10 Things That Make No Sense In Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour gives gamers a chance to try the popular franchise on mobile devices, but certain aspects of the game don't translate well.

There was huge anticipation and expectation for the release of Mario Kart Tour, with the popular driving game finally being released for mobile gaming, offering people the chance to play the game constantly on the go. While Mario Karts are normally a smashing success, sadly this particular version has been met with mainly negative and frustrated reviews as gamers have been left annoyed at various different issues within the game.

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Of course, there is still the chance for the game to be developed and enhanced, especially since mobile games are constantly updated but that doesn't take away from the game's current problems and within this article, we will rank 10 things that make no sense about the game.

10 It Is Too Easy

This might seem like a strange complaint, but the fact is whenever you play a new video game you want to have some form of challenge, and unfortunately, Mario Kart Tour doesn't really provide that.

A classic trait of any Mario Kart game is flying off the course when you lose control on a corner, falling off the edge of the track or just going slightly off-road when your steering has gone a little wayward. However, that isn't something that can happen here as the game actually corrects it for you, keeping you on the straight and narrow which sort of defeats the purpose of steering at all.

9 Offline Capability

At the moment, the game really does push for having some form of online connection to the internet, whether that be via WiFi or a 4G connection, however, it would be nice if the game was able to be played without any of that.

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Because the game is so focused on solo play, there really should be an option to not need an online connection to play, especially since you're essentially only competing against bots and not real people. Perhaps the game file would simply be too big to play without a connection, but given the power of Nintendo, this is something that the company really should have considered.

8 Lack Of Online Multiplayer

When you think about Mario Kart the first thing that comes to mind is playing online against friends, attempting to beat them and attack them with the various weapons from a banana to a shell.

However, when the game was released there wasn't an option to play online, which seems like the strangest decision possible on Nintendo's part as this was the main focus of the game. Not having this version ready to go as soon as the game was created was a decision that made absolutely no sense and left fans frustrated and annoyed before the game even began.

7 No Luigi

When it comes to the Mario franchise there are certain characters that you just expect to be part of the game no matter what, with Mario obviously being one, Princess Peach another, as well as the main villain, Bowser. However, while all those characters are involved in Mario Kart Tour one major character has been left out, without any real explanation is Luigi, who is one of the main characters from the Mario franchise.

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The popular character is expected to appear in every Mario video game in some fashion, so the fact that he is missing here doesn't really make any sense, as he would have been more than easy enough to bring in.

6 Sloppy Graphics

While nobody expects insanely groundbreaking graphics from a mobile video game, there are certain expectations, especially when Nintendo and Mario are attached to a game, and this game falls short of those.

Even though the graphics here are not horrendous, they are certainly not as great as many people expected, which is a shame as Nintendo is capable of much better than what they provided with this game. This felt like Nintendo were just phoning it in as the company could have made them feel a little crisper here, which made many people wonder how many other things were rushed.

5 200CC Problems

Traditionally in Mario Kart games, you get the 50CC level, 100, 150, and then 200CC which all see the difficulty of the game increase with higher speeds and more intensity, making the game harder. However, in Mario Kart Tour, top players will be forced to pay in order to play at the hardest level, costing $4.99 every single month, which made no sense as it was essentially punishing better players.

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People who aren't skilled enough to get to that level are never going to question this decision, but for those who are skilled, then this was something that left many puzzled.

4 New Currencies

Everyone knows that in the Mario world, you collect coins. Traditionally in most Mario games, collecting 100 would gain you an extra level, with coins always playing some importance in whichever game it happens to be.

In Mario Kart Tour, you have the ability to unlock various characters, tracks, and karts as you improve in the game, but for some reason, Nintendo created a totally new currency for this game. Instead of having to earn, for example, 1,000 coins to get a character, you earn jewels and gems, which have never played a part in the franchise and feel very random.

3 Playing As Mario

You would think because his name is in the title and he is the featured character, that you would be able to play as Mario straight away in Mario Kart Tour, but that simply isn't the case here in what was something that left many fans confused. You start out the game being able to play as Toad, and while you can unlock various other characters, the only way you'll be playing as Mario himself is if you spend $20 on the game to get that privilege.

That's right, despite the game being 'free to play,' the game actually forces you to splash out $20 in order to play as the main character, which was something that made literally no sense.

2 All The Microtransactions

While Mario Kart Tour is initially free to play, once you get into the game you will quickly learn that it is absolutely jam-packed with additional charges and microtransactions in order to unlock certain things. You do slowly earn Rubies as you play that allows you to take have random goes on prize-giving pipes, but the best way to unlock new karts and characters is by throwing real money into the game.

The thing that makes no sense is that had Nintendo just put a charge to have the game initially, most people would have happily paid it, but when all the charges add up, you're better off just buying a Mario Kart game for the console.

1 No One-Time Payment Option

While the fact you have to pay to unlock the vast majority of this game, the fact is that Nintendo is a business and they are trying to make as much money as possible from the popular franchise.

However, what left many fans surprised is that there isn't a one-time payment option of say $30 or $40 where someone can send that much money in and simply have the entire game with everything involved. This would then be the same as simply buying a Mario Kart game for a console and would be more acceptable, giving people the option to have everything at once if they wanted it.

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