’s still quite disturbing. On top of this there are some rather questionable content regarding characters, like Momo, who are presented as being underage; okay, it’s mostly just Momo. The best way to describe the game is as an adult Bejeweled.

2 Manhunt

via: dadsoft.net

Revolutionary for the then-unbridled cinematic violence of any video game, Manhunt has definitely earned its place on this list. Exhibiting and glorifying extreme levels of violence and snuff films, the Manhunt series has probably helped turn one person into a sociopath of some measure. Creative methods of execution and visceral executions are what make Manhunt, Manhunt. Your goal is to kill as many people as possible until you get to the ending, and the game will force you to enjoy it. Besides being morally bankrupt (save the revenge plot at the end), it didn’t require much of a marketing effort thanks to the uproar various groups had over its release. Thanks to these games, bolder titles such as Hatred were able to be released, so we can blame Manhunt for a lot of what’s on this list.

1 Rust

via: instant-gaming.com

When it comes to rage, there are few games which can match what Rust delivers. Not only will you go out of your way to destroy every player’s base in your path, you’ll seek to kill the same player over and over again. One could easily make the argument that players will try and make their time playing as much of a rampage as possible. Some would go so far as to even claim that the game is as close to Roko’s Basilisk as humanly possible as to play is to be condemned to die repeatedly at the hands of only a handful of people. The game rewards the longest entrenched to such a degree as to functionally forbid competition, so it will either drive you beyond the mountains of madness, or burn everything in your path.

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