10 Things You Missed In Your First Playthrough Of Man Of Medan

Man Of Medan tells the tale of a group of young adults who end up stranded on a ghost ship, along with violent pirates. With numerous different endings available and your choices affecting the different events that take place during the game, there's tons of replay value to Man Of Medan.

Not to mention, you have about 50 collectibles in total to find to complete the game and get the achievement, some of which are only available after you make specific choices. There are also special chapters and apparitions that you may have easily missed, so stay tuned for the 10 things you probably missed on your first playthrough.

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10 The Safe That Was Once Closed

Man Of Medan begins with a prologue that takes place years before the current events of the game. In the prologue, you'll be able to see some familiar sights that you later come back to, such a safe that was initially closed but which you could inspect.

In a later chapter, you'll find this safe wide open and inside one of the many collectibles known as Minutes Of Meeting can be found. It's interesting to see how the environment changes and how much the developers bank on players recalling things from previous scenes.

9 Matters Of The Heart & Olson

As mentioned, much like in Until Dawn, in Man Of Medan your choices will greatly influence the direction of the story. One of the most important decisions you'll make is who to send down to the depths to turn on the generator.

If you send Alex and Julia, the next chapter will be "Olson," and you'll play as Brad. However, if you send Brad and Julia instead, you'll take control of Alex in the chapter known as "Matters Of The Heart." Both chapters have unique collectibles, which makes it important to play both options if you'd like to get them all.

8 Diplomatic Immunity Note

There are also some hidden scenes and parts in Man Of Medan, which can only be accessed if you're playing the game on co-op or if you're one of the lucky people who bought the Curator's Cut.

The Curator's Cut allows you to switch between characters at any time in the story, and during Matters of the Heart chapter, you can actually switch to Fliss' perspective and find a somewhat difficult to get collectible known as the Diplomatic Immunity Note. If you can't play co-op, rest assured the Curator's Cut will be open for purchase later this year.

7 Radio Operator's Final Message

The majority of the collectible secrets are set in a way that makes them easy to find and are also available during the mandatory chapters you'll go through no matter what. However, even then it can be difficult to spot them if you're not observant enough.

During the Distress Signal chapter, you'll enter the radio room. Walk to the right side of the screen without approaching the end of the room, and you'll find the Radio Operator's Final Message, which, despite being right there, is an easy to miss clue due to the darkness and small space of this area.

6 Finding Friends

Another chapter that will heavily depend on how you did on a previous one is called "Finding Friends." You'll take control of Brad in this one, but only if you ensured previously that he would not be noticed on board the ship.

In this chapter, you'll be by yourself and attempting to find and get back to your friends. And, as always, there will be some unique collectibles that can only be found during this part of the game, so make sure to play the game again and make the right choices to play Brad's point of view.

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5 Glamour Girl

In this chapter, the most famous monster in the game will make an appearance. However, what you may have not known is that Glamour Girl is not a mandatory chapter, but rather an optional one that triggers when influenced by your choices.

If Fliss and Brad fail to recognize one another and you still have Conrad along with you, you'll trigger this chapter and be able to pick up a few collectibles. Of course, you'll also meet with the horrifying apparition that's gone completely viral since the game got out.

4 Manchurian Gold Test Results

Still in the Glamour Girl chapter, if you're playing the game on co-op or you have the Curator's Cut version of the game, you can also experience this part of the game by playing Fliss. You'll come across a safe in one of the many rooms you explore, which requires a key.

In the same room, there should be a bed with a nightstand, and, if you look inside, you'll find a bunch of military medals, as well as the key for the safe. Inside, an interesting document revealing tons of information about the plot will be waiting for you and is also one of the collectibles needed to complete the achievement.

3 Pressure

Alternatively, if you don't get the Glamor Girl chapter, you'll get the Pressure chapter instead. Harder to get, you'll need to make sure that Brad and Fliss recognize one another.

For this to happen, both characters need to clear their heads from the toxic fumes of the Manchurian Gold. Brad needs to find the gas mask, which will spare him from breathing in the hallucinogenic fumes, and Fliss needs to be brought outside to the deck to catch a breath of fresh air. There are special clues in this chapter, too, so it's worth playing it out, as well.

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2 Private Reed's Letter

During one of the early mandatory chapters known as An Escape, there's one collectible that often seems to go unnoticed by people due to the cramped nature of the ship and its darkness. As the chapter begins, walk down the hallway until you reach an open door where Julia awaits for you. Turn left instead and enter a side room, and then walk to the right of your screen to enter a bathroom. At the last stall, you should be able to find a letter from one of the soldiers who sailed on the Ourang Medan.

1 The Sailorwoman By The Door

Even if you don't manage to encounter her by getting the Glamour Girl chapter, there's still a chance for this ghostly woman to make a quick appearance. The main condition is to have Conrad alive and with the group during An Escape. As you walk down the hallway and go through a doorway, look to the right of your screen and you'll see her appear for a split second. There's no sound effect, so it's easy to miss her if you don't pay attention.

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