Manhunt's Brutal Carnage Gets PC Remaster

Manhunt, developed by Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption studio Rockstar Games, received a remaster on PC this week by a modder.

While the Manhunt series has not received a new iteration in many years, an unofficial remastered version of the classic game is now available to play on PC.

Modder Danoman just recently provided an update on his Blood Moon Manhunt mod, which aims to enhance the game in various ways. As detailed by Mod DB, players can look forward to enhanced textures, improved effects such as blood splatter, and more aggressive AI for more of a challenge.

Danoman also changed the gunplay in the game in a few significant ways. For one, guns are capable of shooting from much further distances, allowing for shootouts to be "real fun now," as Danoman describes. There's also a changed damage input and output for every weapon in Manhunt, which includes both firearms and melee weapons. Players will now deal the same amount of damage as they'll receive from enemies.

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The modifications continue with an updated menu and every scene now having its own loading picture. "Kill the Rabbit” is now titled  “Pool of Tears," while Cash in the game will feature thumbs. The remaster also goes out of its way to nerf nearly all of the boss characters' health, improve the crane minigame, add an actual model for the PSG1 sniper model, and much more.

‘Danoman’ released the initial Blood Moon mod earlier this year, with this new Version 2.0 really going out of its way to improve the overall Manhunt experience for fans. All of the changes in detail are available now on Mod DB.

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Developed by Rockstar Games, the first Manhunt title came out in 2003 for PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. It was quite controversial during its initial release due to the game's high level of violence and dark tone. Rockstar released a direct sequel, appropriately titled Manhunt 2, in 2007 for PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PC, and Nintendo Wii. Since then the series has been dormant, with little to no news of Rockstar possibly reviving the franchise with a third title or possible reboot.

With such a dedicated fanbase, fans will likely be pleased to see a classic like Manhunt get the remaster treatment, even if it doesn't come directly from Rockstar. With or without the original developer's support, Danoman has still provided a way for players to enjoy the game with much-needed improvements.

As for Rockstar, the company has been busy releasing Grand Theft Auto V's new Diamond Casino & Resort DLC, with a possible PC port of Red Dead Redemption 2 also reportedly on the way.

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