Super Mario: 10 Amazing Cosplays That Look Just Like The Games

The Mario franchise has some of the most iconic videogame characters, so it is no surprise there are some cosplays for them.

Super Mario was created back in 1981, and it has continued to grow and expand with the addition of new characters and games. People love this brand, which is why several choose to cosplay their favorite characters. They can be as simple as a costume from a nearby store, or all-out with makeup and wigs galore.

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We have compiled a list of the best cosplays to come out over the years. These people put in a lot of time and effort into their costumes to make them truly spectacular. Keep reading to learn about ten amazing Super Mario cosplays that look just like the games!

10 Shy Guy

Byndo Ghek is a cosplayer who decided to recreate Shy Guy from Super Mario, and we are beyond impressed. The adorable red dress with the belt and handcrafted face mask are perfect for this look.

She did add her own little flair with the thigh-high white stockings, but she finished it off with a pair of blue boots that stick with the character's original look. It transports us into the game as we compare the similarities between the two and notice just how perfect this outfit is.

9 Wedding Princess Peach

This was posted by Reddit user u/evvils and it is her rendition of the Princess Peach wedding costume. Everything is perfect from the large blue earrings to the matching necklace hanging around her neck.

The dress itself even matches the strapless gown with white gloves that Princess Peach herself wore in this world. You can tell she took a lot of time on this outfit as the wig she has on is sculpted to perfection and the Piranha Plant bouquet she holds in her hand is artistically made.

8 Mario And Yoshi

This person shared a throwback from someone's younger years when they dressed up as a Mario riding Yoshi. This cosplay truly is phenomenal as it really captures the essence and friendship between the two characters.

Mario is decked out in his signature hat and mustache, as well as given a plumper belly that accurately represents his character. Yoshi might be made of stuffing and fabric, but the way it was designed makes it appear like Mario truly is riding on his back and racing for the finish.

7 Princess Peach

This was done by Reddit user u/otpprincess and she knocked it right out of the park with her Princess Peach attire. The dress and crown are fantastic, as well as the accent pieces on it like the blue centerpiece and gold embellishments.

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Although, that is not what makes this cosplay truly special and exceptional in our eyes. When you take a look at her wig you notice she took the time to style it so it looks exactly like that of Princess Peach. She mentioned that she took the time to glue all of the individual locks of hair into place, and we couldn't be more ecstatic.

6 Luigi

This Luigi made his very own Poltergust to go along with his costume and he plays the part perfectly. His legs are quaking with fear just like Luigi's when he walks into the mansion to face his next foe. His mustache is even on point as it flicks to the side in a way that only he and Luigi know how to do.

This cosplayer even made it so his bag lit up with a green light and it makes a vacuum sound when you hold down the button. Some might think of this as more of a simplistic character, but this guy took it to the next level.

5 Waluigi

Waluigi was always a spindly character who looked like he had lived a life of hardship, and this cosplayer managed to capture his essence perfectly. He is known for his rudeness and tricks, which is why we bet no-one desired to cross this guy's path at the convention. His mustache is perfectly shaped and the way his overalls hug his frame is something we didn't think was possible to achieve, but this cosplayer managed to pull off the impossible.

4 Wario

No Waluigi would be right without a Wario, and we have found the perfect one to accompany him on his travels. This cosplayer has used his weight, or simulated weight, to accurately depict this character's stocky and muscular frame with a large stomach.

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Wario isn't a nice man and we don't believe he is either with the devilish look in this cosplayer's eye. His mustache is another masterpiece all in its own and he even went the distance when he made his ears pointed in the same fashion as that of the Nintendo characters.

3 Princess Daisy

Megan Coffey is the mastermind behind this costume as she pulls off the perfect Princess Daisy outfit with ease. She has styled the wig similar in style to how the princess herself would and didn't forget the little details like the white gloves or green embellishments on her dress and crown.

You might think this is all that matters, but this cosplayer has the face to play her as well. The sharp angles of her jaw and the makeup she used to accentuate her eyes really make all the difference in this costume and make us feel as if we have stepped into the game.

2 Birdo and Yoshi

It doesn't get much better than this when you have a duo of cosplayers portraying two iconic Super Mario Characters. The way they were able to create the heads and tails of these two characters is amazing and we guarantee it took a lot of hard work and sweat.

It feels like they are actually in the room the longer you stare at them and admire the handiwork of these cosplayers. They didn't leave out a single detail between her red bow to the ring on her finger, and we love them even more for it.

1 Mario

We couldn't finish this list without one amazing full-blown Mario, and we delivered when we uncovered this cosplayer from Nintentoys. Most people choose to normalize Mario and Luigi, but he decided to stick more with what he looks like when he appears in the games.

They added the big nose and extra-large ears, as well as some hair in the true color of his character and a mustache cut in the same fashion. The gloves he wears are even bulky like the ones Mario himself is constantly sporting and we couldn't be happier to have seen this image once during our lifetime.

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