Man Of Medan: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Man of Medan came out just a few weeks ago but odds are that you've already beaten the game if not just once, then multiple times. There are tons of choices to make and even different versions to play through including multiplayer and the Curator's Cut.

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But if you're late to the game or you're just stuck on what you should try to do next, we've got a few suggestions that should keep you busy for a while. Plus, you want to get the most out of your money so make sure you do the following things after you finish the game!

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10 Replay Until Dawn

Until Dawn predates Man of Medan. The Dark Pictures Anthology is a spiritual successor to the cinematic horror game. It's much different than Man of Medan and generally believed to be better than the sequel. It's clear that the programmers had a bigger budget for Until Dawn than they did with Man of Medan.

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However, Until Dawn also doesn't have as many choices and endings. Still, if you haven't played since it was released, now might be the perfect time to remind you of what made you fall in love with these types of games in the first place.

9 Watch the trailer for Little Hope

The trailer for the next game in the anthology series is tacked on at the end of the game, but if you missed it, you could watch it online. We don't know what the plot of the game is yet, but we do know that Will Poulter stars in it.

It also looks like this time the game will take place in a small town or a forest, based on the teaser. It also seems like it could be based on the witch trials or at least witches in general.

8 Play the game on multiplayer

You can play the game in a "movie mode." It allows you to play on multiplayer with friends and it's a lot of fun! For movie night mode, you can play with friends at a party or gathering by sharing one console with each person playing a different character.

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Or you can play in a more traditional two-player mode that allows you to play with someone online. You both play along with a single story, and the choices you make will impact each other's characters.

7 Play the Curator's Cut of the game

If you decided to pre-order the game, then you received a free copy of the Curator's Cut which came with your version. Players who didn't pre-order will have access to the Curator's Cut later on.

It's a cool mode that lets you play the game and switch characters at your leisure. You can see what the other characters are doing at various points of the game which can open up new scenes for you that you might not have seen in your first playthrough.

6 Try to get all the collectibles

If you can, try to go back through the game and find all the secrets, documents, and collectibles that it has to offer. You will need to play the Curator's Cut if you're hoping to get 100% as many are stashed away in other avenues that weren't accessible to you during the main theatrical cut of the game.

For people who didn't pre-order the game, this may be disappointing but the Curator's Cut should be available for everyone soon.

5 Unlock all the possible endings

With a game like Man of Medan, you'll want to try and get all the endings you can. Surprisingly, there are a lot. Even more surprisingly, some of the "good" endings aren't actually good at all. Make sure you always watch the game through the credits to the end because you might be surprised what happens to the characters after they reach their destination or depending on winds up coming to your rescue.

All your choices will matter at the end. It's not just about who lives or who dies, but also about what happens to these characters when they make it out, if they do.

4 Kill everyone off

If playing the game over and over again to all the different endings doesn't appeal to you, you could play with just one goal in mind. Kill every character off! This is a horror game, after all. If you want to feel like you're part of a true slasher flick, then it would be best if you took advantage of the horror theme and eliminated each character.

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You can get the absolute worst ending that way. But you might need to use an online guide to make sure you know how to get everyone to die, it's not always as easy it seems, surprisingly.

3 Keep everyone alive

On the other hand, if you're feeling more like a benevolent god, you can always decide you want to keep all your characters alive. Be careful because if you want to do this, you'll need to make sure that Julia doesn't rush up to the surface of the water too quickly at the beginning.

If she does, she'll get to the end of the game and it looks like a happy ending, but then she'll suddenly get the bends and die! Again, you may want to use a guide to ensure you can get the best ending possible by keeping everyone alive and more than that, you need to make sure they're rescued in the best way too or you won't have the best ending, but that part is up to you.

2 Play until you get all the achievements

If you're a true completionist, then you're going to want to play the game until you're able to get all the trophies and achievements. By following this guide and getting all the endings and collectibles, you'll unlock the great majority.

But there are other more specific achievements you'll need to get by making certain choices throughout. To do that, you will likely need to look up a guide or just ensure you do every option on every possible avenue to see every scene the game has to offer.

1 Play games similar to Man of Medan

There are tons of games out there with a similar formula to Man of Medan and Until Dawn. While not many are as cinematic, you might find you even enjoy them more.

Games like Control, Life is Strange, and any Telltale game will be a great alternative to this if you're looking for something else to play in the same vein. Telltale games especially will be right up your alley as they also revolve around storylines where your choices make a difference in the ultimate outcome.

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