Mario Kart Tour: The Tokyo Tour Has Officially Started

The Tokyo Tour in Mario Kart Tour runs from today until October 22, and players can now race through the brand new Tokyo City Course.

Mobile gamers who logged in to Mario Kart Tour today may have noticed their interfaces looking a little different, with all tracks they've spent the past two weeks racing on completely gone. Don't fret — this is all just the beginning of the game's Tokyo Tour, the first update for Nintendo's newest free-to-play mobile game.

The Tokyo Tour runs today until October 22. Players can now race through the brand new Tokyo City Course, a brand new Mario Kart course featuring the streets and scenes of Tokyo, Japan. The first trailer for the Tour dropped yesterday on YouTube through Nintendo Mobile's channel, which featured footage of the brand new course.

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As each tour features two spotlight characters, the Tokyo Tour brings two special edition character models to the game. First up is Princess Peach, wearing a traditional Japanese kimono in her signature pink color. Peach can be obtained until October 15.


Next up is Mario, wearing a traditional Japanese hakama. Mario can be obtained from October 15 to October 22.

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Along with the Tokyo-inspired courses and characters come the previously announced Rainbow Road, the infamously difficult course that has appeared in every Mario Kart game so far. Other courses that may be familiar to dedicated Mario Kart racers have also been added, including Mario Circuit, Kalimari Desert, and Neo Bowser City.

Rosalin has also been added, along with a cast of familiar faces including Wario, Baby Rosalina, Bowser Jr., Wendy, Iggy, Roy, and Larry.

Despite all the changes, the game's highly criticized mechanics for obtaining these new characters remain the same. Players will need to either use the ridiculously rigged gacha pipe or drop insane amounts of money in order to collect these new characters.

Mario Kart Tour launched September 25 to mixed reviews. While many fans enjoyed the mix of new and familiar courses and characters, fans and critics were dismissive of the microtransaction system, including a monthly $4.99 pass to unlock the 200cc speed. However, these reviews did little to stop the popularity of the game, as the title has garnered over twenty million downloads, a number higher than the sales of the most popular console version of the game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Mario Kart Tour is available free-to-download for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Go Nintendo

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