Mario Kart Tour: The 10 Best Tracks, Ranked

Nintendo's latest mobile game, Mario Kart Tour has raced to the app store, and yes, we’re loving it.

To celebrate the first-ever mobile Mario Kart game, we’re looking at all of its tracks to determine which ones are the best.

In this ranking, we will be considering the nine retro tracks that have already appeared in the game, the seven other retro tracks that have shown up in the beta version of the game (and are set to be released later on), and the one new track that has already debuted.

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We won’t be taking the reverse courses into account or upcoming tracks (like Paris Promenade and Tokyo Blur) because there is no available footage of these complete courses as of this time. That being said, we’ll take a look at what we do have and rank each course based on their variation, features, and overall design.

Here's how the current and future Mario Kart Tour courses stack up.

10 N64 Kalimari Desert

Though the N64’s Kalimari Desert is yet to make its debut in the new game, we can’t wait to see it happen. This course previously made a reappearance in Mario Kart 7, and with updated graphics, we quickly fell in love with the simple yet fun track.

The course boasts an eye-catching orange color, and who doesn’t love trying to avoid the train? We can only imagine that all the extra speed boosts and ramps added to variations of this course will make it even more memorable.

9 DS Luigi Mansion

This is another one of the courses that is set to debut in the future, and we're also too excited about it. The beta version of this track looks incredibly similar to the original DS version, though this time, the graphics have reached an all-time high.

Once again, players get to whisk through the creepy halls of the mansion and dodge around crawling trees outside. The floaty boos and tingly music makes it all the more compelling.

8 DS Waluigi Pinball

Waluigi Pinball has players cruising through a colorful pinball machine. This track hasn’t made an appearance since Mario Kart 7 in 2011, so we’re more than ready to start racing through it again.

The track is long and winding with lots of quick turns and obstacles (like rolling pinballs) to avoid. Though we haven’t seen what updates have been made to this course yet, we’re expecting it to be as colorful and fast-paced as the version before it.

7 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon

Water courses are always interesting to navigate, and this already playable one is no exception. First appearing on the 3DS, Cheep Cheep Lagoon has players driving around a seaweed filled floor as they race to the finish line.

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There are also giant clams that open and close in the water, giving players the option to snag an extra item or coin if they so dare. Halfway through the trek, racers get a breather above sea level before they’re wading through the water yet again. The crabs at the end give players one final obstacle to avoid.

6 3DS Mario Circuit

This yet-to-debut course looks like crazy fun. Though most of it takes place outside in the Mushroom Kingdom and has racers collecting coins and avoiding Goombas, there is one giant turn through the Princess Peach’s castle.

There is also a giant mushroom to bounce off of, a green pipe to turn through, and colorful Mario-esque scenery to cruise by. This course is a classic for good reason, and we can't wait to zip through it.

5 New York Minute

The only original track to appear in Mario Kart Tour so far is this fun, fast-paced one is themed after New York City.

The scenery is fabulous, and the hardcore turns, scattered ramps, and water spouts make it exciting to drive through. We also love how accurate the track is to the real New York City with famous sites such as Broadway, the Empire State Building, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral all getting a nod.

4 3DS Daisy Hills

Daisy Hills is massive fun. It looks like the type of place you'd want to take a stroll through, but instead, it's home to a load of racers and wild items.

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For starters, the mountain view is pretty, the Mountain Goats are cute, and that windmill jump is a blast. We are also fans of the random mini shortcuts and the winding track. In other words, this course is solid, and we’re happy to see it making a reappearance on mobile devices.

3 3DS Rock Rock Mountain

Rock Rock Mountain is a blast and a half. There are lots of opportunities to pull out that hang glider as you coast downward or rush through speed boosts as you climb upward.

The tree-filled scenery is also fun to skirt through, and the bats that fly out of the cave add extra interest to the track. It's also worth mentioning that the giant boulders players are forced to dodge toward the end make the course even more exciting.

2 GCN Dino Dino Jungle

Dino Dino Jungle is a nice, layered course with scenery that’s always changing. There’s an indoor portion through a cave that pairs nicely with the outdoor portion over and under the course's giant blue dinosaur.

There’s a scattering of geysers to avoid (or get a lift out of), one multi-pathed bridge, and tons of scenery variation. The adventure is intense.

1 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar

Shy Guy Bazaar is incredible for being so varied. For one thing, there are multiple different routes to take. You can choose to bounce onto the tents of the marketplace, go underneath them, or veer to the side.

Later on, you can smash through pots and jump up to speed boosts. There are also those sneaky little pots you can smash through (and gain a few points for) as well as some fun magic carpet Shy Guys at the end.

Featuring both a creative track and unique theming, this one is definitely one of the best.

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