10 Mario Kart 8 Tracks That Should Come Back As Retro Tracks

Mario Kart 8 is easily the largest title in franchise history, boasting an impressive 48 tracks for players to fly through as storied Mario characters such as Peach, Luigi, and Inkling Male. As there are so many courses, it makes sense that many of these tracks would return as retro tracks in the eventual Mario Kart 9. Today, we'll be taking a look at ten that would make fantastic choices. Without any further ado, let's jump right on into the list.

10 Mount Wario

Mount Wario is a blast to play through. A new addition to Mario Kart 8, this track is one of many that doesn't feature the usual three-lap structure. Instead, you'll find yourself taking on the entirety of Wario's Mountain. The snowy area features many different sections, including a forest, indoor structure, and flying section near the end of the track. Mount Wario is tons of fun to play through and features many areas that skilled players can get ahead in, which is why it earns a spot on this list.

9 Electrodome

The Electrodome is another fantastic course that was added to Mario Kart 8. Featuring some fantastic music, the Electrodome sends players flying through an electrically charged track at breakneck speed. The bumpin' music is perfect for the track, as it feels as if you're flying through a nonstop party the entire duration. This is certainly one of the more unique tracks that Mario Kart 8 has to offer. It doesn't feel like any others, which is why it should make it as a retro track next time around.

8 Cloudtop Cruise

Cloudtop Cruise is a fantastic track. Racing high up in the air, amongst the clouds, you'll feel like you're flying, which is actually something that you do throughout the course. With a tight racetrack and lightning throughout, you need to be on top of your game throughout this race.

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Also, this track's theme features Gusty Garden Galaxy's music from Super Mario Galaxy which just like... you did it. You won. Congratulations. The Mario Kart 8 music crown officially belongs to you. Fantastic work. It's criminal if this track doesn't make it into Mario Kart 9 as a retro course.

7 Rainbow Road

Of course, the Mario Kart 8 rendition of Rainbow Road needs to make a return as a retro track in Mario Kart 9This version of the track sees the titular Rainbow Road interspersed with intergalactic buildings and structures that we probably shouldn't be racing on but definitely are. The track's music feels fit for this outer space adventure, really adding to the charm of this raceway. Mario Kart 9 should feature a supersized 9-track-long Rainbow Road Cup, which features every single version of the iconic series of tracks. Don't let us down Nintendo, this needs to happen. Of course, 8's version would proudly feature in it.

6 Mute City

Mute City is one of Mario Kart 8's tracks that takes inspiration from a different Nintendo franchise, the long-dormant F-Zero. The super fast track takes uses of the anti-gravity feature and has racers flying through this futuristic raceway. Doesn't this just totally seem like a place that babies would be driving karts around? The track is a ton of fun to play through. Hopefully, tracks that aren't straight out of the Mario universe will continue on in the next installment, as our next entry is from another guest franchise.

5 Hyrule Circuit

Hyrule Circuit is another track inspired by another series, The Legend of Zelda. This raceway joined the fray along with guest character Link. As you would expect, Hyrule Circuit is a quick romp around Hyrule, mainly centering on the castle and Castle Town. You'll ride around the outskirts of the area before actually making your way inside of the castle. Of course, all of this is paired with iconic Zelda music that is a blast to listen to. Hopefully, we see this course return along with Link in Mario Kart 9. Remember when they updated the game specifically to give Link a new outfit? Iconic.

4 Super Bell Subway

Super Bell Subway sees the racers driving through an actual Subway station, because danger means nothing when children are behind the wheel. Also turtles and ghosts, but we're digressing.

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This track was one of the DLC additions and is definitely worth the price of admission. With a nice jaunty tune to accompany you as you race, dodging subways as you go, Super Bell Subway is quite the underrated level. Let's hope that we see a comeback for the track when Mario Kart 9 rolls around.

3 Baby Park

No matter what version of Baby Park it is, Baby Park needs to be featured in Mario Kart. Period, end of discussion. The track sees you racing around an oval seven times, and it's probably the simplest track in Mario Kart history. Of course, with 12 racers and items everywhere on this small track, madness ensues quickly. It's only aided by the relentless music that plays, making everything feel HORRIBLY urgent in the worst way possible. Despite the new scenery added in this version, there is ZERO time to look at your surroundings. Go, go, go!

2 Sunshine Airport

If an entire subway system wasn't dangerous enough, why don't you fly your kart next to planes that are mid-takeoff? Why not, right? While the premise of Sunshine Airport is just wild, it is also tons of fun to race on. With an upbeat backing track and a whole lot of obstacles to dodge, there's never a dull moment. Of course, this track features tons of flying sections, which only helps to aid in the fun that this raceway provides.

1 Toad Harbor

Toad Harbor is the final track on this list. The harbor features a ton of diverging paths for racers to take, which helps to aid in the suspense of who is going to make it out in first place. The track really provides a sense of immersion, with the backdrop and musical elements combining to form a quaint little port city that is tons of fun to drive through and explore. As such, let's hope it makes a return in Mario Kart 9.

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