10 Things That Make No Sense In Man Of Medan

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is relatively plot hole free. That is incredible considering there were many in Supermassive Game’s last big title, Until Dawn. How Rami Malek pulled off some of his stunts still stumps us to this day.

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Anyway, even though there aren’t any glaring plot holes that doesn’t mean we don’t have some problems with the story. These ten things have us up and arms about their senselessness. As a warning, we are going to spoil some sections of the game because it would be impossible not to in an article like this.

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10 Fliss’ Loan Troubles

Onboard Fliss’ ship is a document players can find in one of the cabin drawers. This is a letter from the bank informing her that her loan payments are late and thus her boat is going to be taken away. This drawer is fairly large and only has that in it. It isn’t even locked. Why would Fliss think it was a good idea to keep it there? It’s not like she gets her mail delivered at the docks, or does she? On top of that if she does have money problems then she should have been more on board for searching for treasure, right?

9 Where Was Brad?

When Olson and his crew board Fliss’ ship, they put everyone except for Brad into the last bedroom. Why? It’s not like he could hide from them in that small cabin. Did he just look too pathetic and so they left him alone? Did they really just not see him? That’s the only logical thing that makes sense.

8 How Do Premonitions Work?

In the game, players can find various paintings in order to give them insight on the future. These premonitions will be around 2-3 seconds and the clues are pretty vague. First of all, is this something only the player can see and not the character? If the characters do get visions why aren’t they reacting more? On top of that, they are pretty much useless. Even after beating the game a few times, some of these clues still don’t make sense to us.

7 A Supernatural Presence

What appears to be a haunted ship is later be revealed as just a weapon experiment gone wrong. The Manchurian Gold was not gold at all, but a chemical. Once leaked it made the original crew go crazy and that’s why Alex and the rest of the gang are also seeing hallucinations.

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That explains most of the effects, but there are a few that stand out. For example, in one of the coffins, there appears to be an alien skull. Everyone in that room sees it meaning it isn’t a hallucination because hallucinations can’t be shared as established earlier in the game. So is there actual supernatural stuff onboard, or what?

6 Why Board Freighter With No Shoes

To be clear, some of the cast does board the mysterious freighter with shoes. By some we mean Alex. Everyone else is barefoot. Conrad makes a tetanus joke and it was funny in that we were thinking the exact same thing before he said it. That ship is a total tetanus nightmare! So why doesn’t anyone grab shoes? Does Olson’s gang not have any? If not they could have stolen the crews. And on that note, if they were rushed off, how did Alex get his shoes on?

5 Why Did Olson’s Gang Not Kill Everyone?

Another thing that doesn’t make sense about Olson is his whole plan. It was his fault that he damaged his boat. A veteran boater should know not to go so close to another ship. Yes, Conrad shouldn’t have egged him on but still. So if his plan was revenge, why didn’t he just kill everyone? We know his mind changed when he found out about the treasure, but once they found the ship, it doesn’t make sense for him to not kill them right then and there. Bad guys are pretty dumb is the best possible explanation.

4 Wait It Out

Eventually, everyone will make their way to the outside of the ship on top. It is here that they go over a plan of survival and also try to figure out what is going on with the hallucinations. Here is our big question with this. Why didn’t they just wait it out until morning? Sure daylight wouldn’t help that much inside the ship, but it could have given them some advantage. Again, by this point they basically realize being inside makes them see stuff so why expose themselves again?

3 The Ending Army

We haven’t discovered every ending, but two is enough evidence for us to make a stink. If the players do not get the distributor cap back, but successfully radio for help, after the credits a helicopter will come. As soon as the chopper lands the soldiers open fire on whatever survivors are left making us think they knew about the ship and were trying to cover it up.

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However, if the gang escapes then only two soldiers will land and start exploring, acting like they have no idea what is going on. Oh yeah and then Danny is somehow still alive and kills them. What?

2 No One Found The Ourang Medan Before?

The beginning segment of the game takes place in 1947. The current game takes place in the present i.e. 2019. That is 72 years. We understand people not discovering wrecks underwater for hundreds of years, but not finding a giant ship in 72 years on top of the water is incredibly implausible.

1 72 Years Of Rats And Power

On top of that, there are two other things that don’t make sense about the Ourang Medan. One, how do rats survive? They could have lived and bread for a while based on corpses and food supplies, but 72 years is a long time. On top of that, the ship having enough fuel to keep the power on is also a bit ridiculous.

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