Mario Battle Royale Returns As ‘DMCA Royale’ Featuring Character Infringio

Update: It appears our battle royale is in another castle, as Nintendo has now shut down the game.

The game formerly known as Mario Royale is back as DMCA Royale following the developer getting warned off by Nintendo's lawyers.

Mario Royale, a browser-based game which saw the Super Mario Bros. turn into a race between 76 players, was certain to draw attention from the Japanese company. Creator InfernoPlus made it so that a multitude of players were placed in a race to the finish through one of three worlds in which they couldn't bump each other but could still erase the progress of opposing players. The lag in the game is quite substantial, yet one has to admit that the concept is a brilliant one.

Of course, anything concerning Nintendo properties that gains traction will probably require some lawyering up on the creator's part. So, there wasn't much in the way of a reasonable lifespan where this particular title was concerned.

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To keep things running, however, a patch (version 2.0.1) came out last week with a very succinct patch note: "F**k".

via gamingdose.comThe game itself has seen Mario disappear completely, with new characters Infringio and his brother Copyright Infringio coming in to replace him. The characters have been changed to look like, well, other people, but there were still nearly 700 active players engaged on the weekend. The new patch also offered some top upgrades, with the A button on a gamepad now able to launch the game - a browser game that supports controllers is already enough to marvel at, by the way - and there's also the addition of lore and a "kid-friendly/streamer mode."

It's still not clear as to whether or not InfernoPlus could still get sued in light of these changes, but maybe Nintendo might decide that it's not worth taking him to task following the alteration.

If Nintendo opts to leave Infringio and his brother alone, there's genuine hope that the browser game could continue to gain popularity, even under a different name. If not, then, fans could say that it was good while it lasted.

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