Nintendo Treats Luigi Like A Second-Class Character By Leaving Him Out Of Mario Kart Tour

You'd be forgiven for thinking Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's mobile entry into the beloved Mario Kart franchise, would feature Luigi as a character. After all, he's been in every other Mario Kart game in the series, and he's on the splash screen you see every time you boot up the game. Plus, he's a popular character, so a game that makes all its money on Gacha mechanics would certainly benefit from players to taking out their credit cards and trying their luck at unlocking him.

But Nintendo apparently thinks of Luigi as a second-class character, since he's nowhere to be found in the game.

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Luigi taking a backseat isn't entirely unheard of in the Mario franchise -- he was famously nowhere to be found in Mario 64, leading to an absurd number of hoaxes, fake guides and conspiracy theories regarding his existence in the game. However, a look at which characters Nintendo chose to feature in Mario Kart Tour instead of Luigi makes his absence from the game outright insulting.


Among the characters that Nintendo thinks are more of a spot in the game than Luigi are the baby versions of Mario, Peach and Daisy, two alternative costumes for Mario, and Peachette -- a Peach/Toadette hybrid whose biggest claim to fame is inspiring fan creation Bowsette, who gained a lot of popularity among some of the stranger corners of Nintendo fandom.

Pauline and Dry Bowser also take precedence over the bro that makes up the iconic Super Mario Bros. Did Nintendo forget that Luigi is more than just a pallet-swapped Mario?

If Mario Kart Tour continues its initial popularity, Nintendo will no doubt add more characters to the game, and one day the roster will hopefully include everyone's favorite (well... second-favorite) skinny mustachioed character. But Luigi is a character who has had multiple solo titles, an entire year dedicated to him, and more personality than the rest of the Mario Kart Tour roster put together. If anyone deserves to be in this game, it's Luigi.

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