Mario Kart Tour Gets More Halloween Content, Waluigi Finally Playable

Mario Kart Tour's Halloween Tour begins later today, and with it will come Luigi, Waluigi, and a whole host of other unlockable characters, karts, and gliders.

As most will have figured out by now, Mario Kart Tour is based around, well... tours. The first two weeks of the game focused on the New York Tour, and the past two weeks have been all about Tokyo. However, Tour's third tour will not be destination-based.

That's due to the fact the Halloween will be right in the middle of the next two-week tour, so Nintendo has opted for it to be Halloween themed. Why not? Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is doing the exact same thing with its current Grand Prix. The Halloween Tour will bring a lot of spooky extras to the mobile game, as well as a couple of things players have been eagerly awaiting.

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Those things come in the form of a couple of characters whose absence has been questioned by a lot of Tour players. Luigi and Waluigi. Both Mario franchise mainstays have finally arrived as playable characters in Tour, or they will at 11 pm PT tonight (October 22, 2019) when the Halloween tour officially gets underway.

Even better news, players won't need to frantically play Tour non-stop for the next two weeks to ensure they get Luigi and Waluigi. Both characters will remain in the pipe after the Halloween Tour comes to an end. The same goes for other characters which will be added tonight, Baby Luigi and King Boo. As for Halloween-themed versions of Rosalina and King Boo, those will be tour exclusives, so get to collecting those rubies ASAP.

As for why Nintendo kept Luigi and Waluigi from us for so long, that's explained via the new tracks being added via the Halloween Tour. Luigi's Mansion and Waluigi Pinball tracks are coming to Tour, as well. Not only that, but new karts and gliders will be added to Tour later today too, some of which will be forever in the pipe while others, such as the dark clouds and batwing gliders, will be tour exclusives.

Source: PocketGamer

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